Top rated disc sanders in 2019


The tool shed of a real handyman should consist of many different power tools and regular tools so he is prepared for any type of application, whether he is installing, repairing or building something. Disc sanders have an important role, helping you finish off your work. But some have a dubious quality level which won’t live up to your serious standards. Read firstly the best disc sanders reviews and be sure you will end up buying a top one.


JET 708433 JDS-12B Benchtop Disc Sander


Best Disc Sanders reviewsThe JET JDS-12B Benchtop disc sander has all the right features to help you with various applications which you need to work on. The motor is the key behind its smooth operation, having 1 HP and being fan-cooled as well for a long lifespan. Only top materials go into its construction like for instance the disc which is made from steel. It is also equipped with a dust port for keeping your work area clean. These features and more make out of it one of the best disc sanders in 2019.

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Grizzly H6070 Belt and Disc Sander


Nothing is better than good old American ingenuity which you can find in abundance in the design of the Grizzly H6070 disc sander. With it you will have access to a removable belt platen plus an idler roller guard. But actually this model can be a belt and disc sander which will multiply the number of applications you can work on and you will be able to tilt both types of tables to 45 degrees. The top disc sanders reviews recommend purchasing the H6070.

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Rockwell RK7866 Belt Disc Sander


Another disc sander which is worth the money you invest in it is the Rockwell RK7866 which has a high number of top features making work that much easier for you. It also comes with a belt platform which can be adjusted from 0 to 90 degrees, presenting you with a huge number of possibilities. The sanding table can also be tilted from 0 to 45 degrees. Its top performances come also thanks to its powerful 4.3 amp motor, which is very reliable, not breaking down after just a few months.

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Delta Power Equipment 31-140 Disc Sander


The Delta 31-140 disc sander has the necessary capabilities to allow you a lot of work opportunities that will all be done with a top professional quality. Immediately as you get it out of its box you can easily set it up on your work desk. The cast iron base has pre-drilled holes which will provide that excellent sturdy foundation for your applications. It is also equipped with OD attachments which will make it easy for you to connect it to a dust collector or even a shop vac.

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POWERTEC BD6900 Belt Disc Sander


Different types of jobs require a complete tool collection and a disc sander must be present in it, the POWERTEC BD6900 being a great choice. This sander has also a Dust Collection System which is very effective sucking up most of the left over wood. Cast iron makes up most of its body which enhances its durability and provides the perfect sturdy base for your applications. While other sanders have a very complicated belt change process, this is not the case for this model, allowing you to complete it quickly and without any difficult steps. With this set of features and more it is no wonder why it has some of the best disc sanders reviews.

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