A Professional Buying Guide on Door Bell Chimes:


You can’t always be near your front door or house gate to be able to know when a guest shows up. This is why people read up on the best door bell chime reviews. With a doorbell in place, you will surely be aware that a guest is waiting at the gate, or whether that parcel you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. With such a product in place, you can work in your den or bedroom without worrying that you might not receive an important document sent through messenger. It is also important that you purchase the best door bell chime for the money to ensure that the product won’t stop working after just a few weeks or days.



When shopping for the highest rated door bell chime, it is important that you take note of the product’s operating range. This is especially vital when you have a large home. You should also consider any walls that could affect this element. Majority of best rated products offer a range of 150 feet or higher. The operating range of the device should be proportional to the size of your house. If there aren’t too many walls and the house is of modest scale, you can confidently go for a product with a smaller range. A multi-storey home will need a powerful door bell. This is to enable you to hear the chime even when you’re in the farthest recess of the house. If you can control the sound level of the door bell chime, it would be great. After all, it’s not like you’ll be deep inside your house the whole day.


Design/Chime Options

With technology, doorbells now come in a variety of materials, styles and colors. Smart homeowners who want things in the house to reflect their sense of style want a top ten product that incorporates their personality into the design. Imagine the impression that such a product will create on your visitors! A screw-on door bell button enables you to change the unit when you choose. There’s an array of finishes you can choose from. Check if the device requires a transformer.

In addition, you can buy really cheap door bell chimes with a range of sounds. Having a wide variety of sounds is good so you can customize what you will hear. Hearing-impaired individuals can also benefit from units with special chime sound designed for their use. Many products feature multiple sound choices. More advanced devices enable MP3 uploading of preferred door chime.


Helpful Extras

For hearing-impaired people, door bell chimes with illumination or flash light offer a great alternative to regular sound options. If the device can be integrated with home security devices such as motion sensors, security cameras, even an intercom system, it would be topnotch. Multiple push buttons also help you maximize the functionality of the product. Do take note that additional features mean a more expensive unit.

So what is the best product for you? The answer lies in knowing what elements are essential to you and for your needs.


Things to consider:

  • A range and volume that are suitable for your needs and the size of your home
  • A design that you really like and sound options for added versatility
  • Added features that can be carried by your budget


Top rated Door Bell Chimes in 2018


You can’t instantly come across the best door bell chime 2018. You may need to do just a bit of research before buying a product, which is true with any other type of item you will purchase. Therefore, in addition to being aware of what you can get from sellers, it is also vital that you set your own parameters on what you want in such a device.


Craftmade CH1415 Steel Door Chime Frame


This lovely device boasts of a modern steel chime frame with tea-stained glass, giving you a timeless and classic design that looks stylish no matter what the weather. The contemporary oiled bronze gilded frame will make an interesting ornament on your door or gate. The unit offers flexible installation so you can choose between horizontal or vertical wired set-up. It offers two tones for the front door and one tone for the second door, so you’ll know the difference. This door bell requires a separately bought 16-volt transformer. The push button is also sold separately. You will agree that the CH1415 Steel Door Chime Frame is the best door bell chime 2018.

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Honeywell RCW3505N1000/N Decor Customizable BeechWood Door-Chime


Hang it vertically or horizontally. The Honeywell RCW3505N1000/N Decor Customizable BeechWood DoorChime will look good either way. This wired and battery- or transformer-operated device works up to three push buttons, door contacts or motion detectors, giving you convenience and security. It offers seven different chime tunes with fully adjustable volume, so you can have a different tune for every day of the week. You can even customize the appearance of the unit, choosing from plain to stain to paper to paint. The sound it produces is CD quality. It has a low battery indicator so you’ll know when a replacement has to be made.

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NuTone LA140WH Decorative Wired Two-Note Door-Chime


With a classic arched top design, the NuTone LA140WH Decorative Wired Two-Note Door Chime makes a great welcoming structure to greet your visitors. It offer two notes for the front door and one note for a second door so you’ll know which entryway to open. The device uses a separately sold 16-Volt transformer model C905 or new C915. You can even easily replace the current two-note chime without need for rewiring. The transmitter is 9 ¾ inches wide,  6 15/16 inches high and 3 inches deep. The NuTone LA140WH device successfully blends style, sound and function in a single elegant package. Its unique design makes it a lovely addition to your entire home.

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NuTone LA11WH Decorative Wired Two-Note Door-Chime


With its white textured finish and clean lines, the NuTone LA11WH Decorative Wired Two-Note DoorChime  makes a cool addition to every modern home. It provides a single note for your second door and two notes for your front door so you’ll know exactly where your guest is ringing for you to open the door. The NuTone LA11WH requires separate purchase of a 16-volt transformer (C905). Once in place, the NuTone LA11WH can help you receive guests with ease, so you won’t have to worry about them leaving because you failed to hear them at the door. The unit is 8 1/8 inches wide, 5.5 inches high and 2 inches deep.

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Honeywell RCWL105A1003/N Plug-in Wireless Door Chime


With a reliable 100-foot range, the Honeywell RCWL105A1003/N Plug-in Wireless Door Chime helps you feel secure and has earned a slot in the best door bell chime reviews. You can plug the receiver into any room away from the transmitter and still hear guests ringing for you. The door bell has clearly audible sound. The RCWL105A1003/N has battery-free operation  so you won’t need to get replacement batteries or worry about low battery life. The flashing light notifies you that you have guests at the door, which is also perfect for the hearing impaired. The device is wireless and just needs to be plugged into a Standard AC outlet. It comes with three chime tunes. You can install it easily on your side, back or front door. The unit has 16 available codes that effectively prevent interference from other users.

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