Best Digital Pianos under $700


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The digital piano will prove to be a great alternative if you do not have the budget and space for a grand acoustic piano. In the rest of this article, some of the best digital pianos under $700 will be identified. All of the products that will be mentioned below are of high quality and can deliver superior performance, as proven by the people who have used them in the past.


Yamaha DGX640W Digital Piano


Among other things, this digital piano is known for the reproduction of realistic sounds, which make it superior compared to those that are manufactured by other brands. It comes with 88 Graded Hammer Standard Keyboard. The latter simply means that it is comparable to the conventional acoustic piano, in terms of the weight and feel of the keys. It makes sure that it is responsive, even when the touch is just very light.

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”I bought the Yamaha DGX640W Digital Piano in order for me to practice my abilities in piano. I never imagine that this piano will act like an original piano like in orchestra. I am also very much happy with the sound this digital piano produce. Everybody would love listening in its sounds. ”  Richard Gutierrez


Yamaha P105B Digital Piano


Yamaha is a brand that is often mentioned in the best digital pianos under $700 and this specific model is one of the best choices that you can possibly make. Like the earlier mentioned, it also has 88 Graded Hammer Standard Keyboard. Additionally, it has 128 polyphonic tones, making it possible to hear every note when you are playing. Lastly, it comes with a USB port that is built-in on the unit, making it an excellent choice with regards to connectivity.

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”One thing extraordinary about this piano is its USB port that allows it to do and engage in some connectivity. The product is extremely high in quality as well as in performance. It was equipped with good features that makes it better in producing tons and sounds. The product is delightfully great. ”  Julia S. Ray


Casio PX150 BK Digital Piano


The sound engine that is integrated in this model, which has been significantly improved compared to what can be seen from the previous models by Casio, make it excellent in terms of sound output. In addition, compared to its predecessors, it also has a higher memory. Another feature of this digital piano that is worth highlighting is the Damper Resonance Simulator. This allows the sound to be rich when the sustain pedal is being utilized when playing the instrument. More information you can find by reading the best Casio digital pianos reviews

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”The Casio PX150 BK Digital Piano is the one I bought since I am a novice user and piano player. I am very much willing to learn piano that’s why I really buy this one. I am very happy that this product is easy to use and to handle. It has the soft keys which let me go on my practice without experiencing any pain. ”  Fred Ried


Casio CDP120 Digital Piano


According to many reviews about the best digital pianos under $700, this specific model has proven to be a good choice because of its practical price, making it ideal even for those who are just learning to play the instrument. It has also been lauded for its plug and play functionality. You no longer need to deal with elaborate procedures before you can gain access to the files of the external storage device that you will connect to the unit.

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”If you are looking for an affordable digital piano but do not lack quality and features then you can have the Casio CDP120 Digital Piano. This unit is one of the bests in the Amazon market and will surely be the best in line for the ongoing years. It is easy to use especially on novice users. ”  Debra Pryor


Williams Allegro Overture Digital Piano


With 88 weighted digital keys, there is no need to exert too much effort when playing as they are sensitive even with the lightest touch. Additionally, the keys have the excellent ability to replicate the sounds that can be heard when an acoustic piano is being used. Many of the people who opted for this model have also expressed high level of satisfaction with the fact that it is ideal for those who are only beginning to master how the instrument is played. Nonetheless, it has a professional appearance that will make it look like you have been playing the piano for a long time already.

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”I am very much impressed with the style and fashion of the Williams Allegro Overture Digital Piano. This piano is different from other products in the market because it produces quality sounds that are good to hear and to listen to. I feel like I am a professional pianist when I am using this piano. ”  Larry Dillingham