How to Choose the Best Dial Caliper


To measure the distance between two points on a single object, you will need to have one of the products in the best dial caliper reviews handy. Although the dial caliper is a simple device, buyers still need to know what key features to search for when doing product comparisons. This ensures a really good buy plus optimum functionality.

Best Dial Caliper


The anvils of the products in the best dial caliper reviews can be made of either carbide or hardened steel. Carbide proves to be resilient in abrasive settings and offers lasting durability. With proper care, steel can last for years and is not likely to corrode or chip.

The frame may be insulated or naked. For insulation from body heat and for measuring tight tolerances, plastic pads on the frame are a nice feature. However, in the absence of plastic pads, you can hold a dial caliper in a shop cloth or other material.

While plenty of premium quality units boast high carbon steel frames and thimbles, the other models can have plated or stainless components. Chrome-plated thimbles and plated or painted frames should boast fine application to ensure lasting use.

The dial mechanism can be solid, friction or ratchet type to ensure application of the same pressure for every measurement. A convertible solid/friction mechanism offers a choice between a solid feel and a friction thimble. A ratchet type component can provide a degree of impact wrench effect that can be discernible in 0.0001 differences.



The screw and screw adjustment mechanism should not feel squishy and inexact as it nears the zero point. A good unit offers a solid and definite feel as it closes to zero. Remember though, that an overtightened caliper can distort the frame.

European-style calipers are wider spaced compared to US-style units. A cheap 0.0001 reading caliper can cause wrong measurements, while the best dial caliper 2016 can read to a couple tenths if it’s a 0.001 unit. Electronic calipers can read to 0.00005 and boast to be accurate to 0.0001. Some premium mechanical digital models read directly to 0.001 and with a vernier to 0.0001. Ultimately, it is the quality more than a 0.0001 reading that is more important.


Useful Features

The top rated dial calipers 2018 can help you handle 1/64th-inch conversions easily via a chromed frame that features a carefully engraved and readable conversion chart.

Premium digital calipers have an easy-to-read display, instant metric/US conversion and a variety of electronic features such as over-under reading. The circuit board and battery case should not appear of inferior quality, and the mechanical actions shouldn’t feel less precise.

The standard advancing rate of conventional dial calipers is 0.025 for every turn. Aside from conventional units, buyers can also choose from rapid-set, non-rotating spindle, digital electronic or mechanical-digital operation. Some models have an integrated speeder on the end. This small diameter knob allows you to run the thimble against your palm to speed things up without causing undue wear to the threads.

A spindle lock helps keep track of a measurement and locks the spindle for small lot gauging. This may be of the lever type or the locking ring type.

The important thing is to find a product that feels right in your hands and can handle your style of work while being kind to your eyes. Light weight, clearly marked graduations, stability and ease of adjustments are also principal features.


Top Rated Dial Calipers in 2018


Doing precision measurements of objects is made easier and more accurate when you have a dial caliper handy. The market has plenty of products to choose from so it’s up to you to arm yourself with ample knowledge before heading out to the shops. Some bestselling products are described below that should make pretty good buys.


Neiko 01407A


1.Neiko 01407ADesigned for people who require exact measuring, the Neiko 01407A enables you to read measurements accurately. This tool boasts easy operation and uses a single button to switch between inches and millimeters. It features a hardened stainless steel shaft with precision ground jaws and a depth measurement probe. It offers a resolution of 0.01mm/0.0005 inch, with accuracy up to 0.02mm/0.001 inch. The large LCD display allows easy readings.

You can take measurements ranging from 0 to 6 inches most accurately with this device. It converts easily from Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) scale to metric, with the ability to zero the display at any point on the slide.

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Mitutoyo 505-675-56


2.Mitutoyo 505-675-56The Mitutoyo 505-675-56 is made of quality stainless steel to ensure durability. It boasts a maximum range from 0 to 6 inches so you can get exact measurements of distances between two points on a single object. The dial allows vernier scale measurements to ensure effortless reading. This tool boasts a hardened stainless steel construction to keep the caliper components protected in all settings. The four-way measurement capability enables the device to measure outside and inside dimensions (OD and ID) as well as to take depth and step measurements.

The titanium nitride coating on the beam surfaces ensures resistance to wear of the vital measuring components. This device offers an inch system of measurement for high precision readings.

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Fowler 72-008-706


3.Fowler 72-008-706The Fowler 72-008-706 offers a range of up to 6 inches and a light weight of just 12 ounces. Made of stainless steel, the shockproof tool can be used in settings that require exact measurements. The body is finished exceptionally well. Resetting to zero is a painless process. The Fowler 72-008-706 has a bezel lock that delivers a secure and positive clamp. The graduation marks are all cleanly cut and effortless to read. The black numbers and graduation marks of the dial are also easy to read. According to users, the tool feels heavy enough in the hand to give you confidence in grip.

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Anytime Tools AT203185


4.Anytime ToolsThe Anytime Tools Dial Caliper features a dual reading scale, with the dial face reading in both metric (red) and inch (black). This tool is made of hardened stainless steel throughout. It can take inside, outside, step and depth readings. The raised sliding surface prevents wear and defacement of the graduations, so you can take exact measurements for years. The graduations are in 0.001inch/0.02mm. The Anytime Tools Dial Caliper has a range up to 150mm or 6 inches. It is equipped with a covered, stainless steel rack to ensure protection to the vital measuring components.

This tool boasts a silk-smooth slide action without any binding for easy operations.

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Shop Fox D3208


5.Shop Fox D3208The Shop Fox D3208 Fractional Dial Caliper features a precision stainless steel construction that ensures dependable tool use for years to come. This device takes inside and outside measurements in fractional and decimal scales for reliable versatility. The dial reads in 64ths inch and 0.01 inch for reliable accuracy. The tool has a maximum 6-inch capacity and combines metalworking precision with a fractional scale that proves to be useful for woodworkers. It is ideal for measuring board thickness.

Lightweight at just 12 ounces, the Shop Fox D3208 Fractional dial caliper dial gauge fractions are accurate and also easy to read.

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