A Professional Buying Guide on Dog Bark Controls:


As much as we may love our dogs, sometimes they can bark too much and can be a nuisance, not only for yourself but the neighbours.  While you may have tried other solutions to try and quiet your dog, you’ve probably run out of options and you may be here as a result of looking at some of the best dog bark control items of 2018.

These items are generally collars that use scent, sound, or even a static charge that will be triggered when your dog barks. Of course, it can be a little confusing trying to figure out which is the best option to choose for your pet. That is why we have created this guide. We want to help you feel confident when choosing the best rated dog bark control collar.

Spray collars are among some of the top ten dog bark control collars because they produce a scent that is not appealing to your dog. The way these collars work is that every time your dog barks, the collar detects the vibration caused by the bark. This vibration will trigger a quick blast of citronella or lemon. This scent is not harmful to your dog, but it is strong enough to be annoying to your dog’s sensitive nose.

Among the best dog bark control reviews, one of the more effective ways to prevent a dog from barking is by using a collar that emits an ultrasonic sound wave. This works much like the scent collar as the device will detect the vibration from the dogs bark and it will produce a high pitched sound that only your dog will hear. This sound is not painful, but it does cause irritation and is bothersome to their ears.

The most popular form of dog bark control collars are the static shock collars. These collars produce a low and controlled electric shock that is triggered after the dog has barked. These collars do not produce enough of a shock to harm the dog, but they are an excellent deterrent to prevent them from barking again.

Other than the primary function of the collars, some of the top ten dog bark control collars of 2018 include additional features. These features can include reflective strips, the ability to attach a leash, and even the ability to adjust the correction modes to match your dog’s temperament.

One thing that we have found that is a common theme with the highest rated best dog bark control product reviews is that not all dogs respond to the same kind of training products. We recommend that you do not get discouraged if one product does not work. There are plenty of items available that can help you train your dog to stop barking unnecessarily. It just takes a little bit of patience and research to find the right methods for your pooch.

When you are choosing the product to help you train your dog to stop barking, keep these tips in mind and we feel that you will be able to make a well informed purchase.


Things to consider:

  • First determine the type of product you’d like to try. If your dog reacts to a citronella candle that you may use to fend off bugs while outside, you may want to try a scent collar. If not, you can try ultrasonic sound products or a static charge collar.
  • Look for collars that include extra features such as reflective strips, leash hook ups, and even adjustable modes.
  • Most importantly, you must keep calm and remain patient. Trying to break a pet out of a bad habit will not be an overnight success. Do not get discouraged!


Top rated Dog Bark Controls in 2018


SportDOG Rechargeable NoBark Bark Control Collar


This shock collar can cure your dog of excessive barking without causing harm to your pooch. You can choose one of three training modes that will require both vibration and the sound of the bark to trigger a corrective response. The automatic shutoff feature on the collar prevents the risk of over use, thus making it impossible to overcorrect the dog, in case the barking does not cease. The collar comes with a long-life rechargeable battery and a charger.

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Elite Little Dog Bark Control


This collar uses nanotechnology to make the collar both compact and lightweight. It is small enough to be used with small and medium sized dogs without being uncomfortable. It can be used on dogs whose neck measures up to 16-inches and the overall weight ranges between 8 pounds to 55 pounds. The intuitive collar has the ability to remember the level of correction that the dog stopped barking, and will continue to use that level in the future. The patented technology of the collar ensures that the dog’s bark is the only sound that triggers the collar.

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First Alert Bark Genie Automatic Bark Control


This device uses an ultrasonic sound wave to teach dogs not to bark. The device works on all breeds within a 50-foot radius and it features three sensitivity levels that are easy to adjust. The device uses a 9-volt battery, which is not included. The retractable cord makes it easy to mount this bark control anywhere inside or outside of the home.

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Outdoor No Barking Ultrasonic Deter Nuisance Anti-Bark Control


This cute birdhouse is more than just a birdhouse—it has 3-built in sensors and an extra-large ultrasonic loud speaker that is used to prevent continuous barking. The sensors can detect barking within a 50-foot radius and can be set to one of the four sensitivity levels. These levels are used to indicate at what barking level will activate the unit. This device works on any dog breed within the radius and because it is weather proof, it can remain outdoors and even work on the neighbours dogs!

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PetSafe Ultrasonic Indoor Bark Control PBC-1000


This bark control device can be set on top of the table and will safely control your dog’s barking. The unit delivers a two-second burst of an ultrasonic tone that only your dog can hear. The unit affects any dog within a 25-foot radius and it uses a single 9-volt battery.

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