If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best diaper bags money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best diaper bags on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the Skip Hop Versa is the best diaper bag for sale because it is functional and stylish. It comes with plenty of pockets so you can keep everything organized, including two that are insulated for bottles. The center compartment can be expanded so you can fit everything inside, and there is even a pocket designed just for your cell phone. The bag is constructed from a lightweight and durable material that is free from harmful chemicals, which also includes the changing pad. If the Skip Hop Versa is out of stock in your area you could consider the Diaper Dude Messenger as it is the second best option.



Comparison Table


Product Available Colors Price Gender Fabric Our Rating Where to buy

Skip Hop Versa

Black, Bronze and more $$$ Unisex Polyester A+ AMAZON

Diaper Dude

Black, Navy and many more $$$ Unisex Nylon A AMAZON

Fisher-Price Fastfinder Deluxe Fashion

Brown Nylon $$ Unisex Fabric B+ AMAZON

JJ Cole Satchel

Stone Arbor and more $$$ Women Fabric B AMAZON

Carter’s Carters Zip Front Fashion

Black $$ Unisex Polyester B AMAZON



A buying guide


Having baby is the most exciting time of anyone’s life. It brings you laughter and comfort and has you gaze upon life from a different perspective. But having a baby is also much responsibility and a lot of hard work to keep them fed, happy, healthy and… clean. Reading more than 50 reviews, I got to see which the best diaper bags 2020 are. It seems like all diaper bags must have enough space to carry your baby’s stuff around, be made of good fabrics and also be nice to look at.





Any woman who has had a child knows how important it is to have a well-stocked diaper bag on her at all times; whether you are braving the crowds of people looking for Black Friday deals or you are meeting someone for lunch. These bags can hold everything from extra bottles and diapers, to toys, extra clothes, and even blankets. With so many different options of bags on the market, you may be a little overwhelmed when you are trying to decide which diaper bag is the best. We have put together this guide to help you sort through the hundreds of bags available on the market and narrowed down key features that we feel makes a bag stand out from the rest.

Many diaper bags can be found with some cutesy, gender specific theme. While this is fine, you may want to consider a gender-neutral bag that can be used well after the child is older. By choosing a bag that is gender neutral and in a solid color, you are able to extend the life of the bag by using it as a travel bag, a gym bag, or even an overnight bag. Of course, the aesthetics is personal preference.


Sufficient storage space

The main purpose of a new diaper bag is to have enough room to fit everything you will need to keep your baby happy while on an outing. The bag should have plenty of pockets, compartments, and pouches to hold diapers, wipes, changing pads, clothes, and of course bottles and toys. The inside of the bag should be able to hold all of these things in a neat and organized manner so that you are not stressing out trying to find something in the bottom of the bag while your child is screaming.

We realize that many moms do not want to carry a separate purse for her own items. If this is important to you, you may want to find a bag with a little extra room for your own things like cell phone, keys, and wallet.

Since you will be carrying the bag for any length of time, you will want to make sure the bag is comfortable for you to carry. The most popular bags are lightweight and often weigh less than two pounds. To add extra comfort while carrying the bag, you will want to find a bag that has a padded shoulder strap that will help reduce the stress on your shoulder.

While many people think zippers are cumbersome, in fact, they are much more secure for diaper bags. You can always be certain that items in zippered compartments will always stay in their designated areas if the bag tips over. A bag with Velcro enclosures often have large areas that are open, and if the bag is used a lot, the Velcro can wear out and not close properly. Moreover, there is no quiet way to open Velcro, which could be a problem if your baby is asleep.

Even though you may be on a budget, you can find good quality but affordable diaper bags, some impressive bags cost well below $100. If you cannot find a bag you like, you can always ask loved ones to get you a bag for Christmas. No matter how you obtain your baby’s diaper bag, you will want to keep the key features presented in mind.


Things to consider:

  • How long do you plan to use the bag? If you intend on using it when the baby is older, you may want to get a gender-neutral bag that will grow with the child.
  • Storage is everything! Make sure the bag has enough compartments to carry everything you and your baby may need.
  • Make sure the bag is comfortable and lightweight.
  • Choose a bag that has little to no Velcro closures. Opt for zippered bags.




Top rated diaper bags in 2020


Read our reviews of the most popular models and find out what are their advantages and disadvantages. Armed with this information, you will undoubtedly find just the right bag for your needs and budget.





Skip Hop Versa


The best diaper bag 2016 merges all good features of any stylish mother: leather looking fabric, comfortable for wearing on your shoulder, eleven pockets and stylish zip top closure, this bag has all it takes and even more: the expandable center makes the bag 20% larger. You can chose from multiple trends and designs, but most certainly you will have a bag that allows you to have everything in place for your little baby. This large bag is also waterproof and keeps your baby’s entire items safe, in case of anything.



Two roomy insulated front pockets can be used to store baby’s essentials including baby bottles, food and sippy cups, for all-around carrying convenience

Pockets number nine in all, allowing easy organization of toys, diapers, clothes and dad’s personal items too while keeping everything dry and safe

Zipper located down the center opens up 20% more storage space, giving the bag a larger size thanks to expandability potential

Hangs neatly on a stroller or can be worn over the shoulder, with slip-proof straps that fit neatly onto a stroller, and comes with a cushioned changing pad



Can be hard to clean

Straps not made for fashionable carrying, don’t go well with such a stylish bag


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Diaper Dude


Why can’t a father enjoy a good walk with his baby? It is not like moms have to be 24 / 7 around the baby. One of the best diaper bags 2020, this one has gained popularity among men and has been the favorite pick for Father’s Day Gift of Baby Showers. Designed for men only, this bag has a robust shape and a large amount of pockets. Made of nylon, this bag will go across the chest of any responsible dad who looks after his little ones.



Hip and economical bag specially made for on-the-go dads who want to share the responsibilities of bringing baby up with mom, making this bag one of the best diaper bags for dads 2020

Lightweight bag at 1.6 pounds with simple styling and of durable polyester material that keeps the bag in tiptop shape and makes it easy to clean

Compartmentalized design enables easy organization of many baby essentials for a day out with baby, including zippered closures, cell-phone case, and adjustable messenger strap with clip that enables easy on and off

Includes extra padding for even more comfort, plus a large changing pad to keep baby fresh and clean when out with dad on a lovely day



Not designed with super roominess but serves its function well


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Fisher-Price Fastfinder Deluxe Fashion Tote


Suitable for men and women, this bag has good pockets for bottles, removable pockets for pacifier and cushioned changing pad. The resistant fabric will have your clean this bag in an instant. Remain stress-free, for this bag has all it takes to deposit your baby’s stuff in a very organized manner that will not have you looking for the pacifier. Besides, the diaper side-pocket is an excellent feature that makes this bag so popular among young mothers and fathers altogether.



Pockets are individually marked to indicate where everything goes, including a removable pocket for pacifiers, another pocket for diapers, and an insulated pocket for feeding bottles

With four plastic feet to keep the bottom of the bag clean and to hold the entire bag upright for when dad has to put the bag down temporarily

Included in hundreds of best diaper bags for dads reviews thanks to easy grab handles that dads on the go will not find anything to complain about

Has a compartment to hold baby wipes, made for a long day on the go with baby, with strong and sturdy construction and stylish comfort



Can be bulky or heavy as it has numerous pockets that can be filled with lots of baby’s essentials

Wipes organizer secures shut or not at all, which can leave wipes dry


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JJ Cole Satchel


Best Diaper Bags 2020All your baby’s necessities are going to fit in this is the best diaper bag 2020. Wide and deep this bag gets all of your stuff in order and doesn’t keep your hand inside searching for something for too long: 7 exterior pockets, 4 interior pockets and one bottle pocket are all it takes to have a good bag.  Made of quality fabrics, colorful and nice looking. Designed for women but easily attachable to strollers, this bag is easy to clean and suitable for long term usage.



Large interior with four compartmentalized pockets to allow easy organization of contents that are put inside the bag, which also enables easy finding and retrieval

Seven zippered pockets on the outside can be used for easy on-the-go access, plus outside pockets that can be filled with more essential items when baby goes on quick trips with dad

Durable canvas fabric used in the bag’s construction is easy to clean and is made to be strong and tough for reliable performance as baby grows

Can be attached to a stroller using the supplied non-skid stroller attachments, or carried as a tote using the two handles, with vibrant and rich-colored prints



Can be bulky when pockets are all filled up

Does not have a zipped external pocket, which is just a matter of preference


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Carter’s Carters Zip Front Fashion Tote


This diaper bag has multiple storage areas and elegant zipped pockets, is easy to wear around and has all of your baby’s items perfectly organized. However, this bag gains a big plus among mothers who wish to have one all day long bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag. The good fabric will have this bag suitable for any kind of weather and easy to clean. The curb shaped design keeps it from falling off your shoulder and has a good balance of the stuff so that you don’t feel impoverished and experience back pains.



Top zipper opens right into a roomy main compartment with several other storage compartments inside, including 2 bottle holders and one zippered pocket

Bag’s lining is of black-and-white printed nylon material, and bag comes with a coordinated print diaper changing pad and a pouch for dirty duds

Front zipper adds more storage capacity and easier organization of baby’s most common essentials, plus some more space for mom’s own essentials such as a water bottle or a mobile phone

Attractive shape and design does not call attention to the bag as a true-blue diaper bag, with clips provided for stroller attachment



Straps can slip easily off the shoulder, but not a huge issue considering the bag’s features


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