Top rated cordless hammers drills from DeWalt


For your DIY and carpentry tasks, the best cordless hammer drill reviews have identified some of the best choices that can be taken into account, including the five models from Dewalt that will be noted below. The succeeding paragraphs will provide you with more information on why these products are amongst the most ideal choices in the marketplace.


Dewalt Bare-Tool DCD950B Hammer Drill


Best Dewalt Cordless Hammer Drills ReviewsOne of the best things that you will enjoy with this product is the incorporation of LED work light, which makes it easier to work even in poorly lit area because of having proper illumination. More so, many of the best Dewalt cordless hammer drills reviews have also highlighted its 3-speed all-metal transmission, which is a patented technology from the manufacturer. With this, users can expect a higher level of reliability and superior performance.

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“All the features that I needed from a hammer drill I found in the DeWalt DCD950B. It works at three different speeds thanks to the very reliable transmission. The LED light it has is also a very helpful thing to have when the natural light is not enough to continue working.” – John Richards


Dewalt DC725KA Hammer Drill


This product is known for its compact size, making it ideal if you anticipate to be working in smaller areas or tight spaces. It is also designed with LED work light, which will provide you with the guarantee that the right level of visibility will be provided for a better work area. Aside from the work light, it is also lauded because of its convenient design that makes it a snap to use this unit, and most importantly, being helpful in the reduction of the likelihood that user fatigue will be experienced.

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“I recommend buying this hammer drill from DeWalt because I have it for myself and all the jobs I did with it turned out just great. The 410 W maximum power ensures that it can go through even the hardest materials with ease and fast.” – Mike Jorey


Dewalt DCD985L2 Hammer Drill


In the evaluation of all the available options within the product category, one of the most important features that should be looked upon would be the motor that runs the unit. In this case, this unit will prove to be a good option as it has a motor that can deliver 450 watts of power, providing you with the reliability that is needed for the job. This motor is also the main reason on why it can be used easily and without taking forever for you to be done.

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“Reading reviews about this model, I came to find that it was among the best money could buy and the set of features it had made it a force to be reckoned with in the hammer drill market. So far for me it works in an excellent manner, going through any material like knife through butter.” – Thomas Lewis


Dewalt Bare-Tool DCD775B Hammer Drill


This unit has been commended in many best Dewalt cordless hammer drills reviews because of being lightweight. It only weighs 3.1 pounds, making it easy to hold and able to minimize the discomfort that is being experienced by users. It has a dual speed range, allowing you to choose how you want the drill to run depending on the job that you need to complete. Lastly, it is made from materials of exceptional quality that help in making it good when it comes to durability.

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“I needed an affordable hammer drill to have in my power tool collection and the Dewalt DCD775B was the perfect candidate. In every occasion I have worked with it this drill has performed admirably and this is why I recommend it to others.” – Alex Beatty     


Dewalt DCD950KX Hammer Drill Kit


Among other things, the XRP Extended-Life Battery System is one of the things that make this cordless hammer drill worth of being taken into account. This is a trademarked innovative feature that is beneficial with regard to being able to extend the battery life, and hence, the functionality of the unit. It is also designed with well-balanced and ergonomic grip that provides an assurance that drilling will be more consistent and that you will be comfortable throughout the period that it is used.

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“Getting this drill, driver and hammer drill kit was a really good idea from my part. Now I’m covered for a lot of work situations and also the quality of my work has really gone up. Actually this kit is not that expensive and many of you might think.” – Robert  Shelvey