Tips for Buying the Best Dog Flea Comb


Buying one of the top rated dog flea combs of 2018 may look like a daunting task. The market is filled with top-notch products, so which one should you get? There are many things to consider, and we’ve tried our best at putting together a buying guide that can give a helping hand to any struggling customer. Be sure to check some customer reviews before finalizing your purchase.

Best Dog Flea Comb

The beginner’s guide to dog flea combs

What’s the deal with flea combs? Will they actually help you get rid of those pesky fleas? Some people say that they do, while others still prefer to utilize repellents. Yet few individuals know that most of the popular repellents on the market today contain a series of asbestos forms, including chrysotile. Chrysotile has been proven to have a cancerogenic effect, which is why using a good old comb can actually prevent your pet from developing neoplasms.

Sure, it might be more complicated to comb your pet instead of conveniently applying an insecticide, but it definitely pays off in the long run. Start with your dog’s head and work your way towards the tail. Don’t ignore the belly area and the armpits, as these are areas where fleas usually hide. To remove the excess coat and fleas that might have gathered on the comb, simply dip it into some soap water.


Consider your dog’s coat

Some breeds require special care, while others have needs that can be tended to somewhat easier. The density and the thickness of your dog’s coat has a say when it comes to picking the perfect flea comb.

Fortunately, even if you choose the wrong model, most products are reasonably affordable and some can even be replaced by the manufacturer. Nevertheless, in order to save time and money, consult with your veterinarian or with a grooming specialist to find out just which product works with what type of dog coat.



Since combs can be purchased on a variety of online websites including highly trusted ones such as Amazon, they’re convenient and easy to get your hands on. As a general rule, we recommend all prospective buyers to go over some of the best dog flea comb reviews, as past customers can let you know just what to expect. Details such as affordability and durability are widely described in online reviews.


Brand and price

Even though it might look as if the manufacturer and price of flea combs don’t matter that much, in fact they do. Some brands have been on the market for over half of a century, and it’s these ones that build good, dependable products. The price is a consideration for most online shoppers, but try to keep in mind that a good ratio between the value and the cost is hard to find.


Top Rated Dog Flea Combs in 2018


For your consideration, we’ve selected five of the most acclaimed combs on the current market. All of the following have gathered the appreciation of American and worldwide customers alike. They are both economical and durable, so be sure to have a look at them before making up your mind.


Safari 770071 Flea Comb


1.Safari Flea CombThis is probably the best dog flea comb of 2018, which is why it comes as no surprise that it has managed to gather over 600 5-star reviews. The neat thing about this model is that it can be utilized with any type of dog breed, regardless of the length and thickness of the coat.

The product features a double row design and makes detecting fleas as easy as pie. Moreover, the comb can be used for lifting dust and debris out.

Furthermore, not only regular users can benefit from purchasing the Safari model, but even professional groomers.

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Four Paws Fine Flea Comb


2.Four Paws Fine Flea CombCompared to the formerly described Safari alternative, this Four Paws one is considerably more affordable. A low price doesn’t mean low quality in this case, as this variety can be efficiently used for fine coats. Removing fleas and even their eggs is no hassle if you opt for this product, as attested by some of the best dog flea comb reviews.

The Four Paws model is available in two main variants: a plastic and a metal one. It goes without saying that metal combs are more durable compared to their plastic counterparts, but they are also a tad more expensive.

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JW Pet Company GripSoft


3.JW Pet Company GripSoftFeaturing a comfortable, ergonomic design, the JW Pet flea comb is certainly having a look at, what with its friendly price. As is the case with the previously mentioned Safari model, this one can be used for any breed. Customers have the freedom to turn the teeth 90 degrees away from the skin in order to keep them parallel to it.

Not only is this product fit for removing fleas, but also for giving a nice massage to your dog. According to various buyers, this is a 100% original JW Pet comb that can be purchased from a plethora of online marketplaces.

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Coastal Pet Double Row Flea Comb


4.Double Row Flea CombIf you have been looking for affordability, look no further. This Coastal Pet unit is as economical as it gets, considering the fact that most online retailers sell it for less than five dollars. The Double Row comb works best when it’s utilized right after bathing, as it is compatible with a wide array of flea powders and shampoos.

Both the design and the material used in the development of this product make it remarkably comfortable to use, both for owners and for pets.

Over 77% of the people who’ve chosen the Coastal Pet comb were perfectly satisfied with the good value it offers.

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For Your Dog 078279-107 Flea Comb


5.For Your Dog Flea CombWe’ve saved this item for the last as it is both dependable and convenient. It features an ergonomic handle and 70 stainless steel teeth. This makes it the perfect alternative for large and small breeds alike. The pins on this one are great for removing anything from flea eggs and larvae to actual fleas. If you’re strictly planning to take care of your dog’s coat, this one does a nice job at removing debris around the mouth and eyes.

The people who have chosen this product speak highly of the value offered for the price and state that it comfortably fits the hand of any user.

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