Best desk lamps under $25


Cheap desk lamps prices


If you are a book lover and enjoy reading at night, then desk lamps can be great for you and at the same time it will not disturb the other person sleeping in your room. The best desk lamps under $25 feature a flexible neck that enables you to adjust the viewing angle according to your requirement, preventing your eyes from straining due to low light conditions.


Trademark Home white desk lamp


Best desk lamps under $25

Enjoy bright sunlight-like effect everyday at your home with this model from our best desk lamp reviews that uses lighting technology that is capable of generating outdoor sunlight for easier and clear vision. This product balances the spectrum of colour and produces true to life colours as well as it adjusts black and white colour for easy viewing. Featured flexible goose neck arm lets you adjust the light where needed. This model features 150 watts for efficient lighting purpose and can operate up to 5000 hours.

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“I work sometimes late at night so my desk has to have  a reliable desk lamp. I bought the white Trademark Home for this specific reason and I am very happy with the way it lights up my desk in the late night hours.” Steve Lampard


Boston Harbor black desk lamp


This sleek model with 26” adjustable height is designed to occupy less space on your table. With adjustable neck, this product allows you to adjust the viewing angle of the light as per your needs. What’s more, this model uses 60 watt Type A19 bulb for providing enough light that prevent stress on your eyes while reading. The black finish makes it suitable for any room decor. This is definitely one of the best buy in the list because of all these features.

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“On my desk I have this lamp and I am very pleased with all that it offers me when I work late. I can easily adjust it when I want to and the light it produces is more than enough to properly light my desk. For the price I have paid to get this lamp, it does a pretty fine job.” Jack Terry


Ikea Black LED desk lamp


With a built-in LED light bulb, this model consumes less energy (4.2 W) and last for approximately 25,000 hours. The flexible arm allows you to adjust them according to your lighting needs which create strong lighting conditions. The best desk lamps under $25 have an aluminium shade and the base has ABS plastic construction that makes it a strong supportive base for your desks. No wonder why it is included in the list because this is no doubt one beautiful lamp.

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“I am very happy with my new desk lamp which I bought  from Ikea, it really creates the perfect atmosphere late at night. I manage to adjust it easily and it brings a certain kind of new atmosphere to my desk. Last but not least it is very cheap, so I just had to buy it!” Ken Danielson


SE MC353W white desk lamp


Integrated with high-quality 5x desk magnifying optical lens, this product provides adequate and eye pleasing fluorescent light to illuminate your room effectively. The best desk lamps under $25 are capable of magnifying the objects five times that make them perfect for reading examination documents, photographs, and other small print documents. What’s more, the flexible neck allows you to adjust the lighting angle according to your requirement. Certainly one of the best in the list, you can be sure that this will be worth it.

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“I liked the non-conventional look and the fact that it was very cheap, so in the end I saw no reason why I shouldn’t buy the SE MC353W desk lamp. It look s great on my desk and does its job properly. I recommend this lamp 100%! Eric Hampton


Boston Harbor Flexible black desk lamp


With a bullet style shade and black finish, this model can be a great match to your decor. It uses 60 watt bulb that provides adequate lighting to your room. In addition, you can adjust the height of the lamp up to 16.5” and the flexible arm enables you to adjust the arm according to the lighting purpose. For your convenience, this model has an on/ off switch at the base so you can easily control the times it will function.

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“My desk looks better with my new lamp on it and when I turned the light on the whole desk was illuminated, thanks to its 60 watt bulb. I made a good investment if I think about it, because I got it for such a cheap price.” Robert Sanders