Learn how to choose a quality DJ MIDI controller


When you’re on the prowl for the best DJ Midi Controller, it might not be so easy to get what you need. Contemporary professional musicians and music artists, arrangers, sound designers and engineers, music composers and producers need such a device to expand music expression. Virtually anyone who’s into music creation nowadays needs to have one of the best DJ midi controllers of 2018 that can help them conveniently control the sounds of multiple synthesizers using just one keyboard or pad. That single concept is what has made the MIDI controller a truly revolutionary product that has turned the music industry around and propelled it to its current state.

1.2 Numark NS6 Professional DJ Controller

What is the best DJ Midi Controller?


Keyboard or Pad-Based?

The heydays of CD and vinyl scratching and the use of crude beat boxes are long gone. Nowadays, huge music expression can be derived with the utilization of a wide variety of applications, software and samples. Piano players will appreciate keyboard-style DAW controllers. Others prefer the pressure sensitivity, speed and responsiveness of pad-based top DJ controllers, which offer music without robot-like quality. Towering beats and classy danceable tracks can be produced with devices that promote exploration of music expression and personal creativity. Live performance becomes more fun and exciting with a higher level of beat construction and sound intensity.


Sophisticated Groove Production

Today’s most advanced groove production machines are able to work as a full workstation. They are able to go beyond simple beat building that their older drum machine siblings did back in the dark ages. The best DJ midi controller with soundcard can produce vast assortments of amazing virtual instruments, with awesome effects and loops. Samples can be tweaked and sounds can be mixed. Melodies can be re-categorized and arranged. So much can be done to create incredibly spun chord progressions and harmonies. Now, it’s all about world-class groove production, what with interfaces that can mirror actual musical instruments. DJs now have exceptional performance tools that empower them to do more than just dicing, slicing and mixing other people’s music.


Dedicated Software

You can decide to do everything from scratch (pun intended) using a MIDI-enabled workstation, keyboard, sound module or synthesizer to create grooves. Plenty of incredible sequences, soundtracks and songs can be created using such types of equipment. However, with the amount of trial-and-error involved in such undertakings, optimal workflow is not achieved. If you’ve got time on your hands and you’re willing to invest in learning, such set-ups are fine. But for those who’d rather not go through all that trouble, getting the best DJ Midi Controller that incorporates MIDI-enabled software is the way to go. Many software-run groove creation devices have the ability to work with a wide range of applications and programs so one is not tied to any specific software.


Control and Manipulation

Most software for groove production can be manipulated with a PC mouse and keyboard or the touch screen of a tablet or Smart phone. Streamlining your workflow capacity is possible with control surfaces that are outfitted with sliders, pads, knobs or buttons that are synced to the software employed. However, workflow can still be hampered by the amount of mapping that has to be done just to enable the software and the work surface to actually function together successfully. Configuring the system of even the most heavily-endorsed products in DJ midi controller reviews     does take time. Thanks to the availability of mapping templates though, a lot of the hard part is taken care of.

6.2 Hercules 4780722 DJ Controller

All-in-one Functionality

Lots of best DJ midi controllers of 2018 come with software and hardware designed to work together seamlessly. There’s not a lot of mapping and configuring involved. Individuals who want the simplicity of plug-and-play groove creation with relatively little to no learning curve will find those machines desirable. What is good about such products is the amazing number of functions that are at your disposal. There are hundreds of samples, effects, instruments and sounds to experiment and tinker with. Exploring the system’s capabilities and functions can take time though. They may not work with the apps and software of other manufacturers too. However, for those whose knowledge of MIDI is next to nothing, this is the way to go.



Numark NS6 Professional 4-Channel DJ Controller with Serato

1.1 Numark NS6 Professional DJ ControllerSounding as good as it looks, the Numark NS6 Professional 4-Channel DJ Controller with Serato has been raved about in many DJ midi controller reviews. The all-new 4-deck version provides an incredible amount of options to make every performance more awesome and exciting than the  first. This unit has interface that syncs vertically or horizontally for prime viewing of waveform alignment, enabling you to know exactly where you are. This helps you know how the tracks go together. Unlock the full power of the 4-deck NS6 using the layer selectors that are right beside each platter. Easily switch from Deck 1 to Deck 3 on the left and Deck 2 and Deck 4 on the right at the touch of a button.

Giving you ultimate control and a genuinely interactive experience, the NS6 can be used with or without a computer, thanks to its being a software controller. This best DJ Midi Controller gives you ability to control the unit at one moment and mix in your CD decks, turntable or microphone the next. The exclusive Strip Search, a virtual needle drop technology, offers position-indicating LEDs that provides a visual image of a track’s timeline to the user. The audio interface is expertly engineered to deliver full and true-to-form sound every time.

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American Audio Vms2 DJ Midi Controller

2.1 American Audio Vms2 Dj Midi ControllerDesigned to deliver performance-driven quality every time, the American Audio Vms2 DJ Midi Controller deserves to be among the top DJ controllers on the market. It comes with Virtual DJ LE software, giving you plug-and-play functionality. It features two MIDILOGT channels, making it compatible with any MIDI software or Analog Inputs, including turntables, CD players and more. This is for the extraordinary DJ who wants a solid all-in-one MIDI controller for playing MP3 tracks straight from a laptop. It also offers you the option to incorporate turntables and CD players for even more expansive music expression.

If you’re looking for the best DJ midi controller with soundcard, this is it. The American Audio Vms2 DJ Midi Controller is built with a 4 In/4 Out Sound card, which enables conversion of digital sound information to analog signals. The MIDI controller also comes with one microphone input, Balanced XLR outputs and American Audio’s proprietary DSP D-Core Audio Engine inside, enabling you to get ultimate music expression and delivery. The system offers Pro Stage Microphone Circuitry working together with the other components to deliver awesome performance. The ten assignable linear fader controllers and 34 assignable rotary controllers allow solid and responsive software manipulation.

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Hercules DJ Control Instinct USB DJ Controller with Audio Outputs

3.1 Hercules DJ Control Instinct USB DJ ControllerIf you’ve got the instinct to mix, or are just serious about getting behind the decks to make your own music that can fill the whole dance floor, the Hercules’ DJControl Instinct is your ultimate groove companion. This compact and lightweight device is crafted with expert quality music engineering to help novice music creators find their natural groove, and for professional music creators to have the ultimate mean machine with which to consistently amaze people during every awesome performance. It is built with everything you’ll ever need to commence dishing the fun out at parties: pressure-responsive jog wheels, audio outputs plus intuitive and user friendly software.

Powerful and easy to use, the Instinct is made for hosting awesome DJ parties using a PC or Mac computer with a convenient USB connectivity. Add in a pair of headphones and amplified speakers plus your computer audio files and you’re all set. The tactile jog wheels enable you to scratch with no latency, control the Pitch Bend function or scroll within tracks. The machine features built-in audio outputs, which include one 3.5mm headphone output and a pair of RCA outputs. The function-filled DJUCED software helps both beginner and advanced DJs  get better at their art.

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Gemini DJ G4V DJ Controller 4 Channel Midi Controller with Soundcard

4.1 Gemini DJ G4V DJ Controller 4 Channel Midi ControllerThe Gemini DJ G4V DJ Controller 4 Channel Midi Controller with Soundcard is one awesome device built with a professional-quality 24-bit PC/MAC audio interface and all the inputs and outputs you’ll need to record, playback and monitor music and sound. The only limit is your imagination! This unit transforms your typical DJ MIDI device into a dynamic and awe-inspiring controller. The full metal enclosure houses two feature-rich physical DJ decks that provide absolute control of four virtual software decks. Tap, toggle, tweak and twist tracks like there’s no tomorrow using the numerous assignable rotary encoders and 16 multi-function performance pads.

The auto loop and loop roll modes are fully accessible via on-a-whim loop move for awesome instinctive control. You’ve also got the advanced sampling controls, cue controls, key-lock and pitch fader for that incredible deejay experience. Get constant access  to the dedicated  filter controls, EQ and Gain on each software deck. When it comes to inputs and outputs, you’ve got the auxiliary and microphone inputs, master and booth RCA outputs and the balanced XLR master output to provide your desired connectivity. Get immediate results the first time and every time after that with the pre-mapped FX controls for Virtual DJ.

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Vestax Typhoon Midi Controller

5.1 Vestax Typhoon Midi ControllerThe Vestax Typhoon is presented as an all-in-one bundle with software and digital DJ hardware, giving professional DJs and those with less experience to get total control for playing music, scratching and mixing, right at their fingertips. Get a full-featured DJ system that works using your computer, which is instantly transformed into one mean music-making machine. Built for beginners and seasoned pros, the Typhoon can just be plugged into a computer and you’re all ready to do some awesome deejaying. It operates with Windows and Mac systems through simple plug-and-play activation. The Touch Sensor jog wheels offer high resolution to help the user operate in analog mode when mixing or scratching. The Multi-channel audio system helps deliver premium quality sound that empowers you to monitor as well as optimize the separate microphone input and master output.

The Vestax typhoon is a compact and light device that can be brought anywhere,  making it ideal for DJs on the move. The simple USB cable connectivity plus bundled software will have you spinning whenever the groove hits you. The built-in sound card lets you explore the boundaries of music to create your own. The Vestax-quality input fader and cross fader curve control give you absolute power over what you tweak and create thereafter.

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Hercules 4780722 DJ Controller with “Touch” and “Air” Controls

6.1 Hercules 4780722 DJ ControllerWith the Hercules 4780722 DJ Controller, you get an awesome device that lets you do genuine hands-on DJ mixing via revolutionary touch and air controls. It is a two-deck DJ controller built with two pressure-detecting jog wheels,  letting you enjoy awesome deejay experience. You won’t even have to touch the device thanks to the state-of-the-art Air Control feature, a contactless sensor that lets you control the mix from above. This unique component interprets the distance to your hand as a “readable” MIDI command. When scratch mode is activated, the pressure-detecting jog wheels enable you to scratch with a simple press on them, delivering in a natural manner as a vinyl record. When the hand’s weight is no longer detected, scratching stops. You can control various functions including stop and restart playback. When the playback is on, you can also bend the pitch. When the said element is off, you can browse within the tracks with a simple turn of the jog wheels via their outer ring, effectively avoiding application of downward pressure.

With the VU meter, the DJ Control Air displays beats consisting of  two lines of four LEDs, with each line representing a track. Thus, the DJ knows immediately if the beats are in sync without having to check the computer screen.

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DJ MIDI controllers work in more incredible ways than just pressing PLAY. The possibilities are endless thanks to the availability of awesome software and hardware that deliver your full-scale creativity in the music you twist, tweak, mix and scratch. Controllers enable computer-savvy DJs to still get authentic tactile control over the wide array of features and elements that their software offers. With virtually every hardware surface readily connecting via USB to a laptop or PC, there’s no telling if the wild DJ parties will ever end. No matter what skill level you possess, you can optimize the feature-filled Numark NS6 Professional 4-Channel DJ Controller with Serato, with its all-new four-deck functionality that offers an exceptional amount of options to make every performance truly awesome and fun.

The plug-and-play simplicity of the American Audio Vms2 DJ Midi Controller makes it a coveted device for super special DJs who want more in a MIDI controller. Outfitted with two MIDILOGT channels, it is compatible with analog inputs and any MIDI software. This is a highly versatile device with Pro Stage Microphone Circuitry that ensures an awe-inspiring performance every time. An all-in-one mean machine, it allows responsive software control via 10 assignable linear fader controllers plus 34 assignable rotary controllers.