If you’re here just to find the best designer diaper bags and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We’ve consulted a lot of sources about the best designer diaper bags on the market, be they for girls, for boys, for twins, or for men. We’ve looked at the user feedback, the value offered for the price, and even the sales figures of all models. Out of the products we considered, the Weekender Tote by Hip Cub is the best as it is both functional and fashionable and affordable enough for most budgets. What’s more, the bag is extremely useful considering that it’s among the most spacious options out there, what with its nine internal and external pockets. The pack also features strollers straps and a changing mat that matches the design of the diaper bag. Also, most of the people who took the time to review this model say that it’s extremely comfortable and offers enough room for diapers, clothes, and blankets, without becoming too heavy. If the Weekender Tote by Hip Cub is unavailable, you could also consider the second best choice, the Black and White Stripe by the same brand.


Designer Diaper Bags — What to Look For:


Ah, parenthood. Welcome to the world of diapers, strollers, and all things cutesy! While you can get some of the highest rated designer diaper bags at affordable prices, there is no way to decide who makes the best one on the market.

You may be wondering which designer diaper bag is the best, it really boils down to personal preference. We can tell you what features to look for and hopefully you will be able to find one that has the key features and is under your budget.



There are so many different types of diaper bags available on the market and they all come in a variety of patterns. When you are choosing a new bag, you will want to take into consideration who will be carrying it. If you want Dad to carry the bag from time to time, you may want to steer away from the overly cutesy bags. Some men may not feel comfortable carrying around a neon pink diaper bag with princess crowns and other ultra girly designs. Other than the pattern, you will want to think about the style of the bag. Some of the best rated bags are in the messenger style. These can be worn comfortably across the body or on one shoulder. You can also choose a tote bag or a backpack style.



You may not think the type of closure is important when choosing a bag, it actually is quite important. You will want to choose a closure type that is easy to manage, especially if you are holding a screaming baby. Ideally, you want to avoid a bag with multiple snaps or zippers that tend to stick. Other options also include fold-over tops or tie closures.



Sometimes the bag isn’t as important as the features of the bag. Look for features that promote comfort for whomever is carrying the bag as they can get quite heavy if you’re an over-packer. Look for a non-slip shoulder strap with padding, plenty of pocket space, and insulated spaces for your baby’s bottle. You may want to find a bag with removable changing pads that are easy to clean, pockets and clips for your items (keys, cell phone, wallets, etc.)

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Material Price Dimensions Color Our Rating Where to buy

Kate Spade New York Classic

Cotton canvas $$$$ 18 x 11 x 8 inches Stucco A+ AMAZON

Timi & Leslie Hart

Faux leather $$$ 14 x 5 x 15 inches Graphite Gray A AMAZON

Timi & Leslie Hannah

Faux leather $$$ 17 x 14 x 3 inches Pewter B AMAZON

OiOi Baby Ikate

Cotton canvas $$$ 15 x 6 x 11 inches Red B+ AMAZON

Cocalo Couture Kayla

Nylon coated cotton $$ 18.5 x 8.12 x 10.25 inches Geo Piece B+ AMAZON


Just because you are trading in your stylish handbag for a diaper bag doesn’t mean you have to forego style. The designer diaper bags can be highly functional as well as stylish. You just have to know what to look for and where!


Buying advice on designer diaper bags


Every mother knows just how important it is to have all the right nursing things around. Diaper bags are among the basic essential that a mom needs in order to manage easier the little one’s diaper situations. You will see that the market offers a wide range of products, designed for elegant or casual mothers. Still, it seems that every mom wants to look great without compromising in any way the responsibility of caring for the little one. In order to find the right product you should read with attention the best designer diaper bags reviews. With more information, shopping for a great diaper bag will be easier. A great bag can be used in order to hold key baby care items and be ready for anything that might happen.

You will see that there are different types of diaper bags, with superb styles, shapes and colours. Every mom has a fashion style and you’ll be able to find a model close to yours. There are some tricks which you can use in order to find the ideal diaper bag. Shopping from the best designer diaper bags in 2019 ensures that you’ll make a great investment. The first thing that should start your diaper bag search is price. There are standard diaper bags that price around $20 to $40 but with a limited range of colours and styles. Still, if you have a bit more money stored away, choose a diaper bag from the price range of $40 to $100. One thing is certain: you will find a diaper bag set within any budget range.


Best Designer Diaper Bag for Dad


Diaper Dude Messenger II


Whether you are a dad or you don’t particularly care for the feminine or cutesy diaper bags that are typically offered by retailers, the Diaper Dude is one of the best designer diaper bags for dads. It is designed to hold all of the essential items you need while you are out and about with your baby. The ergonomic messenger bag allows for hands-free usage and the breathable mesh padding can keep you comfortable and cool while carrying it. The padded shoulder strap adds to the comfort while carrying the bag. It also comes with a padded changing pad as well as a whimsical checklist that’s been printed on the inside flap to help dad remember everything.


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As the best designer diaper bags reviews underlined one several occasions, materials used in the bag development are more than important. Before you decide on a particular diaper bag, take a second and discover what fabrics were used in its creation. You need to use a diaper bag designed with special materials that are easy to clean. To this end, try to find a diaper bag made out of vinyl or faux leather. Still, most of the present top diaper bags have clear plastic layer that have a protective role. A diaper bag needs to hold the baby’s messes, pampers and other baby care. This is why the bag’s design needs to offer utility functions, and help mothers take better care of their children.


Best Designer Diaper Bag for Moms


Timi and Leslie Charlie


This diaper bag is one of the best designer diaper bags for moms who want to carry a sleek and sophisticated diaper bag, rather than the cutesy bags that you typically see. The durable bag is made of 100% polyurethane, making it the top choice for many moms. The seven piece bag set includes a special clutch just for mom that has credit card slots and enough space to carry her essential items, an insulated bottle tote, matching stroller straps that can be used to attach the diaper bag to the stroller (and can be used with the bottle tote as well), a changing pad with a mesh pocket, a dirty clothes sack to protect the items inside the bag from soiled clothing, as well as an adjustable shoulder strap.


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With one of the best designer diaper bags in 2019 you will be able to be fashionable and still manage your child’s daily needs.  Now, you probably already saw that there are different styles of diaper bags: messenger, backpack and tote-style bags. They take into consideration the amount of items you carry wherever you may go. For small tasks and walks, you’d best opt for messenger bags which are easy to use and put on. As it goes for long distances or hands-free carrying, you can opt with confidence for backpack diaper bags. Business mother or with an active lifestyle usually use messenger bags. Such diaper bags combine elegance with useful function, bent on helping mothers take better care of their babies.


Best Designer Diaper Bag for Twins


Pink Lining Twins Diaper Bag


If you are looking for a whimsical diaper bag for your twins, the Pink Lining Twins Diaper Bag comes in several cute designs. The patterns include pink flamingos, owls, bows, and the wilderness. This is one of the best designer diaper bags for twins because it features two large pockets that give you plenty of space for double everything. The two side pockets can help you keep one baby’s items separate from the others. The inside of the bag features several compartments that help to keep your bag organized and make it easy to find things, after all, having two of everything definitely can make things a little complicated!


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Top rated designer diaper bags in 2019


Being a mother is a wonderful experience and even though your attention is set moslty on the little one it doesn`t mean you can`t still look great and feel good about your apparence. Taking the baby outside for a stroll through the park requires you to have something in which to carry your child`s essentials.This is where a diaper bag comes in to play and the following examples are all made by top designers and will make you look stunning as always.



Weekender Tote by Hip Cub


1.Diaper Bag by Hip Cub

The Weekender Tote is among the most popular options out there, but this isn’t a surprise considering that the bag is reasonably priced and does exactly what it has been designed to do. The model features nine internal and external pockets and is made of a high-quality material that makes it impervious to stains and other damages that might occur while you are changing your baby. Since it combines a fashionable design with functionality, the model is definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a diaper bag that does not disappoint.



Having been designed both with women and men in mind, this model can be utilized by mothers and fathers alike.

The Weekender Tote is one of the most spacious products in the line considering that it offers enough room for diapers, blankets, and even clothes, should you need to transport all of these items.

Versatility is a core feature of the model as it can be used either as a shoulder bag or as a crossbody bag thanks to the adjustable strap provided in the pack.

It’s available for sale at a more than decent price.



Some users have reported that they would have loved if the unit also came with magnetic or zipper closure for the front exterior pockets.


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Black and White Stripe by Hip Cub


2.Diaper Bag by Hip Cub

This product is yet another affordable alternative you may need to take into account during your decision-making process. From what we’ve seen, most online retailers choose to sell the model for less than seventy dollars, but the price largely depends on the marketplace you’ll be choosing for your purchase. The bag comes with all the convenient features of other Hip Cub products, in that it’s both practical, safe, and spacious, allowing parents to benefit from all the room they may need for their baby products.



This unit is one of those bags that look like purses and as such you may get compliments from people without them knowing the actual use of the product.

The bag has seven pockets, including two internal compartments and two external pockets that can be utilized for wet things and the likes.

Although the product does not come with center divider, the multitude of pockets give owners all the freedom they may need when it comes to storing their items.

A matching changing mat is part of the deal with this model.



The white stripes might tend to become stained but the spots can be cleaned easily.

It might be a little too small for tall individuals.


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Ju-Ju-Be 13FM02LTAD


3.Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Nautical Collection

In spite of the fact that it might not be as attainable as other models we’ve showcased before, the Ju-Ju-Be bag is undoubtedly worth considering as it’s pretty difficult to say no to. For one, it is one of the roomiest products out there, offering the convenience of enough space to store all the products without being overly heavy. In total, the bag has three exterior pockets and seven interior pockets which are particularly effective when it comes to carrying all the extras you may require to tend to your baby’s needs.



The pack also contains a memory foam changing pad.

The exterior pockets have been insulated with a special kind of material that allows your bottles to remain chilly or hot over a longer amount of time than they would if they were stored in a non-insulated spot.

Another reason to consider this model is that its lining has been treated with Agion natural antimicrobial treatment, which basically means that you can rest assured that no bacteria or other microorganisms will develop on the stains on the material.

It’s backed by a 90-day limited warranty.



The side pocket of the bag is a bit too tight for it to be a perfect spot for storing wide-mouth bottles.


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Kate Spade New York Classic


Fashion experts recommend the Kate Spade New Your Classic baby bag because it has a splendid design and numerous different-sized pockets where you can keep all your baby essentials. The whole bag exterior is made from canvas and cowhide, while the interior is made of fabric lining. It also bears the Kate Spade logo on its side, proving it’s of high designer quality. The interior also has larger pockets for diapers, tissues or pieces of clothing and smaller ones for keys, wallets or cellphones. The very positive customer report we read, make us believe it’s the best designer diaper bag in 2019.



A very fashionable design, as you would expect from a world-renowned designer

A lot of useful pockets for all sorts of things, not just baby essentials

The bag opens widely, so you can easily place large things inside it

It has the right size, managing to fit in most stroller baskets, even when fully packed

It comes with a padded changing pad for more comfort



It does not come with long straps (but you can buy a pair or fit straps from other bags)


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Products which are no longer available


Juicy Couture Diaper Tote – Not Available


Another bag that impressed me with its great stylish look and very useful features was the Juicy Couture Tote Black.You will have a little pocket for everything from your mobile phone to the baby`s water bottle. It even has some great leather touches, like for instance the double hadle or the trimming. A changing mat and a wipe cloth are aslo included so you are set and ready to go with your infant outside so he can see the world. These features and more make it one of the top designer diaper bags in 2019.

Juicy Couture Diaper Tote Black Bag was my choice for a diaper bag because it was very practical. The best rated designer diaper bag reviews also recommended it so I’m positive I’ve made an excellent choice.”  Mara Owens


Cocalo Couture Chloe Hobo – Not Available


Best designer diaper bag reviewsI knew I laid eyes upon something special the very minute I saw the Cocalo Couture Chloe Hobo diaper bag and its features didn`t disspoint one bit, as well. The outer is made out of 100% nyalon coated cotton and the liner out of high quality polyester, addind for an extra nice feel to it. You don`t have to worry about water getting through to the inside because the canvas material makes it fully waterproof from any angle.

When I saw the Cocalo Couture Chloe Hobo Bag, I didn’t think twice about buying it. I bought myself a top 10 designer diaper bag, which has everything I need in order to carry all the baby essentials required.”  Maureene Coco




Timi & Leslie Hart – Not Available


When you go out with your toddler you need to keep all his/hers essentials with you all the time and here is where the Timi & Leslie hart diaper bag comes in. It is even fitted with a bottle holder which is completely insulated so its temperature stays warm. Also, mommy can place her credit cards inside special little pockets, making it one of the best designer diaper bags in 2019.



Versatile design makes this a great cross body-bag, shoulder bag and backpack when needed, with six interior pockets into which the detached straps can be stowed

Is simply one of the best selling designer diaper bags for the many accessories that can go with the product, including a small matching clutch and a large-sized changing pad with pocket for wipes and diapers

Comes with stroller straps for attachment to a stroller, plus a dandy key fob, a pouchette to carry mom’s vital credit cards and various items in the slots and zipper pockets, an insulated bottle holder with a clip on the handle

Longevity enables the user to use this bag long after baby has outgrown her diapers



Bag has feminine lines so guys might not care to be seen carrying it around

Bag shape makes it easy for the product to tip over when not full


 “For my style this diaper bag was perfect and I loved the way it looked the first time I saw it. It has the most spacious interior and a lot of different pockets where I can place a lot of things.” – Jessica Burton





Timi & Leslie Hannah – Not Available


One of the top designer diaper bags in 2019 is the the Timi & Leslie Hannah which can hold all you need to take with you, so the baby essentials and in a orderly fashion. It will not only carry them for you, but at the same time make you look good. Also, mom`s essentials are well taken care off with the pouchette that comes included, which I found very useful and nice too. Another bonus you get with it is the changing mat and the diaper pocket.



You can never have too many accessories with a diaper bag set, and this particular bag comes with seven different accessories including a clutch to carry mom’s essentials, with a zippered pocket and credit card slots

A shoulder strap is adjustable to enable carrying at any length and also detachable to give way to a cross-body bag configuration

A pair of stroller straps enable easy attachment to baby’s stroller so everything is always within reach when mom is out walking or exercising with baby

A changing mat comes with pockets to provide more storage for wipes and diapers



Has a smaller capacity than other diaper bag models, but it’s all a matter of taste

Great buy when price is not a huge issue


The Timi & Leslie Hannah Bag is a very fashionable diaper bag I bought 2 years ago. This one is what I sued when my child was just small. I can put anything inside it. Baby necessities are all in it without the worry that it will ruin the bag. I can also put my needs in it as a mother.” Maudie Ham




OiOi Baby Ikate – Not Available


The best designer diaper bag reviews have formed a very good opinion about the OiOi Baby Ikate Tote diaper bag and I could see exactly why. In the time I had it I loved the cotton canvas which was watterproof so the diapers inside and other baby things stayed dry inside. Also the design is very well thought of and got me some nice compliments. You can wear it on your shoulder thanks to the detachable strap or carry it in your hand with its double handle.



Water resistant finish makes this an all-weather bag to carry baby’s essentials and 100% organic cotton canvas ensures that baby’s things are kept hypoallergenic and free from harmful elements while inside the bag

Zip-top closure enables secure and safe storage so stored things do not fall out when bag is tipped over

Fixed stroller straps enable easy fastening to baby’s stroller so mom doesn’t have to carry the bag around, leaving the hands and arms free for baby

Detachable adjustable web shoulder strap and double handle enable versatile use as a carry bag or a shoulder/cross-body bag



Feminine design not meant for fathers to carry around

Pattern is attention-getting but unique


The waterproof feature of the OiOi Baby Ikate Tote Bag is one thing I like about this most reliable model. The spacious interior lets me hold all the baby things I need, making me believe I’ve made the best choice for the money I paid. It wasn’t expensive because it had a Black Friday discount.” Oprah Andrews




Cocalo Couture Kayla – Not Available


The Cocalo Couture Kayla Satchel is another bag that is a definite great choice to make. Nothing that is inside won`t get wet because the canvas is made from a material that makes the whole bag waterproof. You will also have at your disposal multiple elastic pokets for many uses and a snap-closure large front pocket. The best designer diaper bag reviews are very pleased with its look and features and I strongly recommend it to whoever wants to acquire it.



Special and attractive geometric design on the durable waterproof-coated canvas material makes this one of the best selling designer diaper bags that can be bought for a great price

Footed bottom keeps the bag steady so things kept inside do not fall out easily, with 100% polyester liner for added durability and strength on the inside of the bag

Snap-closure front pocket keeps things safely stored inside but still within easy reach

Comes with a convenient and easy-to-use changing pad and a clear case for baby wipes, eliminating the need to store those essentials elsewhere



Feminine design not meant for males to carry the bag around

Inside pockets may not be high enough for tall feeding bottles, but still keeps spills from happening inside the bag


I really recommend Cocalo Couture Kayla Satchel Bag to all mothers, but especially to those fashionable ones. It doesn’t just look good, but it also has a lot of pockets and a very spacious interior. It is also waterproof so I don’t have to worry for the things inside the bag. I was surprisingly cheap, but this may be because I bough it around Xmas.” Ernesta Santos