Top rated digital cameras reviews


Photography could be a hobby, a passionate impulse to express emotions by picturing life in all its fullness or capturing most of our time in everlasting images. It is difficult to say that a photographer is not talented. This form of art is so accessible for so many people that it will never run out of ideas or forms of expression. How to start working on professional photography? First you need a camera. More than 70 reviews and testimonials have revealed the best digital camera 2018. Take a quick look at 5 of the most sought after models!


Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital SLR Camera


Best digital camera 2018Once you have embarked on the journey of artistic photography with this Canon EOS, there will be no turning back. Ranked as the best digital camera 2018, it perfectly fits your hand and it captures details we usually do not see with our own eyes. Although the price is quite steep, the variety of settings and features are well worth it. All these high tech options will allow you to take better and better pictures as you become more experienced in the art of photography.

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Nikon D3300 Digital SLR


With all its advanced features, zooming capabilities and auto adjustments that capture the best possible light, this digital camera will surely upgrade your photo sessions and make you seriously think of photography as a part time job. One of the best digital cameras 2018, the Nikon D3300 Digital SLR is able to produce high resolution pictures with vivid colors and no undesired „rainbow effects” or blurry shapes. Don’t be fooled by its cover, because Nikon cameras are very light, portable and easily fit into small sized bags.

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Nikon COOLPIX L830 Digital Camera


Youngsters are very fond of the COOLPIX range from Nikon. Day or night, at school or in the park, at family reunions or at home, the Nikon COOLPIX Camera is all about delivering fast and precise photos. There is no fuss about finding the perfect light or framing the perfect picture. It’s all about capturing the moment and saving it forever. There is a wide variety of settings will help beginners get accustomed to the functions of the device and the user manual will provide lots of useful tips for improving your shooting. All these features have made this model is one the best digital camera 2016.

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Canon PowerShot SX170 Digital Camera


If you are a Canon fan but you find most of their products a little too expensive for your budget, here is the solution! Affordable, smart and fast, it can take high quality pictures and record excellent videos.The optical zoom, although not as powerful as on other devices, does its job brilliantly while the 720p HD Video resolution is enough for most people’s needs. Why not enjoy the well known attributes of a famous brand and have all the right features along with it?

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Samsung NX1100 Smart Wi-Fi Digital Camera


A compact model that fits even the tiniest purse or pocket, the Samsung NX1100 boasts a sophisticated white silver design that will appeal to almost anyone. It runs the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Software, a brilliant operating platform that is Wi-Fi compatible and allows for easy sharing.Perfect for vacations, this model is easy to carry around while hiking and perfectly able to survive moderate shocks. The 20.3 resolution and the 20 – 50 mm lens will allow you to capture wide angle scenes as well as minute details.

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