An Expert Buying Guide on DIY Home Security Systems:


Homeowners who want fail-proof protection for their property and their family will never tire of reading up on the best DIY home security system reviews to make sure they are getting a product that is dependable no matter what. One can never be accused of playing it too safe or of being too paranoid, but this is exactly what happens when a DIY Home Monitoring is used, with the homeowner doing all the watching and checking. However, with a best rated DIY home security system, after the owner has the system in place through self-installation or professional set-up, a monitoring center does the supremely vigilant and ultimately stressful work of alarm monitoring.


Equipment Selection/Customization

Although some systems are not bundled with video monitoring or security cameras, it becomes ultimately helpful for even a starter kit without contract to be able to expand and enable installation of security cameras at the homeowner’s option. Highest rated products provide motion sensors on doors and windows, recessed door sensors, garage door sensors and glass break sensors, which are neat pieces of security equipment, as are fire/smoke detectors, carbon monoxide/toxic gas detectors and others. However, nothing beats the solid evidence of intruder entry as seen on a security camera. Annoying false alarms triggered by pets in the home is prevented by pet-safe sensors. The ability of the system to accommodate extra sirens, motion sensors, security cameras, panic buttons and security key fobs is what makes it the best DIY home security system for the money.


Center Communication/Service Terms

When an alarm is triggered, it is important that the system delivers information to the homeowner in a most efficient manner as possible. Monitoring services vary from one company to the other, so it is important that the home owner works with a firm that they are most comfortable with and that understands their needs. The security company should be able to ensure that the product they offer belongs to the top ten products available in the market, while ensuring that they have the right protocols in place to protect their client. Aside from monitoring the property for the entire day, the company should ideally provide immediate and accurate alarm status reports. Communication between a most reliable product and the center can be through landline, cellular or broadband channels. The monitoring service can be covered by a contract or be on a per-month billing set-up.


Monitoring Service Features

Which DIY home monitoring system is the best? That depends on what you want to integrate into such a system. You should be able to specify what types of alerts you want to be notified of. Personal safety alerts are what majority of companies offer to customers. These include medical emergencies and child safety situations. Some companies offer premium services that can include: freeze sensors, which detect extremely low temperatures that can cause potential damage to pipes, etc.; heat sensors/smoke detectors, which perceive rapid temperature increase; glass break sensors, which detect frequency of glass breaking; flood sensors, which detect water before it is able to create huge damage to your property. Carbon monoxide detectors sense the presence of the odorless, tasteless and invisible toxic gas to enable you to protect your family from its lethal effects.


Things to consider:

  • Provision for various types of equipment and possible personalization or future additions at homeowner’s option
  • Monitoring service that is prompt or timely and practical.
  • Features and terms of service that are a fit for your needs


Top rated DIY Home Security Systems in 2018


Choosing the best DIY home security system 2018 is parallel to giving your family and yourself peace of mind. Unless the system is firmly in place and is ensured to run seamlessly, the investment you make on such a structure will only be a waste of time and resources. Although we basically should thrive on a culture of trust, it is best not to risk being shortchanged when it comes to keeping your property and your family protected.


Fortress Security Store (TM) GSM-B Home-Security/Alarm-System


With the revolutionary Fortress Security Store (TM) GSM-B Home Security/Alarm System, you get state-of-the-art monitoring alarm for the home without worrying about costly monthly fees. The main console is a completely wireless system that constantly monitors the installed remote sensors. Intrusion sets off an alarm, which in turn starts a security protocol to notify you of intrusion. A text message or call is sent to you so you are instantly alerted to the situation. Landline and GSM capabilities are available to you with the GSM-B. When your landline gets cut, the system is still able to alert you via the GSM dialer. When the system is armed, the alarm automatically sounds in the event of forcible landline deactivation by an intruder.

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Fortress Security Store (TM) S02-A Home-Security/Alarm-System


The fully programmable S02-A Home Security/Alarm System from the Fortress Security Store is the perfect starter kit for homeowners who are serious about installing a structure that’s gotten the best DIY home security system reviews. It is shipped with magnetic sensors for windows and doors. The S02-A detects any forcible break-in as well as any suspicious movement in set parts of the house by means of the passive motion sensors. The system comes with two passive motion detectors complemented by five door contact points. It is easy to install and setup. The Auto-dialer function will call up to 6 designated phone numbers when security is breached. The loud, 110dB alarm alerts neighbors, thereby deterring potential intruders.

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Fortress Security Store (TM) S02-C Home-Security/Alarm-System


Detecting suspicious movement in rooms via passive motion sensors, in addition to sensing forcible entry into your home, the S02-C Home Security/AlarmSystem is easy to install and set up. It comes complete with magnetic sensors for portals of entry into the home, such as windows and doors. The security structure has two passive motion detectors and ten door contact points so you’ll have all entry points amply covered. The outdoor flashing strobe light and alarm is geared to alert neighbors or passersby to forcible entry into your home. The system is fully programmable and will automatically dial an assigned number in the event of a security breach.

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Fortress Security Store (TM) GSM-A Home-Security/Alarm-System


With the GSM-A Home Security/Alarm System, you have a full-range security monitoring system that does not involve payment of hefty monthly fees. As a totally wireless system, the system has a main console that monitors the remote sensors. When intrusion happens, an alarm is triggered. A text message or call notifies you of such a situation in real time. Employing both GSM and landline capabilities, the GSM-A uses the other protocol to serve as back-up. This is a reliable scheme since disablement of the landline by forcible cutting sets off a corresponding alarm as long as the system is armed. The GSM-A will then function as a GSM dialer.

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hkbayi Wireless 99-Zone PIR Home-Security/Alarm System


Have peace of mind knowing that you are always kept aware of the situation in your home or business. This is possible anywhere and anytime with the hkbayi Wireless 99-Zone PIR HomeSecurity/Alarm System. A security breach sets off a series of events, including: automatic dialing of 911; the sounding of a system siren, which scares the intruder away;and the loud sound that alerts your neighbors that something irregular is happening in your home or business while you’re away. Set up the perfect intruder deterrent with this system’s easy integration with different kinds of detectors including magnetic window/door contacts, smoke detectors, gas leak sensors and passive infrared sensors (PIR).

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