Top rated dehumidifiers in 2021


The humidity in the air is needed to be controlled because of many reasons. It causes environmental as well as health problems. Mold growths, insects’ increase population, allergies, breathing problems etc, all can be caused by high humidity. Dehumidifiers are used to control the humidity in house. There are many Dehumidifiers available in the market. To select the best dehumidifier, it is better to search for best dehumidifier reviews as to take help from other people experiences.


How to choose a good dehumidifier – Professional Advice


dehumOne of the worst problems a household can have is excess humidity, which can be potentially damaging for your health and for different household items. You can take care of this problem with the aid of your AC system, but this is often not enough and you have to resort to even more specialized devices. The solution is simple and requires you to purchase a dehumidifier, which is sure to make your problem disappear. But this leads to another predicament, which model to purchase? The best dehumidifiers in 2021 can be found  if you pay attention to our buying guide

You can start with identifying where your moisture problem is (basement, throughout the whole house etc) and then the average level of the humidity in those problem areas. These measurements are useful, so you know what the size should the dehumidifier have. A dehumidifier has a water tank that differs in size depending on the model. Such a tank is measured in pints of condensed vapors that turn into water. If you get your measurements right, you should only empty it once a day. If this is done more often then you have a model that has a too small capacity. Of course getting a bigger capacity one doesn’t hurt one bit.

The vital features for a top notch dehumidifier have been chosen by us, only after consulting the most reputable dehumidifier reviews. We recommend that you only purchase a model that has these essential features.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Performance Price Control Type Fan Speeds Customer Rating Where to buy

Koldfront PAC1401W

70 pints/day $$$$ Electronic 3 A++ AMAZON
EdgeStar DEP701EW 70 pints/day $$$ Electronic 2 A

Frigidaire FAD704DWD

70 pints/day $$$ Electronic 2 B AMAZON

Frigidaire FAD301NWD

30 pints/day $$ Mechanical 1 B+ AMAZON


40 pints/day $$$ Electronic 2 B+ AMAZON


We recommend another easier option for emptying the water tank every day, but this requires you to have a suitable drainage system. You need to connect the dehumidifier to it, so you can leave it on as much as you want. A reliable dehumidifier will be programmed to keep the humidity at a specific level. When that level is reached, a special sensor will turn the dehumidifier off. When the humidity will rise again, it will turn itself on, thus always keeping that constant level you have set. Also, safety features have to be included and this means the dehumidifier should turn itself off automatically, when the water tank is full.  A special colored LED light and sometimes even a sound alarm will alert you that it is time to empty it.

Our team thinks it is a good idea to get a dehumidifier with casters because you can easily move it from one place to another. Check for washable filters as well because this can save money in the long run, so you won’t have to buy any additional parts to your dehumidifier. In case your model will have to work in low temperatures, the option you need to watch out for is the anti-frost sensor. This feature will prevent the freezing of your dehumidifier, that will surely prevent it from functioning.

If you know all these details about a top dehumidifier you will prevent mold from forming and foul odors as well. The best dehumidifiers reviews will identify all the top models on the market and after you compare them, you will be sure about what model to acquire.


Things to consider:

–    A large water tank capacity;

–    Casters for portability;

–    For continuous operation connect it to a reliable draining source;

–    A LED light and a auto-shut off feature for when the water tank is full;

–    Anti-freeze sensors;

–    Multiple fans speeds.



Koldfront PAC1401W Portable Air Conditioner


Now this is not just your average portable air conditioner because at the same time it functions as a reliable dehumidifier, removing that annoying excess moisture. The 14,000 BTU are put to good use and its fan can operate at 3 different speeds to better control the temperature of your environment and to better remove high levels of humidity. The best dehumidifier reviews give it a positive thumbs up.



Offers optimal dehumidifying power with 14,000 British Thermal Unit (BTU), three fan speeds for versatile function and an option for dehumidifier-only mode of operation

Temperature range easily and conveniently adjustable between 62OF to 88OF via the digital thermostat

Comes with easy-to-use remote control, and caster wheels to enable transportability from room to room

Comes with a window kit to expand unit to 38 inches and a vent hose to expand up to 49 inches



Plastic housing for exhaust hose needs upgrade

No left and right adjustment for air direction


 “With this portable air conditioner I have managed to take care of my moisture problem. I also have a device that i can move easily through my home.” – Frank Johnson


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EdgeStar DEP701EW Energy Star Portable Dehumidifier


You can get rid of excess moisture from your home efficiently with this dehumidifier from EdgeStar. Its tank can hold 70 pints of water and you can easily empty it because it is removable. Operation in low temperatures is a bother for other models, but for this dehumidifier it is no problem. With the possibility of adjusting humidity levels from 35 – 80% you will definitely have one of the best dehumidifiers in 2021 if you decide to buy it.



Portable dehumidifier with large capacity effectively removes 70 pints of moisture to leave air pleasantly conditioned

Moisture is conveniently collected in detachable 7.5-liter bucket for no-mess disposal

Precision humidistat is easily used and monitored via electronic controls, with adjustable humidity range of 35 to 80 percent relative humidity

Energy Star-certified with efficient use of energy to perform cooling



Difficult to put water tank back in

Small water bucket necessitates frequent emptying when humidity is extra high


 “No more humidity problems for me, now that I have EdgeStar DEP701EW. I can easily takeit  from one room to the next, thanks to its compact size and light weight.” – John Milton

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Frigidaire FAD704DUD dehumidifier


Best dehumidifier reviews

Frigidaire FAD704DUD dehumidifier is one of the best dehumidifier available in market. It has modern design that works very effectively. It functions by taking in air having lots of moisture and then passing it to the dehumidifying coil that from the side louver gives dry and warm air. Per day, it can gather up to 70 pints of moisture that is collected in the bucket. It can work continuously if it is present near suitable drain. I can easily use it due to its electronic controls.



Mentioned in dozens of best dehumidifier with pump reviews thanks to huge dehumidification capacity of up to 70 pints per day

Unit performs well with continuous operation when ideally located near suitable drain

Two fan speeds easily controlled via digital switching or controls

Offers exceptional operation in low temperature, giving  superior level of dehumidification without the unit getting overheated



Moisture collection bucket has small capacity at 8 quarts, needing repeated emptying at high settings

Too low room temperature can cause cooling coils to ice up


Frigidaire FAD704DUD 70 Pt. dehumidifier was the best choice I could have made for the money I was prepared to spend, to combat the unbearable humidity levels. From the first few days of using it I could sense a huge difference in the air quality.”  Steven Ricks


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Frigidaire FAD301NWD Dehumidifier


If your home has a too big humidity level than you need the help of a dehumidifier and one of the best for the job is the Frigidaire FAD301NWD. While it eliminates excess moisture and doesn`t allow mold to build up, it also keeps airborne bacteria from breathing in your home. The humidity level can be set to your liking from a value of 35 % to as high as 85%. You even have to option of making it work round the clock if you connect it to a reliable draining source. The water tank is large and the dehumidifier will automatically shut off when it is full.



Helps protect the home against growth of mold and mildew by pulling in moisture-laden air and transporting back moisture-free air

Breathe easier thanks to dehumidifying unit that makes the air more breathable by eliminating sickness-causing bacteria floating around

Relative humidity range can be manually programmed to be between 35 percent to 85 percent

Best dehumidifier with pump 2021 thanks to its effortless alert system for full tank and automatic shut-off feature that prevents overfilling



Installation on a level floor to support full bucket water collection

Minimum 12-inch clearance around the unit means no blocking all around


“I knew what I wanted for Xmas and this was the Frigidaire FAD301NWD because the humidity was too much to bear. The discount made it quite cheap and I’m pleased to see it works very well.” – Mathew J. Stevens


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Danby DDR7009REE Dehumidifier


One of the top dehumidifiers you can buy is the Danby DDR7009REE, which is very popular around the US for its top performances. First of all you will learn how to control every detail of this dehumidifier in no time at all, plus it also comes with a simple remote, a digital keypad and a LED display which shows you the humidity level and the room temperature as well. It can also operate continuously if you connect it to a suitable drain. The best dehumidifier reviews hold this model in high regards as well because it can even operate its magic in low temperatures.



Electronic controls on hardworking humidifier facilitate easy operation while remote control functionality enables convenient switching between levels or settings

LED display on digital keypad allows worry-free and accurate reading of dehumidifier operation

Provides Direct Drain Option for uninterrupted operation, which works when unit is placed near an effective drain

Has auto-restart feature and low temperature operation that complement the auto-de-icer element to enable effective running



Tends to operate noisily

Auto shut-off of fan only when bucket is full, not when compressor is off


“I asked myself the question, what is the best dehumidifier in 2021 and the highest rated reviews pointed to the Danby DDR7009REE, so I decided to buy it. I have no complains to make about this dehumidifier which helps me keep the moisture level as I see fit.” – Jack F. Morrison

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Sunpentown SD65E dehumidifier


Among many dehumidifiers that are available in the market today, Sunpentown SD-65E dehumidifier is the best because of its user friendly design and its impressive features. It can dehumidify 65 pints of moisture per day. It is equipped with bucket that tells about the moisture gathered and a removable 10 liters water tank. It can cover the room of 500 square feet easily. It has electronic touch panel that makes it control easy. I like it due to its design and functioning.



Quiet operation coupled with amazing dehumidifying efficiency will remove excess moisture and prevent the growth of annoying mildew and mold in the home

Allergy and asthma sufferers need not live with poor air quality any longer as the unit brings humidity levels down to a more breathable and comfortable level

Has a large-capacity 10-liter water collection tank that lessens emptying work

65-pint-per-day humidity removal covers rooms measuring a maximum of 500 square feet



No auto-de-icer system to protect coils

May be less efficient when temperature drops occur


Sunpentown SD-65E  dehumidifier has proven to be a really great investment for me and I’m sure it’s a top 10 model. No more excess moisture in my basement now that it is working round the clock.”  Alfred Farr


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Eva-Dry petite dehumidifier


Eva-dry petite dehumidifier is ideal for small rooms, bathrooms etc. It uses Peltier Technology. This technology makes it quieter and lighter than many other dehumidifiers. It is smaller and can be fit on desk or table. I like it because it saves energy. When reservoir is full it shuts down automatically. If functions quietly. It takes in the humid air and makes it dry very effectively and consumes very little energy. Due to its quality performance you can find it in many best dehumidifier reviews.



Whisper quiet operation ensures that the unit delivers required dehumidifying energy without causing disturbance to sleeping or working people inside the room

Has a renewable reservoir into which moisture that is collected gets deposited, which is then emptied by user from time to time

Comes in a small and compact size ideal for use in closets, bathrooms and recreational vehicles (RVs)

Performs dehumidifying work while consuming little electricity to incur small operational costs



Small water reservoir capacity of 16 ounces

Usable only with 110AC voltage ratings


Small but effective, this is how I would describe this small dehumidifier. It is the perfect thing to have in my bathroom so the moisture levels are kept in check. The Black Friday deal I bought if for made it extremely cheap, so I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to get it..”  Jannie Hamilton


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EvaDry EDV1100 dehumidifier


Eva-Dry products are renowned for their quality and reliability. EvaDry EDV1100 is one of the EvaDry products that satisfied many users. It is the choice of many people due to its working and design. It provides efficient work in small rooms and bathrooms. It has removable tank of 16 oz. I find it ideal for my working room due to its quiet operating. It makes air dry and warm and uses less energy. It has automatic shut down system when reservoir gets full of water.

This dehumidifier is the best. I have it for 3 months now, and it has proven immediately after I bought it how good it actually is. My moisture problems are behind me, thanks to this model.”  Eva Durham

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SPT SD-40E Dehumidifier


When it comes to dehumidifiers and keeping the humidity levels in your home to the right value, not many devices are better than the SPT SD-40E. It is efficient for rooms 275 sq. ft. large, managing to capture your excess moisture in its 40 pint large water container which is easily removable so you can empty it. The casters make it very mobile, being very easy to transport from one room to the next. When the water in its tank has reached the maximum capacity it will shut-off all by itself. All these great features and it still manages to have Energy Star qualifications.


Soleus Air DP1-70-03 dehumidifier


Soleus Air DP1-70-03 is a very proficient dehumidifier that functions very efficiently. It can remove 70 pints of moisture within a day. It is provided with the removable bucket. It has automatic shut down system when bucket gets full. It saves energy. It can also work continuously if it is attached to the drainage system. I have found it very good in function. It works quietly. It has electronic controls with three fan speeds that can increase or decrease the humidity according to the need.

Allergens that were thriving in my home because of the excess moisture have been dealt with, now that I have the Soleus Air DP1-70-03. The quality of this device makes me recommend it.” Mark Culcik