If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers, but you do want to find the best dog playpen money can buy, this short paragraph should give you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best dog playpens on the market by looking at owner feedback, overall brand quality and even social media. Out of the products we have looked at, the ESK Collection Pet Puppy is the best because it combines spaciousness, ease of installment  and storage, and uses quality materials for both floor and top padding, and side panels. With 48” in diameter and 24” in height, you can easily fit a medium-sized furry friend and still give it enough space for play and exercise. If the ESK Collection is unavailable, you could consider the Midwest Exercise Pen as it is the second best option.



How to Buy a New Dog Playpen


Whether you want to buy a playpen just to give your dog a personal retiring corner inside your home or you wish to take your pet on vacations and keep him safe when he is out of his usual territory, there are a few basic features you must consider before making up your mind about your purchase.

A.1 Best dog playpen

Matching sizes

It is only natural that you pay special attention to the size of the playpen. Not only that it has to be taller than your dog, but it also has to keep him inside. If you want to buy an open playpen, your big dog might jump out with little to no effort. Secondly, a large, tall playpen has to fit in the room or yard without blocking the area and thus, losing its purpose. And while larger is better for the animal, it is also an impediment for proper storage and portability.



Wood, plastic, steel wire, oxford cloth,mesh, you name it. Playpens can be made out of a large range of materials, all of them serving different purposes and needs. Does your dog chew everything in his way? Plastic and cloth will be a less suitable option in this case. Is your dog very active and bumps a lot into things? Better stay away from metallic or wooden constructions. To choose the best pet dog playpen, you must know your dog and how is he probably going to spend the time inside the kennel, so that you keep him and the pen safe and intact.


Weight and Stability

While a puppy is not likely to move or overthrow the pen, a bigger, stronger dog will be able to leave the premises without escaping if your pen is not fixed. Ground stakes for the outdoors or a heavier playpen might prevent this from happening, but at the same time, will make carrying and setting up more difficult. You have to consider that weight and stability don’t only serve for better confinement, but also diminish the chances of your pet getting hurt.



Top Rated Dog Playpens in 2020


Of course, you should also take into consideration expanding or narrowing possibilities, inside pockets or spaces for toys and other objects, weather-proof features, and ease of installment. But in the end, choosing the best dog playpen is a matter of assessing the needs and habits of your pet.



Esk Collection Pet Puppy


1.ESK COLLECTIONIf you’re searching for the best puppy playpen, this model from Esk Collection is one of the best rated dog playpens. Made out of oxford cloth and eight mesh panels, this 24”-tall playpen will keep your puppy or even your small adult safe and comfortable. Zipper-operated removable top and bottom make it easy to fold and store, while interior pockets will keep toys and treats at hand when you’re traveling with your pup. The mesh panels cover all the sides, letting you keep an eye on your best friend at all times while allowing the air to flow in and out with no restriction. The diameter it reaches is about 48”, making it easy for your dog to sleep, turn and even move around quite a lot. While slightly more expensive than the plastic or metal counterparts, this playpen has a lot more to offer than the usually grated confinement, and can make your dog happy while still protected.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($38.61)




MidWest Exercise


2.MidWest Exercise PenThis versatile dog exercise pen comes in five different heights and can house dogs up to 110 pounds. A black E-coat on the metal bars enhances durability, while eight metal ground anchors help you fix it on the ground for stability. The pen divides into eight 24’’-wide panels that can be closed in a square or an octagon and can even be attached to other pens, to double the space, which may come in very handy if you have more than one dog. The pen folds in and out easily and is really simple to assemble. It weights about 10 pounds, but the weight, of course, depends on the height of the panels. Some dog owners reported that their pet was able to climb the grated plates, but you can easily avoid this by considering a higher panel model. You can find it for sale on Amazon.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($31.99)




BestPet Metal Wire


3.Metal Wire PlaypenThis 8-panel playpen comes in a variety of heights and colors to make your fluffy one happy and match the interior design. All panels are 24” long, but the total weight exceeds the one on the previous models, reaching almost 17 pounds. The advantage of this metal playpen is the mesh floor mat which will reduce the mess pets usually leave, and will protect your floor or carpet. Besides, if you plan on using it outside, it will keep your friend free from dirt, thistles and all other outdoors messy elements. Some of the owner reviews underlined a slight looseness of the panels attaching areas, but overall, this model has plenty of recommendations. Many buyers have successfully used it as a gate between different rooms, and others have praised the door feature, that allows you to set your dog free without having to pack up the whole ensemble.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($29.99)