Top rated Document scanners in 2019


Every office needs to come equipped with a reliable document scanner. The growing interest for such office devices is not surprising given their utility. In order to help people scan better different types of documents, we drafted the best Documents scanner reviews. After compiling an initial list of 35 products that could be used in any office, we expanded the research and discovered that only five should be on your short list. With a reliable document scanner you will be more productive and keep better record of your projects. It is important to have access to a professional office appliance that responds well to daily commands.


Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Scanner for PC and Max


If you want to have access to a reliable document scanner that will enhance your productivity, invest with confidence in Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500. This scanner has an intuitive interface guides through the whole scanning process. Being a top rated Document scanner in 2019, this model allows you scan any document with ease from anywhere through cloud services and wireless connectivity. It includes automatic settings which deliver effortless scanning whenever you need to. This scanner can support daily documents from A3, A4 paper to business cards. It has a built-in dual-core “GI” image processing engine which makes that you scan documents without problems.

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Canon imageFORMULA DR-C125 Office Document Scanner


Most of the present best Document scanner reviews underline the smooth efficiency of Canon DR-C125. This high quality office scanner will stand out in any office environment, improving people’s project management skills. The scanner combines scanning performance with precision, which results in better productivity in any office. It is very easy to use and can render high image quality. In addition, the scanner can support a wide range of documents, making it perfect for financial, legal, governmental or healthcare services. Due to its compact and slim design, you can install DR-C125 scanner anywhere in the office. It occupies only a small amount of space on a person’s desk.

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Epson DS-510 WorkForce Document Scanner


It is essential for an office to be equipped with a powerful document scanner. Such devices can be used in order to scan documents and then utilize them digitally. One of the best Document scanner in 2019 was released by Epson, DS-510 WorkForce. This model will enhance your efficiency around the office. It can scan with ease ID card, business cards and different types of documents. The scanner has an intuitive one-touch scanning system which helps you get the job done faster than ever. Furthermore the scanner can deliver speeds by up to 26 ppm/52 ipm scan speeds, being able to scan on both sides.

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Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Instant PDF Sheet-Fed Mobile


Today, you can opt to install in your office the best Document scanner in 2019 from Fujitsu, ScanSnap S1300i Instant. This document scanner allows you to be productive and get things done faster around the office. With its small and compact design, this scanner offers double-sided scanning functions. It can stack by up to 10 pages in the automatic document feeder which keeps your work flowing. The scanner can scan by up to 12 pages per minute on each side. Furthermore it automatically recognizes the size of each document and corrects it for skew. Due to Quick Menu, everything you want to scan will be done fast and without problems.

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Brother ADS2000 High Speed Document Scanner


When it comes to being productive in an office environment, some appliances like printers and scanners can help out a lot. If you want to use a reliable document scanner consider without reservation purchasing ADS2000 from Brother. This model is a high speed two-sided scanner with an impressive 50 sheet capacity feeder. It is perfect for home or small office use. You can perform scanning operations on a multitude of documents from A3, A4, business cards and photos. In addition, you can scan them directly to specific destinations such as email, image, file, USB memory flash drives or tablets.

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