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If you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to go through all the reviews of the best digital converter boxes that are now available on the market, you’re in the right place. We’ve collected a plethora of data in regards to this topic exactly and have looked at the owner feedback as well as the value offered for the price of thousands of units. What’s more, we’ve considered the social media activity, the sales figures, and what the expert review sites are saying about these models. After many months of research, we came to the conclusion that the product that stands out and is the best model for the money is the Zinwell ZAT-970A. The Zinwell is easy to set up and utilize and is remarkably versatile, as it even works for old TV. What’s more, the model has two connection options and a selectable aspect ratio. While it might not come with an HDMI input, it might be the right option for cable TV. If the Zinwell is unavailable or doesn’t fit your requirements, we suggest having a look at the Mediasonic HW-150PVR as it is the second best alternative by comparison with the previously mentioned one.



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Buynig Guide


In June 2009, Americans made the transition from analog to digital broadcasting. Those who purchased a television after March 1, 2007 were well prepared for the transition, but others had to purchase a digital converter box. With over 80 approved options, it may be quite difficult to determine which digital converter box is the best one for your needs. We’ve created this buying guide to help make your decision an easier one.

Determine your requirements

If you have cable or satellite services, you are among the individuals that do not require a digital converter box, regardless of how old your television is. This is also the case for those who have a television that is already equipped with a VHF or UHF antenna. If your TV is only equipped for analog and you wish to watch public programming, you will need a converter box.

If you live in a rural area, you will need a box that provides a stronger signal. There are also boxes that are designed specifically for individuals with disabilities who rely on closed captioning. The converter box receives closed caption signals and passes it through the television automatically. It also allows you to alter the way the captioning looks to create a better viewing experience.


Models you should consider

The SPICA At 2018 has been the highest rated digital converter box, due to its visual quality. With audio levels that balance between left and right outputs, it has proven to the best digital converter box for the money. Even though it may overstretch the visual image on new DVDs, it has proven to be the best box for audio and visual viewing of regular programming television. There are still many competitors that may be better suited for your viewing habits.

If your channels are weak, the Zinwell ZAT-970A may be the most reliable option for you. It offers a device that allows you to pick up stronger signals. There are a variety of boxes to choose from and each is designed to increase the quality of your current television. Purchasing a digital converter box is less expensive than buying a brand new television. With the right box, your old television can seem like new with more vibrant picture and sound quality.

When the digital switch initially took place, the government provided coupons for free converter boxes. While they are not very expensive and can range between $30 and $80, there are still ways to save on the price. Many stores offer amazing discounts for Christmas. You can also take advantage of incredible coupons and Black Friday deals.


Things to consider:

  • If you already use satellite or cable services, you will not need to spend money on a converter box
  • For those with disabilities, there are many boxes designed for closed captioning for the visually or hearing impaired
  • Even if you missed the opportunity to purchase your digital box when free coupons were given away, you can still save money with in store sales and discounts



Top rated digital converter boxes in 2017


Listed below are the models that we consider to be the best currently available. If you’re looking for such a device, you should take a look at our picks and see which one matches your personal needs and requirements.



Zinwell ZAT-970A


Best digital converter box reviewsThere many converter box models available on the market which can set the basis for a vibrant visual experience. According to recent user testimonials it seems that more and more people use the ZAT-970A Digital to Analog TV converter box from Zinwell. This media device can safely support analog pass through. Furthermore, the converter box can precisely convert digital TV signals and proper media support like multilingual feature, digital parental control and also a reliable remote control. The converter box has a frequency range of 57 to 803 MHz and special video and audio output connections. It weighs less than 1 pound and measures 175 x 135 x 33 millimeters.



For people trying to learn whats the best digital converter box we recommend the ZAT-970A from Zinwell, a model which can be used to set up analog television with digital programming, making cinematic experiences pretty special

Due to the RCA and RF connection, the device can be used to connect the television with the antenna and thus set the basis for a thriving digital entertainment

Measuring 175 x 135 x 33 millimeters and weighing less than 1 pound, the digital converter box incorporates RCA video and audio inputs, allowing people to enjoy clear pictures and clear audio experiences

ATSC compliant this advanced digital converter box comes equipped with RF channels that supports 69 channels and 18 ATSC broadcast formats, which makes it a complete entertainment source



Doesn’t have a HDMI port but compensates with HD/SD decoding supports

Comes with only 1 F-type connector


Buy from for ($39.99)





Mediasonic HW-150PVR


Discovering the best digital converter box in 2017 requires attention to details since there are so many products out there. It comes as no surprise to see so many Americans have in their homes installed the HW-150PVR ATSC Digital TV from Mediasonic. This high quality device converts digital broadcast to your analog TV. This device comes with useful parental control function which ensures children don’t access inappropriate content. It includes auto tuning and can stream 1080p high definition video content. Furthermore, the device offers USB multimedia playing capabilities for a more comprehensive video experience. The converter box also includes timing start up and also shut down.



As one of the top 10 digital converter box models out there, the HW-150PVR HomeWorx from Mediasonic is a product designed to easily convert digital broadcast to the TV’s analog transmission

Due to the intuitive interface this converter box offers users favorite channel list and an efficient parental control function, for optimal content management

Features real-time recording, 16:9 Pan G Scan and programmed time recording that allows users to safely manage video and audio files

The converter is fitted with HDMI 1080p output which transforms the television set into a source of entertainment



Doesn’t come with HDMI cable (this is an accessory sold separately)

Requires 2 “AAA” batteries in order to run (available for purchase)


Buy from for ($31.33)




Mediasonic HW180STB


It is important to invest in high quality converter box, designed to offer a meaningful video experience. A top rated digital converter box in 2017 was released by Mediasonic, the HW180STB HomeWorx. This powerful high definition digital converter box can safely convert over the air ATSC television signals to your home analog TV. Furthermore the converter streams video and audio capabilities to digital TV, computer monitor and also projector. Due to the smooth HDMI output, the converter box safely support max resolution up to 1080p. As a result, the viewing experience will be in high definition, making movies and TV-shows breathtaking experiences.



The new product from Mediasonic, HW180STB HomeWorx digital device can be used to precisely convert ATSC broadcast to Digital and Analog TV, helping people create an entertaining home source

Incorporates an advanced USB multimedia player which anyone can use in order to play movies, TV shows or view photos

Due to the advanced system this digital converter easily supports MPEG-1 I and II, MPEG-2/4, Dolby digital audio or H.264/AVC, setting the basis for a thriving visual experience

The unit offers access to parental control function, favorite channel list which makes it easier for people to control content (audio and video)



Does not come with batteries (these power sources are sold separately)

Initial installation is needed but the user guide offers proper assistance


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A good converter box can significantly improve a person’s ability to enjoy different analog programs. Most of the current best digital converter box reviews underline the efficiency of IVIEW Multi-function device. This powerful multimedia device can precisely convert digital broadcast to analog television. Installing this device in any home ensures proper visual quality during various movies and TV shows played. Furthermore the converter box incorporates HDMI output and delivers QAM capabilities. The converter box incorporates advanced parental control function and also supports media function, letting people play music and movies. This converter box can also play files from HDD and USB flash memory!



As the best rated digital converter box from IVIEW, the 3500STBII multi-function model can be used to easily convert digital broadcast to analog based TVs, helping users enjoy without restrictions a long list of digital channels

Due to the interactive electronic program guide (EPG), anyone can control transition from one channel to another

Features auto tuning which sets optimal digital broadcast with minimal interference, letting people enjoy vivid and rich colors during each video played

This powerful digital converter box features a signal quality indicator which displays the strength of data reception, letting users know exactly the state of the transmission



Some users consider the programming interface a bit confusing


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HomeWorx HW100STB


The best digital converter box in 2017 can set the basics for a sublime viewing experience. It is pretty frustrating narrowing regular searches down to a single one given the multitude of products out there. Now, thousands of people use with confidence the HW100STB ATSC Digital converter box from HomeWorx. This powerful device can convert digital broadcast to any analog TV. Furthermore the converter box features electronic program guide and also full program information. This advanced media device incorporates favorite channel list and also parental controls especially if there’s a child in the family. Due to the stylish design, this box can be placed in any room.



Regarded by many as the best digital convertor box under $100 from HomeWorx, the HW100STB unit converts without problems digital broadcast to analog TV, helping users enjoy a complete home entertainment source

Features detailed program information and EPG which helps people manage faster content information

Offers useful functions like parental control and favorite channel list which gives people the chance to set boundaries when it comes to video access

Even though by price standards a cheap product, this digital converter is fitted with Emergency Alert System that safely displays emergency info from specific emergency stations



Some installation is needed but the instruction manual helps out a lot


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eXuby X3200H

1.eXuby X3200H (B0155O80IE)

Many converter box units claim to do a lot of things. The eXuby X3200H is among the most versatile models we’ve come across during our entire research. The product can be utilized with a variety of devices you might have around the house, which may range from projectors to HDTVs. What’s more, its resolution can be customized.




The eXuby comes with three types of outputs: HDMI, RCA, and coaxial. Therefore, users have the freedom to make it work with various types of devices.

A unique feature of this option is the RECORD/PAUSE mode, which can be activated by pushing a button. If, for instance, the person watching a program on TV has to go to the bathroom but he or she does not want to miss any minute of the show, using the RECORD mode can be of help.

Recording TV shows has never been easier, as the eXuby has a unique Schedule mode.

The resolution of this model can be adjusted and set according to the owner’s preferences. Choose between 1080p, 1080i, 720p and even 565p.

Buyers can get it for the best price on the market as it’s among the top rated digital converter box models under $30.



Can’t be used with old TV sets.

The interface takes a little time to get used to.


Buy from for ($35.97)