Top rated Desk Lamps in 2022


If you are looking for the right kind of lamp that can be used at home or at the office, which is especially meant to be placed atop your table, the best desk lamp reviews published in the past have identified a number of alternatives that can be considered. I will identify five of them in the rest of this article, to provide you with an idea on some of the best choices.


What to look for when buying a new desk lamp


Desk lamps are in high demand right now. Thousands of people are currently searching for a high quality lamp that can deliver smooth task lighting. Desk lamps have a compact and depending on the model very elegant design, which can be placed with ease on any desk. They are usually used in order to safely illuminate a small area through a well-focused light source. You will see that the market is more than generous when it comes to lamps designed especially for desk areas. So, with attention, you will be able to find a model that respects your style and the room’s look. On this note, you ought to consult the present best desk lamps reviews and determine precisely which model deserves to become your daily “assistant”.

Now, before you decide upon a desk lamp for your office or home, you should consider the multitude of styles available on the market. Each model offers certain advantages and disadvantages. A good desk lamp needs to blend to your room’s décor while providing the amount of light you need to work. Fortunately in this particular segment, lamps come in a wide range of colours, silhouettes and special finishes. Selecting one model from the best desk lamps in 2022 can be done after knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each model.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Type of bulb Price Material/Finish Dimensions Customer Rating Where to buy

Softech DL90B Desk Lamp

LED $$$ Plastic Black 13.8 x 7 x 17.7 inches A+ AMAZON

PRISM TL-4300GR Desk Lamp

LED $$$ Metallic Grey 8 x 6.5 x 18.2 inches A AMAZON

Koncept HL3001D-MBK Lamp

LED $$$$ Metal Black 31.8 x 9 x 16.5 inches B+ AMAZON

LEDwholesalers 2403WH

LED $$ Pure White 16.8 x 13.9 x 7.2 inches B+ AMAZON

LEDwholesalers 2403WH Lamp

LED $$ Metal Matte 16.8 x 13.9 x 7.2 inches A AMAZON


Today, you have your pick from some of the following lamp models: incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and also full-spectrum. You need to learn more about each lamp type in order to determine which one deserves to become yours. Once you go through the best desk lamps reviews everything will be clearer.

Incandescent lamps deliver little glare and maintain an overall uniform light level. Still, you need to know that such lamps have a short durability, lasting around 200 to 1200. Incandescent lamps are perfect for ambient lighting applications.

Halogen lamps offer a crisp lighting source which significantly reduce glare, eyestrain and eliminate shadows. Office managers prefer halogen lamps for their offices. Such light sources offer 1000 to 2000 hour lifespan and are energy efficient. This is why halogen lamps are very popular in the US right now.

Fluorescent lamps represent a great choice for any desk given that they are efficient and far brighter than incandescent lighting sources. In addition, fluorescent bulbs are cost efficient, lasting by up to 10.000 hours. Still, given recent reports it seems that such lamps tend to cost more than other products, making them subject for people with extra cash in their pockets.

Full-spectrum lamps represent a smooth bright and white source of light, design to imitate natural sunlight. Such lamps are great for different types of lighting applications. Such lamps use light bulbs that can last by up to 10.000 hours which makes them highly cost efficient. This is why we are not surprised to find full-spectrum lamps among the best desk lamps in 2022. With such a lamp on your desk you will be able to undergo different writing task in a comfortable and well-illuminated area.


Softech DL90B Desk Lamp


One of the reasons on why this unit is commonly  lauded in best desk lamp reviews is the fact that it lets out natural lighting, making it possible for you to be more productive at work. I am recommending this model if you are looking for versatility, as it has four different light settings, at which you can choose depending on the use that is intended. You can choose from Study, Relaxation, Bedtime, and Reading modes, depending on what activity you are doing while the lamp is turned on.



Get superior productivity and ultimate lighting enjoyment with non-flickering, fail-proof natural light that will not leave anyone in the dark

Four different Light Spectrum Modes available, with options for Bedtime, Relaxation, Study or Reading so user always gets a personalized level of lighting

Each mode engineered with four-step Brightness Control for easy adjustment from one mode to another to achieve unique comfort, and to provide a more customized level of lighting suitable for every purpose

One-hour-auto off timer feature plus a USB charging port for portable devices including MP3 player, iPod and phone, for versatility and flexibility in function



Plastic construction contributes to great contemporary looks and light weight

Ideal when price is not an issue in exchange for functionality and total quality


I bought this Softech – Natural Light LED Lamp for years ago but until now it is functional and steady. It has very exciting features which are very useful for my office works. This desk lamp is the one I bought in a very affordable price yet is really robust and steady.”   Robert Miranda


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PRISM TL-4300GR Lamp


The PRISM TL-4300GR is a good product in terms of space efficiency, especially because of the fact that it has a foldable design when it is used under the Night Light Mode. Aside from efficiency when it comes to space, it is also efficient when it comes to energy consumption. Under normal usage of the product, it is expected to have a normal life of 25 years. Lastly, I also commend the integration of the LG Lumiplas Technology in this light, which is basically responsible for its non-glare illumination.



Energy Star rating a testament to this product’s exceptional Energy Efficiency factor of 8.37, which guarantees better use of energy at 8 watts without costing a lot on utility bills to run

Under normal use, can provide 25 years of life span, which makes this a great hand-me-down through-the-generations type of lamp for those who seriously seek the answer to what is the best desk lamp for studying

Space-saving design that easily collapses into night light mode so room always has illumination that is not glaringly bright all through the night

Three-step touch dimming control system delivers customized lighting  while LG Lumiplas technology ensures consistent non-glare 432 lumens illumination, ensuring that the right amount of light is available to suit every need



Base is not made to be heavy to give way to easy portability

No on/off switch but easily adjusts from high setting to off with just one button


The PRISM TL-4300GR Lamp is the best desk lamp I have for years. This one is the best among the bests. I considered this desk lamp the best because it has the ability to minimize electric consumption even though I use it every night for my office works. I don’t have to worry for my bills.” Bruce Rogers


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Koncept HL3001D-MBK Lamp


This light has a metallic black finish that contributes to it elegant look, making it the perfect addition to a sophisticated work station. One of the things that I like about this model is that it has been recognized by the Time Magazine as a part of the list of “The Best Inventions of the Year”, which is a testament to its superior quality. To add, you might also like the 4-step dimming system in this light, allowing you to choose the illumination that will prove to be perfect for your needs.



Lamp made for today’s generation of cool individuals, with an energy-efficient design that goes wonderfully into any room or for any purpose

Named one of the most innovative inventions of the year for being the perfect answer to what is the best desk lamp for studying

Bright, daylight quality illumination from six extra-powerful LEDs with dimming system from high to low settings so every page, every line  and every letter is always visible, while using just 9 watts of power

Versatile and stylish, engineered with an attractive space-age profile that is very easy to set-up and collapses to a small frame to enable convenient storage or tucking into a corner of the study table



Buttons are plastic, but function so well not to be a huge issue

Powering on to full brightness takes a few hits on the button, for precise customization of illumination


Z-Bar High Power LED Lamp has a very attractive design which really enticed me the first time I saw it in Amazon. The product is made of sturdy materials so I’m sure it’s one of the most reliable desk lamps in 2022. I didn’t need a Black Friday discount to buy it because it wasn’t expensive at all.”  Gabriel Lujan


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LEDwholesalers 2403WH Folding LED Desk Lamp


7Do you sometimes work at night at your personal desk? If so, you need to invest in a desk lamp and one of the better models currently on the market is the LEDwholesalers 2403WH. Buying it will guarantee a natural light source which won’t harm the eyes and will increase your work productivity. The LED light source won’t flicker, plus its anti-glare too, meaning it’s perfect for reading at night. There are 3 different light intensities, helping you adjust the correct brightness for the task at hand. This efficient desk lamp has a very affordable price as well.



The max light output of 450 lm makes sure you can work late at night in proper conditions

Three different light levels, great for a wide variety of uses

The LED technology will prevent the light from flickering

Its compact design means it won’t take up a lot of space on your desk

A very affordable price range



Some users have reported problems with the switch after a few months (a way to resolve this is to plug the lamp out and then in again)

The lowest light level can only be used as a night light, being considered a disadvantage by some users


“I don’t know what’s the best desk lamp in 2022, but I’m sure this model is in the top ten list. It’s easy to adjust to different light intensity settings and frankly I don’t think I could ask for more from a simple lamp.” –  Matthew J. Jacobs

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Pro Magnify Ultra-Efficient 90 LED Lamp – Not Available


Best Desk Lamp ReviewsThis is one product that I can recommend because of its multi-functionality. It is known not only for its lighting function, but also because it can be used as a magnification tool. When it is used for the purpose of magnification, you will be able to increase the size of the object being viewed by as much as 225% and can be seen at its 5-inch lens. It is designed with 90 efficient LEDs that can have a functional life of up to 100,000 hours, which is a testament to its long functional life.



Revolutionary two-in-one magnification-plus-lighting fixture serves as the perfect companion for reading as well as for other hobbies in the home and on a professional scale

Print and objects can get magnified at more than 200% or their original size and in stunning clarity via the large built-in five-inch optical-quality magnifier glass

90 super-efficient LEDs arranged in circular formation to enable attractive task lighting while using just a little over five watts, with life of about 100,000 hours

3-way swivel lamp head and automatic memory arm enable easy positioning and adjustments so the lamp illuminates where it’s needed and provides focused lighting when it’s wanted



Minimum optical distortion at the correct working distance for the optical-quality magnifying glass

No adjustment for clamping socket/ball so as to ensure rigidity of unit


My investment for the Ultra-Efficient 90 LED Lamp was worth it. Aside from the ability of providing light in my office, I can use it to enlarge or magnify files because it has an installed magnifying glass. It was the best deal I could get for the money I spent. And I didn’t pay much because I got it for sale around Christmas time.”  Catherine Roach


Beacon 600 by IMG Lighting Lamp – Not Available


This is the perfect desk lamp if you are looking for the combination of style and functionality. Aside from the fact that it has visually-appealing appearance, it is also efficient in giving the illumination that is needed within the work area. With the integration of 600 lumen LEDs, you will be able to see things clearly with the use of this lamp. In addition, there were also many who have expressed their satisfaction over the durability of this model.

I am happy that I got Beacon 600 by IMG Lighting Lamp. This product is the very first product I bought from Amazon and I have been satisfied by how it works. Also, it had an affordable price for such a nice looking desk lamp.” Angela Soderlund