Best digital voice recorder under $25


Cheap digital voice recorders for sale


Voice recorders are some useful products, and everyone has their own interest for using them but they are highly renowned for students for recording lectures; and also for media persons for taking interviews. This article has the features of some best digital voice recorders under $25 to make your selection easy. Another brand from the business can be found in our best Sony digital voice recorders reviews.


Olympus DP-201 voice recorder


Best digital voice recorder under $25

This voice recorder is one best digital voice recorders under $25, which is highly affordable as well as finest in quality. This recorder has the capability of recording up to 202 hours. Its 2GB memory gives you enough space to record all of your important speeches and talks. The battery runs for long time, it has battery life of 80 hours. To give you more ease in functioning it is made with large LCD screen that gives clear view of what you are doing.

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“This small voice recored is very useful in many situations and when I saw it was so cheap I immediately went ahead and purchased it. Being able to record over 200  hours is a very impressive feature, plus it even has a LCD screen so I always know if I’m recording or not.” Sarah Elliott


USB Pen Drive 8GB voice recorder


If you want to record for great long hours, this voice recorder can be a great help for you. It can record audio up to 150 hours and save it in it’s built in memory. It has 8 GB memory that keeps your current as well as old data safe. This USB audio recorder is handy in carrying. It also has a speaker that has clear and loud sound so you can hear immediately after the recording what you have recorded. It can record distant voice very easily so you can use it for lecture recording also.

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“I thought it was a simple USB stick the first time when I saw it, but when I relaized what it was and I saw it was so cheap, I bought it straight away. I tested it and it works super, recording at super high quality. I recommend it because it is a top voice recorder for sure.” Rachel McAdams


USB Pen Drive 4GB voice recorder


This USB audio recorder is great for the personal use, either you want to record the daily lectures or need to recall some important conversations, this recorder can help you. It has the memory to record your all day long audio. It has the built in 4GB memory so you can enjoy recording without getting worried about the memory. It can easily be use to record the voice without getting notice. It can record sounds clearly from the distance also.

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“I have bought the USB Pen Drive voice recorder and I am very pleased with it performances. The internal memory is large enough for hours and hours of recording so from this point of view I am more than covered. A solid voice recorder without a doubt.” Gregg Cosby


RCA RP3504 voice recorder


This recorder has all the features you want to have in your recorder and it is one best voice recorders under $25. It is provided with 6 buttons, which provide easy access to the functions that you require on your finger tips. You can record by single pressing of the button. Play from another button and pause from other. You can also fast forward, rewind and stop recording by using these buttons. Its speaker is mounted at top with built in microphone jack.

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“I wanted to find a classic looking voice recorder and I was lucky enough to come across the RCA RP3504. It is easy to use and the recording are of high quality. Because it works so well I recommend it to other people who are intrested in a voice recorder.” Will James


REC Dictaphone USB Pen Drive 8GB voice recorder


This recorder is very useful for day to day use. It can record and save the audio up to 580 hours. All the recordings get save in its 8GB memory automatically. This recorder is compatible with Windows 98 and higher and also Mac OS 9.0 and above. Its battery can play and record for continuous 14 hours so you can have recording free of interruption. This recorder can also play MP3 files and can become your MP3 player. It can also be use as USB drive for storing you files, etc.

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“This is a great little voice recorder which has so many woderful features just waiting for me to take advantage of them. I was impressed to see it was compatible with both Windows and Mac softwares. A very realiable voice recorder is the best way I can describe it!” Luke Sheperd