Professional Deep Fryer with Basket Buying Guide


If you do a lot of frying, you might want to consider buying a deep fryer for your kitchen. Having your own fryer not only makes frying easier and more convenient, it can be healthier as well since less oil is absorbed by food. However, with the wide variety of models available, buying a deep fryer for the first time can be challenging. To help you, here are some of the features you need to look out for.

Best Deep Fryer with Basket

Capacity of the frying container

A deep fryer is essentially a large tank that is filled with oil and which has its own heating element to heat the oil, rather than having to be put on a burner or other external heater. Thus, fryers are generally referred to based on their tank capacity, i.e. a one gallon fryer. The larger the capacity, the more food you can fry. In addition, fryers with larger containers can accommodate multiple sizes of frying baskets.

However, you should make sure that you buy a fryer with a capacity that reflects how much frying you actually do. Buying a fryer with too much capacity can cost you money since it takes a lot of energy to heat oil. Buying a fryer that is too small, however, can result in food that is under-cooked or which forces you to waste time and effort cooking up multiple batches.


Temperature control

While all fryers feature some form of temperature control, the better ones allow you to set the fryer to specific temperatures or have an adjustable thermostat with a digital readout. This enables you to have more control over the cooking process since you can ensure that food is cooked at the exact temperature for the best results.


Safety features

The deep fryer you buy should have a lid in order to prevent the hot oil from splattering. If possible, get one with a window so you can monitor the progress of your frying. Other safety features to consider include breakaway power cords that automatically disengage from the fryer if they are jostled to prevent the device from tipping over.


Top Rated Deep Frayers with Basket in 2018


Now that you know the best features are to look out for when buying deep fryers, you can start shopping for one on Amazon or other online retail sites. If you still need help, please look over our recommendations for the best deep fryers. One of them could be the one that meets your needs.


Waring Pro DF280


1.Waring Pro DF280The professional-quality Waring Pro DF280 has won some of the best deep fryer with basket reviews from Amazon users. 85% of the customer reviews gave the product five-star and four-star reviews. It provides families and small businesses with the flexibility to fry as little or as much as they need since it comes with three heavy mesh baskets, one large and two small. Each basket has a collapsible handle that is cool to the touch, to ensure safe handling. You can cook up to 2.3-lb of food in the DF280.

The frying oil container has a capacity of one gallon and has a convenient pouring spout as well as a lid with a viewing window so you can monitor your frying. There is also a sixty-minute timer with digital readout and temperature control so you can control how long you fry as well as the temperature of the oil. The temperature control readout actually displays the temperature of the oil as it heats up, so you’ll have an idea of how long it is before your food is done. The immersion-style 1800-watt heating element is removable as a safety feature. The fryer is made with brushed stainless-steel to ensure durability.

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T-fal FR8000


2.T-fal FR8000The T-fal FR8000 is one of the top rated deep fryers with basket 2018 with 87% five-star and four-star customer ratings on Amazon. It is a great professional-quality fryer for home use that can cook up to 2.65 pounds of food, while the frying oil container has a capacity of 3.5-liters. It allows you to cook healthier fried food since the advanced oil temperature heating system generates the ideal frying oil temperature to ensure that the food is sealed so that it absorbs the minimum amount of oil. The 1700-watt immersion-style heating element provides you with professional results every time, while the adjustable thermostat allows you to determine the temperature of the oil. There is also a viewing window on the lid that allows you to monitor the progress of your cooking.

The T-fal FR8000 also saves you money since there is an oil filtration system that automatically drains the oil from the frying container and then filters it of dirt for future use. For your convenience, the frying oil is sealed in a separate plastic storage container. In addition, the built-in odor filter protects food from picking up odors that can affect its flavor. Maintaining the T-fal FR8000 is easy since the removable parts are dishwasher-safe.

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Cuisinart CDF-100


3.Cuisinart CDF-100The Cuisinart CDF-100 is rated one of the best deep fryer with basket 2018 models by Amazon users, of whom nearly 80% of have given it five-star and four-star ratings. The compact CDF-100 is ideal for apartment dwellers that don’t have big kitchens or a lot of counter space. Its dimensions are 11-inches x 8-inches x 7.5-inches and weighs less than six pounds. It features a frying bowl that accommodates 1.1-liter of oil and can cook up to ¾-pound of food.  The bowl has a non-stick surface and a built-in heating element that quickly heats oil up to 375-degrees F. The deep fryer is perfect for cooking up snacks such as French Fries and Mozzarella Sticks and light meals.

Some of the best deep fryer with basket reviews posted by Amazon users due to the many small features that greatly add to the CDF-100’s utility. For example, it features a removable plug for your safety since it allows you to unplug the fryer without accidentally tipping it over, and which is kept in place with a magnetic end. The lid also features a filter that greatly reduces the odor of frying in your surroundings, and which is removable for cleaning.

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