Best deck box reviews


Top rated deck boxes in 2019


A good storage system is definitely a headache for any house. Be it your toddler’s toys or old magazines or your garden tools, if you do not have a separate store room then large deck boxes can surely be a great storage option for you in both outdoor and indoor environment. So if the idea of a deck box matches with exactly what you have been looking for, then the following article on the best deck box reviews might help you to make the right decision.


Lifetime Products 60012 deck box


Best deck box reviews

Available in brown and black color with double color shading, this product can be a wonder even for outdoor storage. I like this product particularly for its adequate storage capacity. Able to hold about 130 gallon or 16.4 cubic feet on its inside, the deck box is securely made out of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material. Moreover the deck box’s easy to assemble convenience, rust resistant powdered spring hinge, lock system etc. all adds up to its award winning features among the horizontal sheds category. The box is also averse to any kind accidents due to its spiral hinge that can hold up the lid up to 90 degree without the danger of the lid slamming down on its own. But the best part of the 57” long, 20.75” wide and 23.75” high box is its ingenuity of having 19 vertical slots already cut out on the inside of the box to shape up as much space as I like.

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I had a problem on where to store my old stuffs until I found the Lifetime Products 60012 extra-large deck box. This deck box is accommodating and roomy that it can store a lot inside of it. If you want to organize your things, you can buy this deck box at Amazon.” John Martins


Suncast DB5000 Deck Box


Oh, how much you have winced at the sight of your garden tools lying here and there or at not getting the required plumbing tool at the time of need. For me it never had been a problem from when I myself have started to use the Suncast deck box. This rainproof storage box can easily be stalled in the outdoors thanks to its waterproof lid design. Able to hold up 50 gallon, the made-in USA deck box ensures rust free features and a durable poly-resin built exterior. Coming with a limited 5 years warranty from the manufacturer, this deck box is very much affordable and superbly functional.

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I bought the Suncast deck box at Amazon for the purpose of storing my garden tools. I am very happy because it can really handle my things. Aside from that, the deck box is very stylish. It also durable and doesn’t easily rust. You can buy this at a very affordable price.” Daniel Lang


Suncast PB6700 deck box


Undoubtedly revered as one of the finest in the best deck box reviews, this is not only a storage box but a great courtyard bench too. This cleverly designed dual functionality furniture is able to store 50 gallon of gears. Protected by its resin structure, the deck box has a stay-dry design and easy installation process. I liked the product pretty much for its aesthetic, sturdy, and modest look. Whether on the backyard, terrace, veranda or garden; the Suncast PB6700 will not only make your home clutter free but also comfortable. So while putting a couple of these deck boxes will ensure enough storage but at the same tame with some throw in pillows and cushions they can become your favorite spot for evening chat sessions with friends or family.

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I was amazed with the dual function of the Suncast PB6700 Patio Bench. Aside from the ability to store garden tools, I can also use it as a garden patio chair. The design is very attractive and elucidating. I set it up in just a few minutes without any difficulties.”  Jennifer Lamson


Rubbermaid 5F21 deck box


For those who live an organized life and want their home to be tidy and spacious, here comes a solution for them. If mass storage units are what you are looking for, I will surely tell you to go for the Rubbermaid 5F21. Because this deck box is not only a storage unit but you can organize a couple of them around your home for sitting service as well. Measured as 25 inches in height, 26.2 inches in width and 42.5 inches in depth; the deck box is pretty large to hold adequate storage. Impressive with its easy accessible hinged lid, the box also features for safety locking too. One more thing for which I personally have liked the deck box is for its strong solid design with cold averse crack resistant structure.

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I was impressed with the stable and solid and structure of the Rubbermaid 5F21 Deck Box with Seat. This deck box is a safe place to store garden tools, toys and other unused things. It has a very reliable lock which maintains the safety and security of the things stored in it. ”  Billy Drewry


Rubbermaid 5E39 deck box


Who would not like a maintenance free, easy-to-assemble deck box that can serve as a storage unit and also a seat? And these are the precise things I have loved about this model. Made to hold 16.2 cubic feet of storing capacity, the box can stand heat and cold. Moreover for its high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic structure and crack resistance ability the deck box is perfect for both indoor and outdoor environment. But the best part of this box is its grid floor to keep long handled tools nicely in their place. Pleasant for its olive steel painted panels and sandstone tinted top, the deck box also features interconnected resin boards with lockable doors for simple compartmentalization.

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The Rubbermaid 5E39 extra-large deck box with seat is the best deck box you can use for your home. I placed it anywhere in our attic and I am very impressed about its ability to store things without diminishing the quality of the material. The deck box is durable and outstanding. ”  Nicolasa McBride