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Technological advaces have made our clothes last an look brand new for longer periods of time. One such invention which has prolonged their life span is the dehumidifier. It is very cheap, reliable, durable and it will suck all the humidity out of your closet or any other closed spaces. Here are the best dehumidifiers under $50 which you can purchase so humidity will not be a problem anymore.


How to find an affordable dehumidifier


In every home, high humidity levels represent a serious problem because it can lead to health disorders. If excess dampness appears in different rooms of the house, you need to invest in a high quality dehumidifier. This is a machine which accurately manages humidity and sets proper air stability. Choosing one of the best rated dehumidifiers ensures that your home doesn’t cause health problems. Asthmatics are the ones that suffer the most from excess dampness. Top manufacturers compete with determination to win people’s attention. In the present there are many products that can be used in homes with serious humidity issues. At the end of this buying guide you will be able to identify the right product, best suited to match your homes particularities.

What are the best products from the ones available on the market? This is a serious question which has to be answered only after going through professional reviews. We managed to do a detailed research on some of the best models available for purchase. In our study we noticed that there are some dehumidifiers under $50 which safely diminish moisture levels from indoor air. The market offers several types of dehumidifiers: large commercial devices, whole-house systems and smaller portable models. You should know that normal levels of moisture in the air are set between 30 and 60 percent. Professionals use hygrometers in order to test humidity levels in the air. Some people purchase such devices right alongside dehumidifiers. One thing is certain; humidity levels higher than 60% will result in condensation, musty odours which attract insects. Furthermore high humidity encourages mold growth and causes real damage to wood structures or wallpapers.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Renewable Price Warranty Wireless Our Rating Where to buy

Eva-Dry E-333

YES $$ Included YES A+ AMAZON

Eva-Dry Edv-1100

YES $$$ Not included No B+ AMAZON

Gurin Electric Compact

YES $$$ Not included No B+ AMAZON

Eva-Dry E-500

YES $$ Included YES B+ AMAZON

Gurin Mini

YES $$ Included YES B AMAZON


Selecting one of the most reliable products ensures proper management of indoor air. With a professional dehumidifier your home will be protected from excess dampness and moisture. Shopping for a dehumidifier can be pretty confusing given the wide selection of products. The first thing that you have to do is determine the place where the model will run. It is important to calculate the square footage of the room and invest in a dehumidifier that can cover every inch. Other features that you need to take into account are energy efficiency, durability and noise levels. The Black Friday deals on dehumidifiers need to be followed closely, for then you can invest in products at a real bargain. There are people that own portable units while others use commercial units.

Such products for Christmas day usually benefit from promotions. So, with attention you can take advantage of them and own a reliable model without spending too much money. For smooth performance we recommend whole-house dehumidifiers which can cover 3 rooms. This is a large unit which safely operates and removes moisture from indoor air. A standard dehumidifier can safely remove 3 times as much water as their portable units. This is probably why these units are great for home use.


Things to consider:

–          More than 500 square feet coverage, which is more than enough for small and large homes

–          Programmable interface, so you can select the right airflow for different types of rooms

–          Advanced filtering system or HEPA filter which safely removes moisture from indoor air

–          Auto-restart function that maintains the device running smoothly even when you are not around



Eva-Dry E-333 Dehumidifier


Best dehumidifiers under $50

This little device will take up virtually no space in your closet and will protect your clothes and valuables from the dangerous effects of high humidity levels. It doesn`t require electricity to work or any other power source, just every few weeks depending how much humidity is there, you will have to plug it to a power saurce, where there is good ventilation and wait for the crystals which trap the moisture to turn blue. The pink color idicates that the crystals are full of moisture and need to be re-newed.



Keeps humidity under control to effectively combat unpleasant odors, mold and mildew, with special renewable silica gel technology that works without requiring batteries or power to run

Can be placed in any area up to 333 cubic feet to silently absorb moisture, with indicator window that contains crystals that will change from blue to pink when full  moisture absorbing capacity has been reached

Moisture absorbing power effective for two to four weeks or up to 4 to 6 ounces a cycle, depending on specific conditions, ensuring that the area is amply dehumidified

Silica gel crystals change back to moisture-absorbing levels after plugging the dehumidifier in for 8 to ten hours, making this product usable for a maximum of ten years



High humidity levels can necessitate frequent recharging of the crystals

Effective for smaller spaces


“ I have the Eva-Dry E-333 Dehumidifier and I can say that it is helpful in dehumidifying any close rooms and closet at home. I never feel hassle using this product even in the first time I have this because it is easy to understand and to be controlled. The product is affordable.”  Lilia Humphrey


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Eva-Dry Edv-1100 Petite Dehumidifier


This device is even smaller than its rivals, but still delivers wonderful performances in removing moisture from closed spaces. Another plus is the fact that it is extra quiet, you can have it in the room which you sleep in and your rest period will no be disturbed. When the water reservoir is full it will automatically shut off so you will have to emplty it to assure it will run again. Up to 16 oz can be stored by it, making it have a very impressive capacity.



Small dehumidifier works without a compressor but only light and quiet Peltier technology, a type of thermo-cooling system that is energy saving and particularly economical at temperatures close to ambient temperature, pulling in energy only if heating or cooling is needed

Compact size makes this product perfect for closets, bathroom, small to medium-size rooms, recreational vehicles and more

With renewable spill-proof reservoir that handles the humidity and dampness by extracting moisture from the air, leaving it less constricting and making breathing easier

Dries the room with whisper-quiet operation while plugged it, with automatic shut off switch that switches the unit off when the water reservoir has reached its full capacity



Dehumidifying power is limited to its small profile, but does what it’s supposed to


“ Even though the Eva-Dry Electric Petite Dehumidifier is small, you will be assured that it can function in a wider area. The product is a good investment because it can maintain a nice closet where humid is prone to. The product is durable so you don’t have to buy another product like this.” Kennith Slater


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Gurin Electric Compact Dehumidifier


The Gurin dehumidifier can prove to be a solid solution that erradicates the moisture problem in your closet or bathroom. No sound will be made when it works, thanks to the Peltier Technology. Even though it is quite small the reservoir is quite large and it is able to hold up to 16 oz. Because it has a very compact design it can pe placed anywhere around your home. Also a full indicator light is there to tell you when the reservoir is full.



Ideal for small areas such as bathrooms, closets, a desk or workbench, or small to mid-sized rooms, capably handling humidity and dampness problems so mold, mildew and respiration problems are held at bay

Small enough to fit into small spaces, and effectively extracts excess humidity so unpleasant smells and organisms like mold and mildew do not grow on clothes, upholstery, walls and various other surfaces

Helps alleviate the symptoms of allergies and asthma as it pulls moisture in and traps it in the renewable reservoir, which can be easily emptied when it has reached its full holding capacity

Uses little energy to run, with a quiet operation that assures the user it is working in the sidelines without letting everyone know it’s there



Will emit a slight fan noise that is not a huge issue for happy users

Pilot light can be bright for some users


“ The Gurin Electric Compact Dehumidifier is a very  useful product you can have in your homes. It is durable and sturdy so you will be happy owning the product for a long time. It doesn’t make any noise and sound so you will have the ease using this dehumidifier even in the night time.” Earl Mayo


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Eva-Dry E-500 Dehumidifier


The Eva-Dry E-500 can be considered one of the best dehumidifiers under $50 because of its top performances for its relatively small size. It has a great work area capacity of 500 cu.ft., all this with no batteries required or any other energy sources. Just make sure to check when the cristals turn pink, meaning you will have to re-new them, an easy process which requires you to plug the dehumidifier on to a power source for a few hours.



Great answer to what are the best cheap dehumidifiers thanks to its patented renewable silica gel technology that works without batteries or power

Offers a  renewable solution that can be placed in any area up to 500 cubic feet to  silently but efficiently absorb moisture, with indicator window that contains indicator crystals that will change from BLUE to PINK once the system has reached its 6- to 8-ounce full capacity

Extracts air moisture for 4 to 8 weeks depending on specific conditions, with ability to renew itself for another round of dehumidification by simple plugging into an AC outlet for 10-12 hours in a well-ventilated area

No messy spills or refills to buy, and lasts up to ten years with a five-year warranty as assurance of good quality



Heavy unit needs support while plugged into an outlet

Unit can get hot while charging


“ I place the Eva-Dry E-500 Dehumidifier in my closet to make my clothes safe and fresh. You will be happy owning the product because it is just cheap but the performance is greatly advantageous. This dehumidifier is another great investment which makes my life better and convenient.”  Wanda Savage Franco


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Gurin Mini Dehumidifier


The Gurin Mini dehumidifier impresses first of all with the area which it covers for such a small device. 500 cu. ft. are moisture free thanks to its innovative features. It won`t need a power source to work and it normal life span is about 10 years. A 5 year warranty will be received by its manufacturers. This particular dehumidifier beacause of its performances is one of the best dehumidifiers under $50.



Dehumidifies the air and makes it of more breathable quality, in small enclosed areas such as closets, bathrooms and such

Protects clothes and valuables from the damaging effects of mildew and mold growth and moisture rot, with 100% renewability and not requiring electricity or batteries to run

Indicator window has unique “moisture meter crystals” that change from blue to pink to indicate when the unit needs to be “renewed” as it has reached its full moisture-absorbing capacity

Crystals won’t allow collected humidity to spill or leak, making renewing operation easy and convenient by simple plugging into an AC outlet in a well-ventilated area and waiting for the crystals to change back to dry form



Dehumidifies only a limited amount of space but for the price, still makes a good solution to what are the best cheap dehumidifiers


“ I have the Gurin Mini Dehumidifier for almost 3 years and I can say that this product is a very effective in dehumidifying my closet. I bought it in a very affordable price without encountering any complications and hassle. The product makes it easy for me to dehumidify whatever I want.” Violet Le


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