Top rated decanters in 2018


For tasting a type of wine in its purest form you need to have at your disposal a decanter. Now, getting one is not a really expensive investment if your like your wine, but you must know which model offers the most advantages. A quick glance over the best decanters reviews will sort out this problem and you will be able to get a really good model for yourself. This way you avoid spending money on things that are useless.


Wine Enthusiast Vivid Wine Decanter


Best Decanters reviewsLike the name says, if you are a wine enthusiast then you need to have this decanter for when you are going to serve a great bottle of wine. The exquisite design is handmade on the continent where the best wine is made, Europe. The wide base design has the purpose to better aerate the actual wine poured inside the decanter. Also, the crystal is lead-free and will make sure the taste is unaltered. Wine experts think it is one of the best decanters in 2018.

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Final Touch WDA909 Traditional Style Decanter


Final Touch WDA909 decanter has all the right features for you to taste your wine in the best way possible. The sediment filter has an excellent design, made out of stainless steel, which traps all the excess sediment from your wine. Also this decanter aerates the wine much better than your regular model. It is made of blown glass and you should wash it by hand because your dishwasher might deteriorate it. The best decanters reviews are very positive when describing this model.

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Bormioli Rocco Selecta Whiskey Gift Set


For whiskey lovers this set is the perfect gift, having multiple glasses and a decanter from which the drink can be served. It has been made in Italy from a combination of fine sands and raw materials. The decanter has a nice starburst pattern which gives it a very interesting look. This set if very solid and every piece is dishwasher safe, so you won’t put much effort into cleaning it.  The top decanters reviews recommend it for whiskey drinkers.

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Godinger 25868 Dublin Whiskey Decanter


If whiskey is your drink then you need to have it from this decanter coming from Godinger, which has a very affordable price. It will feel heavy in your hand because it is constructed 24% from lead crystal. Also you will love the excellent design which will look simply brilliant in your mini-bar. But be advised that if you want to take proper care of it you should wash it by hand. This decanter blends perfectly with silverware or other accessories made by Godinger.

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Luigi Bormioli 99301/01 Magnifico Decanter


Luigi Bormioli Magnifico decanter for wine is a great addition to any kitchen which belongs to a wine enthusiast. The design will impress you from the beginning, having a very elegant side to it, so you have to use it only for the best wines. It doesn’t actually cost too much, making it affordable for anyone. Only lead-free materials go into its construction, not altering the unique taste of the wine. Don’t worry about cleaning it because the solid construction can be placed in a dishwasher.

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