Top Features to Consider When Buying a Desktop Publishing:


Desktop publishing programs may not have the same features as professional programs, but they do offer plenty of guides to help complete any project. The best rated desktop publishing software is designed to create simple publishing projects. These could be newsletters advertising the neighborhood book club, flyers for a function at the local elementary school, or even a new menu for a small family owned restaurant. For these simple tasks, why spend hundreds of dollars on a design firm when you can do it yourself? Now you may be wondering what desktop publishing software is the best to use for these types of projects. There are so many great programs available, we cannot tell you who makes the best. We can offer you useful information that will help you make the decision for yourself.


Layout and Publishing Tools

Even if you are not going to use these tools every time you will be working on a project, some tools will always be invaluable for the right job. For example, a master page will let you define pictures and text that will be on every page of a publication. Therefore, if you are creating a small pamphlet, you may want the logo and the name of the publication on each page. Customized guidelines let you snap lines to any spot on the page. This makes it easy to align the different components on the page. Smart snapping automatically changes the height or width of an object you want to resize to match the existing dimensions on the page. CMYK optimization is a feature that only the best desktop publishing software of 2021 programs will have. CMYK is the color format used by ink printers and when the program converts the RGB colors to the CMYK, you will have better quality printing.


Graphic Design

Even if you are not a skilled graphic designer, with one of the highest rated desktop publishing software at your disposal, you will be able to create simple changes to images. These changes can be as simplistic as replacing a solid color with a gradient or altering a logo for your business. Many of these programs also have photo correction tools that allow you to smooth blemish or correct color problems.



Most people are aware that it takes more than beautiful images and easy to follow layouts to create a publication that is pleasing to the eye. Typography is as important as these other elements. The new software that you install will help you to create tables and charts, grant you the ability to control text reflow, and even install new fonts onto your computer.


Whether you are creating a home business or you are just running the PTA at your child’s school, desktop publishing software can be a fast and easy way to create beautiful projects. When you are reading the best desktop publishing software reviews, take note of which features the reviewers enjoy and which they felt were not so good. These reviews will help you in the decision making process.


Things to consider:

  • Look for a program that has comprehensive layout and publishing tools—as they can make or break your publication.
  • Choose a program that gives you the ability to manipulate graphics to some degree.
  • The program you choose should give you the ability to alter the font and the text of the publication.


Top rated Desktop Publishing in 2021


When you are looking for a program to make your publications more interesting than the typical Word document, you may want to consider reading the best desktop publishing software reviews to get an idea what others are using. The reviews can highlight the pros and cons of these programs and let you know which programs have the best features for the money.


Microsoft Publisher 2013


Best Desktop Publishing Software ReviewsAs one of the best desktop publishing software of 2021, the Microsoft Publisher program allows you to create dynamic publications with very little effort. All that has to be done is insert and customize prebuilt blocks of content. Here, you can choose from a library of page components such as sidebars, calendars, borders, advertisements and more. Then you can use the professional-quality effects to liven up text, shapes and images. You can search through your online albums on Facebook, Flickr and other services to add pictures directly to the publication.

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Serif PagePlus X6


This publishing software has everything you need to create professional-quality publications without needing experience to do it. There are themed graphic packs and pre-made logos that can simplify the process of scratch designing. If you need an eye-catching flyer and a matching, beautifully put together slide show, every component you may need is within your grasp with this program. The interactive “how to” guides help you every step of the way without feeling getting in the way. There are also video guides and written tutorials to help you through the creative process.

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Easy Flyer Creator 2.0


The Easy Flyer Creator software helps you create beautiful flyers, brochures, pamphlets, certificates and much more with the help of pre-made templates. You can save both time and money by choosing one of these templates rather than going to a design firm. You can upgrade the program free of charge from the Windows Store App. When you decide to upgrade, you will gain access to hundreds of professional quality templates, which you customize to suit your needs.

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PrintMaster 18.1


With the PrintMaster 18.1, you have the ability to create beautiful publications and projects with the help of the extensive template library. The template library has something for every occasion and it features thousands of premium images, fonts, sentiments, and more. If you are not satisfied with the selection provided with the program, you can find images and templates online through their website (registration is required). The program is easy to use and requires little to no previous design knowledge.

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Avanquest Design & Print


In order to create professional quality publications like brochures, letterheads, newsletters and more, Design & Print offers over 8,000 professionally designed backgrounds, 10,000 fonts and millions of photos and images at your disposal. For a quick presentation, you can use one of the 75 complete sets that comes with the desktop publishing software. In addition, the program gives you the ability to adjust images, alter the look of text and graphics, add gradient fills and drop shadows, as well as alter the opacity of text and graphics. Also, there is a built in address book that allows you to mail merge, as well as printer alignment tools and print on both sides of the paper.

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