Top rated Digital Pianos in 2019


Reading the best digital piano reviews will prove to be helpful for people who are on the lookout for a new musical instrument that will allow them to show their passion for music. In this article, I will note five of the best models in the market to help you reach a well-informed decision in choosing the best option in the product category.


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There are thousands of Americans that love playing digital pianos. This is probably why so many manufacturers release month after month great models. Still, purchasing a brand new digital piano takes time. It can be pretty challenging to identify an interactive piano given the multitude of products available on the market. Piano players and teachers need to invest in a reliable digital piano, capable of enhancing music creativity. If you are shopping for a brand new piano for your child there are a couple of specific features to take into account. Well, digital pianos are in high demand right now because they are cheap, light and portable. Electronic pianos offer amazing musical control during every song played. People can opt for 44-key Casio keyboards which handle very well when inspiration strikes.

Given the multitude of products available on the market we took the liberty of testing 30 of the most popular digital pianos in 2019. After 10 hours spent on each product in part, we were able to gather enough data for drafting the best digital piano reviews. Once you go through professional reviews you will know exactly what to look for in a new model. Properly informed you will be able to invest in a high quality digital piano designed to offer amazing musical experiences. Today’s music enthusiasts have the possibility of choosing between 44-key, 61-key or even 88-key keyboards. You need complete control over the musical creation. This is why you need a musical instrument that offers speaker set-ups, special inputs/outputs for enhanced compatibility with headphones, speakers or computers.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Available Colors Price Dimensions Bench Our Rating Where to buy

Casio PX850 Privia

Ebony, White, Brown $$$ 59 x 15 x 16 inch No A+ AMAZON

Yamaha YDP-V240

Brown $$$$ 57.8 x 24 x 20.5 inch Included A AMAZON

Casio AP420 Celviano

Brown $$$ 58.5 x 20.5 x 22.8 inch Included B+ AMAZON

Yamaha DGX640W

Walnut $$ 59 x 21.8 x 13.4 inch No A AMAZON

Yamaha DGX-530

Gray $$ 58.8 x 12.8 x 22.2 inch No B+ AMAZON


Choosing the best digital piano in 2019 ensures you will be able to control every moment of the song development. Some pianos include unique sounds which enhance musical creation. As a result you will be able to play songs like “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” with no problems whatsoever. A six year-old will be able to play the digital piano with minimal effort. Some pianos include amazing samples for more musical experiences like the orchestra vibe. Now, a great digital piano delivers full and rich sound with minimal distortion. Another important thing about digital pianos revolves around polyphony capacity. For instance you should know that a professional piano should include 128 or 256-note polyphony. These are the maximum polyphony that gives players the possibility to create superb songs.

How to find the best digital piano in 2019? Well, some of the most popular pianos incorporate sublime touch response systems. Some digital pianos should include high resistance during touch and precise internal hammers strike for accurate piano strings response. Now, good pianos should offer nuanced musical dynamics which promote musicians desire to play songs. In addition to a smooth and stylish appearance, high quality digital pianos should precisely imitate a real piano’s hammers. It is important to consider Casio and Yamaha digital pianos, loved by millions of players. These are top rated brands that people absolutely adore. With a great piano you will be able to create amazing sounds with each touch on the keyboard.



Casio PX850 Privia Digital Piano


If you are looking for a digital piano that can prove to be excellent when it comes to aesthetics, this is one model that I can suggest. It has a minimalist appearance that makes an elegant addition to any place at which it will be kept. The refined black finish is another thing that adds up to the elegance of this model. Aside from the looks of this piano, its sound quality has also been praised in various best digital piano reviews, making it one of the most outstanding choices in the market.



Impressive AiR sound set carries a rich variety of realistic features including sympathetic resonance and grand piano lid  simulation

Combines impressive new keyboard action and an awesome new sound engine for an impressive level of detail, expression and simulation subtleties

Produces grand piano sound by capitalizing on earlier generation memory multiplied three times to offer a more impressively natural piano tone

Redesigned and upscaled 88-note Tri-sensor scaled hammer action keyboard with ebony and ivory textured keys that offer a truly authentic feel



Speaker not as powerful as that of the Casio PX150, but the PX850 gives decent piano-like performance

Volume is extra powerful and needs to be controlled for optimized use


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Yamaha YDP-V240 Digital Piano


The Yamaha YDP-V240 is another model that has been cited in numerous best digital piano reviews because it is a common choice for musicians and for novice pianists who are looking forward in enhancing their ability to play the said instrument. This model has the Advanced Wave Memory, which is basically a feature that allows the superior reproduction of acoustics. In addition, it also has Performance Assistant Technology, which will provide you with a comprehensive guide to be assured that the right notes are pressed.



Main and Dual voices can be supplemented by 238 types of Digital Signal Processor (DSP) effects, to allow full enjoyment of an entire gamut of sound including reverb-like ambience

Product is set-up with 131 voices and 361 XG Lite voices, 12 percussion kits and 64-note polyphony for incredible richness of sound from just one unit

AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) sampling system amazingly captures the realism of an acoustic instrument by utilizing high-quality filter technology and digital recording

Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) Keyboard that has lower note keys to reflect a heavier touch and higher notes that respond to  lighter playing



Navigating through the menu may be a challenge but once mastered, becomes a journey of discovery

Keys made extra springy for balanced out responsiveness


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Casio AP420 Celviano Digital Piano


This is one model that I can recommend if you are looking for that genuine grand piano sound, as its sound resonates what can be delivered by the latter. Even if the design of this piano is traditional, its features are innovative and state-of-the-art, redefining how digital pianos are. Equipped with the tri-sensor spring-less 88-not scaled hammer action, as well as keyboards that are made from ivory, you will surely be able to end up being satisfied after you have finished playing with the use of this digital piano.



Refined to offer a more authentic acoustic or grand piano experience, with new stereo grand piano sounds and thoroughly upscaled Ivory-Touch keyboard

Spring-less tri-sensor 88-note scaled hammer action to capture every note and rest in a performance and reproduce everything for the ears to revel at

4-layer grand piano sound delivers a dynamic, articulate and authentic piano listening experience from a modern appliance

With 16 built-in tones and ability to layer two sounds or perform keyboard splitting with left-hand source of bass sound



Bench seat  is great addition despite the fact that it can’t be used for storage

Included stand for sheet music has no hinges but is truly functional


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Yamaha DGX640W Digital Piano


With the built-in recorder in this digital piano, you simply need to push a single button and start playing. After which, you can listen to it over and over and see what can be done in order to improve your skills with this instrument. This piano has the ability to produce realistic sounds. It also comes with music notation display, as well as an LCD screen, allowing users to enjoy the convenience of its use. If you are just starting to learn how to play, it has an assistance feature that will prove to be a great help.



Carries Yamaha’s exclusive Sweet and Cool voices for impressive acoustic piano sound, obtainable via the pitch bend wheel that also offers sax and trumpet sound delivery

Electronically amplified instrument sounds and acoustic variety in a full blend of stereo, long and multi-layered samples, all coming into play to offer actual vibrato, expression, resonance and presence of the specified instrument

Uses 237 kinds of digital signal processing-induced sounds that can be integrated with the main and dual voices to allow a full range of orchestra-like sound, making this the best digital piano under 1000

Easy Song Arranger feature enables multiple choices on the arrangement of songs, and tweaking of the melody voice and keyboard voice to bring about a remarkable image modification



As is common to digital pianos, unit is heavy to accommodate its many features


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Yamaha DGX-530 Digital Piano


One of the things that I like about this model of digital piano is its integration with Graded Hammer Standard Keyboard, which allows the product to sound like an authentic grand piano. This also makes the keys lightweight, making it easier to play. Another good feature of this piano is the Digital Signal Processor that is helpful in optimizing the processing ability of the piano for best sound output. You might also like the USB connection, allowing you to access files from an external storage device.



Considered one of the very first to capture the title best digital piano under 1000 , thanks to its easy-to-use panel and a wide array of piano-based features

Has 88 piano-style keys in ebony and ivory rendition, with Graded Soft Touch (GST) action and various levels of resistance

Stereo piano samples available at high resolution, with USB connectivity so user can record and play back MIDI files, transfer data to and from a PC

Carries  Lyric, Chord and Notation Display via a song score display based on internet-obtained source or from internal selections recorded



Screen can be a bit hard to read because of the diminutive size, made so to accommodate more features

Can be hard to tell which functions are switched on


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