Top rated digital distance measurers in 2019


Certain projects require accurate measurement in order for them to develop according to plan. This is why many turn to the digital distance measurers to have the correct distance measured perfectly, but like with any device there are better and worst models. One way to make sure you will get your hands on top measurers is to pay attention to what the best digital distance measurers reviews have to say. This way you will know the high-tech models from the ones which are not that impressive when it comes to features.


Bosch GLR225 Laser Distance Measurer


Best Digital Distance Measurers reviewsYou can’t get more accurate in your measurements than with the Bosch GLR225 which is very well reviewed by the top digital distance measurers reviews. The maximum range for it is 230 ft and it is 1/16 inch accurate. Measure various applications with its 7 different modes, allowing you to always deal with any work scenarios. The multi-surface area mode is its most impressive feature. The display is large enough to show you the numbers very clearly.

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Leica DISTO D2 Laser Distance Measurer


Purchasing the Leica DISTO D2 distance measurer will open a lot of doors for you when it comes to measuring different areas, quickly and accurately. The compact size means you can easily carry it with you in your pocket whenever you are going from one building site to the other. It is extremely easy to operate and with a simple push of a button you will immediately measure the area or volume of a certain application.

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Bosch DLR130K Digital Distance Measurer Kit


The Bosch DLR130K has been praised by the best digital distance measurers reviews because it has a complete set of features which make it extremely accurate and simple to use. This very affordable measurer has a range up to 130 feet and has 4 different measuring systems. One very appreciated feature by reviewers is the continuous length mode. The compact design means it will never leave your pocket wherever you go, having it always by your side for a quick measurement. Its versatility means it is ideal for curved cuts as well.

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Bosch GLM80 Li-Ion Laser Distance Measurer


Bosch is known for its high-quality products and the GLM80 laser distance measurer is no different. It is extremely accurate and also will run per one charge for a long time on its Li-Ion battery, even up 25,000 measurements to be more specific. With it you will also get a nice belt pouch for easy carrying capabilities. The display is illuminated in just the right way so anyone can see the values clearly, even in dark conditions. Also you should look forward to its 90 degree twin-axis tilt sensor, which can be activated by just the simple push of a button.

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DeWalt DW030P Laser Distance Measurer


The top quality to price ratio makes out of the DeWalt DW030P one of the best digital distance measurers in 2019. With it you will be able to measure distances to 100 feet within 1/8 inches of accuracy. The three different measuring options can be easily selected by just pushing a button. Even in the darkest conditions you will be able to see the readings clearly thanks to its green black-light display. The tool pouch is a bonus as well, letting you carry it easily with you everywhere.

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