Top rated diaper bags in 2018


The first thing a mother needs after her child’s birth is to feel elegant and in fashion as soon as possible. This happens because of their perception regarding the pregnancy. Immediately after their babies come into the world, they start buying products to recover their self-confidence. On the list there is the diaper bag, which is compulsory in their long walks with the buggy. The list below is made according to the best diaper bag reviews which mention the most purchased accessories by mothers.


Kate Spade Classic Baby Bag


Best diaper bag reviewsWhen it comes to buying bags, most of the people will look for quality, but also for fashion. We need to have a classy bag, made from a durable material and roomy. This product meets all the requirements, because it contains cotton canvas and it has a cowhide leather trim in the middle. It has a very practical zip top closure and its interior is very spacious. We have a place for our cell phones and multi-function pockets, because it is well-known that women have a lot of things to carry. The reviews state that this is the best diaper bag in 2018, because this product was mentioned among the top rated diaper bag reviews.

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LeSportsac Ryan Baby Diaper Bag


Even though LeSportsac Ryanis not the best diaper bag in 2018, it is still considered the cutest and the most practical on the website. The classic style definitely won the customers’ hearts and trust. Although some models are very colorful, men will not feel very uncomfortable carrying it, because this is a unisex bag. Also, it is made of nylon, so it can be easily washed. It contains a lot of inside pockets for all sorts of things that you must carry. The strap is adjustable and it is wrapped inside, so it won’t bother you while you walk.

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Diaper Dude Bag


Finally a bag that is perfect for a proud dad. This product was specially designed for male customers, but it is great for women too. It is made of nylon and it is ergonomic. It can be worn across the chest, which will make it easier to carry and, most importantly it is extremely wide. This space can be used by moms who want to fill it with diapers, feeding bottles, lotions and personal things without using other extra bags or the baby’s buggy. All in all, it is perfect for a baby shower gift.

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JJ Cole Satchel Diaper Bag


Although it comes only in one model, this product is very simple and practical. Many mothers have mentioned it in their best diaper bag reviews, due to its plainness and quality. Exactly like all the bags described above, it also contains a lot of space for the baby’s necessities and it has a lot of carrying options. Customers that purchased it declared themselves very content with this acquisition, because it is a very durable bag. They stated it is also wide and deep, without being a burden to carry in the long walks with the baby.

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Skip Hop Duo Diaper Bag


The skip hop duo model is one of the cutest accessories for women from the website and meets all the suggestions received from the clients. It is very compact, but not too artless. This is a safer bag for cell phones, cameras or other perishable things that might break near a bottle of water or tea. The eleven pockets make this combination possible, because it keeps your items safe. It can be easily carried due to the shoulder strap and can be attached to the buggy while walking. All in all, you can carry everything you need without worrying something might break.

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Valandres Baby Diaper Bag


If you are searching for a roomy diaper bag, we recommend that you consider the Valandres alternative. This model has no less than 14 pockets, out of which one is 100% insulated. Also, three of these pockets can be used to store all the items you might need to change your baby’s diaper, no matter where you are.

Additionally, this bag comes provided with an antibacterial pacifier pod and a special pacifier clip that you might find quite feasible while on the go. As a plus, the product has universal stroller straps, so that you won’t have to worry about its practicality.

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Valandres Backpack Diaper


Another product that is worth your time and money is the Backpack Diaper, sold by the same manufacturer, Valandres. This model comes provided with plenty of features that you might find useful such as three pocketed changing pads where you can place the diapers and two insulated pockets.

The model is highly appreciated because of its easy to carry design, and it is often chosen by those moms that find bags somewhat impractical. When shipped, this backpack also contains convenient stroller straps. The product is constructed of sturdy, reliable materials, and that is why this unit is very durable.

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Valandres Baby Towel for Bath


If you are looking for a cute baby towel for your baby that comes with a little bag check this model out. The product measures 30’x30,’ and it is said to be very comfy and cool looking. In fact, this is not just an ordinary towel, but a hooded towel that is extra absorbent (three times faster than standard cotton towels).

The material used in making the product is organic bamboo, a type of fabric that known for having antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. What is more, this towel is perfect if your baby has sensitive skin.

Lastly, previous buyers have said that this is the perfect baby shower gift you could purchase!

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