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There are people who are engaged in a job or school activity that requires the need for recording talks, conferences, interviews or any discussion for that matter.  If this is the case, they would surely be in search for the best digital voice recorder reviews available.


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There are thousands of business people that want to use professional digital voice recorders during various business endeavours. This is a useful device which can record conversations, useful while typing manuscripts, projects or memos. Some people use voice recorders for recording interesting lectures, conferences and also interviews. It is without a doubt a useful device for business, study, research and fun applications. The market is more than willing to help people find the ideal product. There are many voice recorders models worth considering but the wide selection makes it hard to narrow things down to one product. The current digital voice recorders have modern designs, worth using on business trips. Discovering the right product requires time and access to professional information.

Since more and more people are searching for the right voice recorder, we took the liberty of studying 20 of the most popular models. After 80 hours of attentive tests on recording capabilities, voice clarity, battery duration, enhanced connectivity and user friendly interfaces, we were able to draft the best digital voice recorder reviews. It is important for you to read professional reviews in order to know exactly what to look for in a brand new model. A good voice recorder should provide hours of recording and smooth USB outputs in order to safely transfer data to computers or tablets. People have a particular dilemma: whether or not smartphones are better than digital voice recorders. Even thou some people use smartphones to record conversations, voice recorders are specialized and designed to offer maximum results. Working in professional fields requires the use of advanced recording tools that get the job done.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Internal memory Price Recording time Batteries Customer Rating Where to buy

Sony ICD-SX712

2 GB $$$$ 500 h 2 AAA A++ AMAZON

Olympus LS-7

4 GB $$$ +1000 h 2 AAA A AMAZON

Sony ICD-PX312

2 GB $$ 530 h 2 AAA A AMAZON

Olympus VN-8100PC

2 GB $$ 843 h 2 AAA B+ AMAZON

RCA VR5340

2 GB $$ 800 h 2 AAA B+ AMAZON


How to find the best digital voice recorder in 2019? Designed to accomplish even the most complex of recording tasks, voice recorders manage to record long conversations. It is important to take into account battery life for prolonged use. A high quality voice recorder should incorporate a powerful battery that can last up to 48 hours. Furthermore a user friendly interface should also be present in the voice recorder. It should come with a special one-press button for play/stop, pause and record. In addition to standard recording features, a good voice recorder should also include track-marking, speed playback and voice activation. Another thing to take into consideration relates around sound quality. Some models use simulated 3D sound in order to safely reproduce sound.

One of the best digital voice recorder in 2019 can significantly help people record lectures, conversations and conferences. It is important to use a reliable voice recorder that can deliver impressive recording precision. Some devices have the possibility to record up to 1000 hours and even more, ideal to handle different applications. You should also look for digital voice recorders equipped with automatic voice recognition software. A good voice recorder should offer a lot of storage space for different files. Memory capacity is important for storing different files without problems. Now, you might want to opt for digital voice recorders that include expansion slots like microSD.



Sony ICD-SX712 digital flash voice recorder


These days, the Sony digital voice recorder ICD-SX712 is regarded to be one of the very best models of its kind. It is widely known and well-appreciated for its capability to produce enhanced levels of audio quality with absolute clarity. Recording audio files could never be a problem for this particular unit, as it is embedded with a memory storage capacity of 2GB and a stereo microphone that can be adjusted in 2 different positions, thus making voice recording easy and convenient. Moreover, it could also record in several formats such as the MP3 and LPCM at 44.1 kHz 16 bit format, while the maximum recording duration for this unit is 500 hours, which is greatly respectable.



Comes with multiple functions including a graphic equalizer plus a USB port to enable a flexible and smooth operating experience

Great quality digital voice recorder with two tri-element, built-in  swiveling microphones engineered to deliver state-of-the-art performance by recording MP3, linear PCM and high-quality recordings including live music, or voice recording when switched to mono

Voice-activated mode works well for hands-free recordings, complemented by smart noise filtering feature to catch optimum audio even in less-than-ideal recording situations

Two gigabytes of built-in memory that adequately accommodates more than three weeks of  basic quality recordings, augmentable by inserting a micro-SD card into the device to expand its capacity



Rechargeable batteries can last for approximately 19 hours, so extended recording sessions require that the charger and an AC outlet are standing by

Handy stand for this magnificent small recorder tilts in a single position


The Sony ICD-SX712 digital flash voice recorder is a handy digital voice recorder I can use every time it is needed. The product is useful enough in making my duty better and convenient.  This digital voice recorder can store up to 4 GB files. It has a very durable material.”  Thomas Stokes


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Olympus LS-7 Linear PCM voice recorder


Best digital voice recorder reviews

When it comes to choosing the best digital voice recorder nothing can surpass the functionalities and technological advancements of the Olympus (142670) LS-7 voice recorder, since it comes with a feature that stores a recorded 24 bit/96 kHz audio file in a linear PCM format, which relieves users from any potential problems concerning discrepancies or any other related issues. On top of that, it comes with a powerful memory capacity of 4GB, which is big enough to store a large amount of audio files and an additional expandable memory that can be utilized through its micro SD slot that comes with the unit.



Hand-held voice recorder of superior quality, able to produce digital recording that can give much larger recording devices a run for the money

Can very well be the answer to what is the best digital voice recorder thanks to its three microphones that include an omni-directional microphone that can be turned off as chosen plus two stereo microphones

Light-up screen with intuitive interface facilitates easy recording even when light conditions are not optimal, for covert recording operations

Intuitive controls are also easy to use, with a 4-way pad and eight buttons to navigate the different menus



The number of buttons may be too many for basic recording uses, but they do serve their purpose for more enhanced recording value

Onscreen settings and controls may require a steep learning curve to assimilate fully


We are required to have a voice recorder in school. I choose the Olympus LS-7 Linear PCM voice recorder as my partner. We use this in any conferences or even when we have lessons. I have the easy and comfortable feeling using the product because of its efficiency and precision.”  Mel Kennedy


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Sony ICD-PX312 Digital flash voice recorder


A top of the line model for the best digital voice recorder reviews is the Sony ICD-PX312 digital flash voice recorder, which is not only highly recommended in numerous reviews because of its 2GB memory that is built-in to the unit, but also due to its handy and compact design.  In addition, it allows recording in an MP3 format and comes with a hard-duty battery that lasts up to 72 hours. Definitely, the best choice you could make if you are in search for an efficient and sturdy flash voice recorder, capable of giving you the best of any voice recording need.



Able to provide plenty of recording time while cutting back on the noise to produce crisp recording without the interference

With recording options to enable a clean playback, which is something that students and journalists on the beat can really appreciate

Comes with a USB port and cable that enable convenient transferring of recordings to a PC, with five recording folders that can hold nearly 4,100 files

With brilliant Noise Cut Technology that produces clearer recording with reduced ambient noise to produce clearer recorded sound at playback, and voice-operated recording that records only when sound is at optimum levels to cut back on memory wastage



Does not ship with a supplied memory card for the highly-useful memory card slot, but such an item is easily available everywhere

Slider button on the side easily turns the device on/off, unlike push-button devices


I highly recommend the best rated Sony Digital flash voice recorder because it has proven very valuable for me as I try to become a successful journalist. The recordings are clear and the sound doesn’t get distorted. Actually, I received as a gift from my parents for Christmas, so I can’t really say to much about its price. What I do know is that it’s one of the most reliable digital voice recorders in 2019.”  Carol Bealer


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Olympus VN-8100PC digital voice recorder


When trying to track down the finest of the best digital voice recorder reviews on the internet, you could face a great difficulty, as there are a lot top rated products that claim the tops. However, the Olympus VN-8100PC 142600 digital voice recorder is a model with profound features that make it stand out of the rest. It is built-in with 2GB memory that is big enough to store various audio files and is designed to last 843 hours while recording, without losing anything from its top quality. The recorded audio could be stored, via a USB connection, on your desktop computers or notebooks allowing users to store any audio file at ease, while the big LCD screen display, completes the overall perfection offered by the model.



Deserves to be chosen as the top answer to what is the best digital voice recorder due to its long recording time of almost 40 percent more than other brands in the same category

Long battery life guarantees that no details are missed during recording, which is especially useful for transcriptionists, students and on-the-beat journalists who have loads of recordings to make

Great basic recording device with voice activation that allows recording only when voice is optimally audible, saving on battery life and memory storage

Adjustable font sizes on LCD display makes it easy to read what is shown



Device has no option for external expansion of memory

Compatible with rechargeable batteries although such are not provided


I always bring with me the Olympus VN-8100PC because I never know when I might use it to record something. The product has a large memory which is a good thing for me because I can store a lot of files. I got it for sale on Black Friday, so it was very affordable. Now, I know who makes the best digital voice recorders – definitely Olympus. ”  Robert Doyle


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RCA VR5340 digital voice recorder


If you are in search for the best digital voice recorder, the RCA VR5340 is just the device for you. It comes with a full-color display of 1.8 inches that gives access to its users so as to be able to navigate through its features. You could record almost any audio file you want without worrying of hassles and discrepancies, while the model’s 2GB memory opens all doors for recording of upper levels. What is more, users are provided with an 800 hour worry-free recording in the LP mode. Finally, it also comes with a build-in speaker and a microphone with auto recording voice-activated sensors taking the voice recording experience to other dimensions.



Hand-held digital recorder with 2 gigabytes of memory to enable recording time of up to 800 hours, really useful for  professionals and students who need to do much recording

1.8-inch TFT display makes easy and convenient tracking of photos, audio and other files for the user

Carries dual voice compression format that not only offers longer recording times but also helps in easy sharing of recording files via three levels of recording select: long play (LP), high quality (HQ) and standard play (SP)

Voice activated recorder provides 6 player folders , two selectable recording modes and editing options that include cut, append and insert



No filtering technology available for optimal voice recordings, but works well for average quality recordings

Software needs to be upgraded for better quality so users can truly appreciate this premium product


I recommend the RCA VR5340 with full color display for all people who are looking for a reliable digital voice recorder. I can record for hundreds of hours and what’s even better is that the audio quality is top class. Expert reviews were right to consider it one of highest rated digital voice recorders in 2019.”  Bart Marmolejo


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