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It’s easier to enjoy a good meal when you don’t have to worry about cleaning the dishes afterwards. Modern times require quick solutions to our problems, enhanced comfort to fit our fast paced living style. To avoid the annoying and most repetitive task of the household, I started going through over 50 reviews and recommendations in search of the best dishwasher 2020. Why not take a look at these great life partners that will take dish washing burden off your shoulders?


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People that have already installed dishwashers in their kitchens wash plates, cups and dinnerware easier than ever. This cleaning device is designed to help moms and dads save time after each dinner, breakfast or lunch. A long time ago dishwashers were considered luxury items. Now, Black Friday deals on top products or monthly promotions offered by different stores make these cleaning units pretty accessible. If you are now trying to find the best dishwasher for your kitchen, this buying guide will lead you in the right direction. There are many things to take into account before deciding on one particular product. Once you are properly informed you will know exactly what to look for in a brand new dishwasher.

We carefully read professional reviews on the current top 10 dishwasher models in order to see exactly what makes them so efficient. In our research we noticed that there special features which influence the quality of each washing cycle. The first thing that you need to take into account is size. For 2 or 3 persons we recommend an 18” dishwasher which can safely hold 6 to 8 place settings. If you are part of a bigger family then you can opt for 24” dishwasher. Such a model has a capacity of 12 to 14 place settings. There are also newly developed products with more daring capacities, 28” or 32” but they are mostly used in restaurants. According to recent surveys there are 4 major types of dishwashers: built-in, drawer, portable and countertop. Built-in dishwashers are very popular in the American homes because they offer stability.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Type Price Width Weight Our Rating Where to buy

Bosch SHP65T55UC

Fully Integrated $$$$ 24 inch 97 pounds A++ AMAZON

Koldfront PDW60EB

Portable Countertop $$ 22 inch 50 pounds A AMAZON

Sunpentown SD-9241SS

Portable $$$ 18 inch 135 pounds B+ AMAZON

Danby DDW611WLED

Countertop $$ 21.5 inch 50 pounds B AMAZON


Fully Integrated $$$$ 24 inch 115 pounds C AMAZON


Among the most popular dishwasher devices in 2020 there is the portable unit. This cleaning device is mainly used by people who travel a lot. Still, you shouldn’t disregard the other two, drawer and countertop, because they efficiently clean different types of plates and cups. From an economical point of view the countertop dishwashers represent the optimal solution. Yet, depending on style and cleaning features, prices vary from model to model. Discovering the best product for the money might take some time but in the end it is worth it. You should also keep a look out for dishwashers that have the Energy Star symbol. Why? A dishwasher with the Energy Star seal will help you save money on the electrical bill.

Most of the top dishwasher models available for purchase are very easy to operate. If you are waiting for Christmas dishwasher releases you’d best take a closer look on the functionality of the current top end models. These units come with special wash cycles and low water features which quickly remove food remains from plates. Furthermore there are dishwashers with time-of-use rates which tell when to start it in order to save money on the energy. With such a device installed in your kitchen you will know when the energy is cheaper.


Things to consider:

–         Energy Star symbol, so you will know that the machine saves you money on the electric bill

–         Appropriate capacity, 18” for couples and 24” for regular families

–         Place settings, from 6 to 8 or 12 to 14 plates, depending on the unit’s capacity

–         Washing cycles like Glass, Rinse, Stemware, Quick Wash, Sanitize Wash or Pots Scrub for heightened cleaning performance



Bosch SHP65T55UC 500 Fully Integrated Dishwasher


Best dishwasher 2020Expensive house appliances should meet all your expectations and even surpass them. One of the best dishwashers 2020, the Bosch SHP65T55UC,has been the knight in shining armor for many families.It comes with everything you could ever wish for: space for lots of dishes, racks for all sized plates and cups, silent operation and low energy and water consumption. If you are going to invest in a household appliance that will work for you and your family, this is the first choice to consider.



Fitting up to 15 place settings on its three racks, this fully integrated dishwasher offers basic wash cycles and options and a quiet operation at just 44-dBA sound level

Five standard wash cycles comprised of auto, express, heavy, normal and rinse plus five more wash options: delay, delicate, extra shine, half load and sanitize

Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), sanitize wash option uses heated water to provide that extra factor of cleanliness for sanitized dishes, plus half load option to handle smaller loads without having to run on full wash cycle, effectively cutting down on water and energy usage

InfoLight system shines a red beam on the floor to indicate that the machine is currently running, plus a third rack that can hold flat and smaller items



Does not have dry functions and eco-friendly wash but does great with the basics


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Koldfront PDW60EB Portable Countertop Dishwasher


People with a dynamic life style or those who don’t get to spend lots of time at home need house appliances that are easy to set up and do good job whenever needed to. Considered by many to be the best dishwasher 2020, this Koldfront model has gained its popularity for being easy to use and very effective. Very tough on the inside, it has a delicate and soft look on the outside. Water and electricity consumption are not going to be a problem and,if well preserved, this model is going to serve you for a very long time.



Portable design makes this appliance an excellent space saver in any modern kitchen, easily fitting under most modern cabinetry, thereby not requiring additional construction or alterations to existing kitchen layout

Offers relatively low water consumption while performing each wash cycle, using just 3.5 gallons for each full washing, making it an economical appliance to have

55±3dB rating ensures that the appliance does not run with too much noise, making this earn some of the best dishwasher ratings 2020

Engineered to provide effective cleaning process, leaving every piece of glassware, cutlery and plate clean after every run, plus a built-in rinse dispenser agent, which ensures that there are no water spots on washed dishes



Simple and uncluttered design speaks of this unit’s complete and practical functionality


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Sunpentown SD-9241SS Portable Dishwasher


Planning is the key to success. This model allows you to programyour dishwasher anytime you want. It will remind you to refill the dish washing liquid container and it will not use too much water or electricity. One of the best dishwashers 2020, this device offers excellent service for a reasonable price. With 6 washing programs, your dishes are going to shine on the table. Long term usage is guaranteed by the stainless steel interior and you won’t need to call a specialized plumber as it is very easy to install.



Earns recognition as one of the brands that gets some of the best dishwasher ratings 2020 due to being able to roll into place easily and simple set-up and connection to a faucet in minutes

Good-sized dishwasher has enough space to accommodate up to 8 place settings, with a durable interior of stainless steel for resistance to chipping and corrosion

Unit can be preprogrammed to start wash cycle anywhere between an hour to 24 hours, thanks to the built-in time-delay program

Six different wash programs include all-in-one, light, normal, speed, and rinse, with adjustable upper rack that can be reoriented to provide more space for larger plates



Not designed to dry washed items

Wash cycle is longer than normal


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Danby DDW611WLED Countertop Dishwasher


If you are living alone in a small sized apartment don’t be too harsh on yourself: nobody likes to do the dishes and, honestly, nobody has the time to do them. This small dishwasher is the perfect fit for any household that comprises one or two members. Economic, easy to use and connect this model comes with a nice exterior design and perfect functionality. You won’t need to hire a maid just to wash your plates daily.



Electronic controls with readable LED display make it easy to check what settings are in place inside the dishwasher, a plus that is uncommon in this type of appliance

Saves money and also helps protect the environment, as proven by its Energy Star rating, with easy installation and simple set-up

Stainless steel interior ensures durability and long-term use as the unit is resistant to rust, chipping and corrosion due to ability to be resilient against hard water, while also offering better sound damping and preserving heat so dishes dry faster

Comes with built-in Auto Detergent and Rinse Agent that effectively prevents droplet formation, so that glass ware does not develop spotting, with less water left to be dried



Washing time can be longer than normal, which is better than having to do the dishes manually


Buy from for ($399)


GE PDT750SSFSS Profile Fully Integrated Dishwasher


Elegance and outstanding performance, these are the main promises of a high standard dishwasher. If you have a large family that gets even larger during the holiday season you need a long term partner in the kitchen to help with doing the dishes. With excellent cleaning capacity and silent operation, this dishwasher is a life-time acquisition that will surely worth every penny. Plus, consistent usage will not significantly increase your electricity bill.



Stainless steel front with thick handlebar that’s easy to pull, plus an unobtrusive LCD screen that shows the wash cycle inside

Well-built screen and responsive buttons make cycle and wash option selection quick and easy, needing no hard pressing or forceful hand motion to activate selected settings

Stainless steel interior accommodates about ten place settings, with adjustable tines and a cutlery basket that can be split so every piece gets the precise washing it needs

Quad-blade wash arms are covered in spray jets for powerful washing action, plus more nozzles along the side walls to help ensure that water reaches every crevice or between tines and every surface of dishes, cutlery and flatware



Does not run really quietly, which may or may not be an issue depending on the user


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