How to Select a Top Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner


Since its invention in the 1980s by a British engineer called James Dyson, the cyclonic vacuum cleaner has come a long way, and people back in the days could hardly imagine the bulky prototypes becoming the sleek, lightweight models on sale today. A cyclonic vacuum cleaner has many advantages over regular vacuum cleaners, as it maintains the air inside your home breathable, free of dust and allergens, and you can easily keep the unit clean. If you are searching for a good quality model, the following buying guide will help you identify the top rated cyclonic vacuum cleaners 2022 that are available right now.

Best Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner

Upright or canister?

One of the first things you need to decide when you are shopping for a cyclonic vacuum cleaner is whether you want an upright model or one that comes with the classic design involving a canister and a long extender so you can reach everywhere you want. Each type of design has its advantages. The first is a great option in case you do not want to bend while cleaning, while the latter is great for cleaning stairs and in general, offers more freedom of movement.


HEPA filter

Since cyclonic vacuum cleaners are basically bagless models, you need to know that a good filtering system is used for cleaning the air that eventually is driven out of the unit. The best cyclonic vacuum cleaner reviews recommend using models that come equipped with HEPA filters, so you can be sure that the air you are breathing is free of allergens. Air quality is not something to take lightly and there are enough pollutants all around us to be concerned with it. A good quality vacuum cleaner can make the air in your home safer for you and your family.


Extra tools

Like any kind of vacuum cleaner, cyclonic types come with a few extra tools that can make your cleaning tasks much easier to tackle. Various brushes for cleaning hard to reach corners and crevices are nice to have, as well as a long cord that will allow you to move around and see about your chores without any impediments.


Top Rated Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaners in 2022


The three models listed below are all contenders for the title of the best cyclonic vacuum cleaner 2022. They offer the great advantages offered by James Dyson’s technology, plus several features that make them score high in consumers’ preferences. If one of them is what you need, you will discover right away.


Bissell CleanView 9595A


1.BISSELL CleanView 9595A Vacuum CleanerThe Bissell CleanView 9595A Vacuum Cleaner is an upright model that makes cleaning a breeze, and doesn’t let you bend and twist your spine while handling the cleaning. There are many advantages that recommend this model. First of all, it is lightweight, and you can manipulate it with ease. Second of all, the powerful suction it provides will leave your floors and carpets really clean.

What many people love about cyclonic models is how easy is to clean them and maintain them in good working order for a long time. This model is no exception to the rule and it comes with an easy to empty dirt tank that will not cause dust to contaminate your air, like regular vacuum cleaners do.

The Bissell CleanView 9595A Vacuum Cleaner comes with a washable foam filter, so you will have no troubles cleaning the unit whenever the filter gets too dirty. It must also be mentioned that this model comes with some nice extras, such as a TurboBrush tool that helps you clean stairs, upholstery and your entire furniture. All in all, the multi-level filtration system this cyclonic vacuum cleaner comes equipped with and the powerful suction make it a highly recommended purchase for your household.

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Hoover SH20030


2.Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick VacuumOne of the things that people often complain about when it comes to vacuum cleaners is that they do not tend to be as effective for cleaning rugs and carpeted areas on one side, and hard floors on the other. The Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum solves this issue by making the transition between hard floors and carpets really easy. If you decide to purchase this unit, you will not be disappointed with the results.

The upright model is easy to manipulate, and, especially if you suffer from back pains, you will appreciate not having to bend a lot while cleaning. The unit is lightweight, so even seniors can use it without any troubles.

Regular vacuum cleaners tend to send the dust they vacuum right back into the air you are breathing, but the Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum makes sure to retain the dirt and dust inside its dirt cup, helping the air in your home maintain proper quality. Praised by the vast majority of the best cyclonic vacuum cleaner reviews, this model offers plenty of useful options in order to obtain a thorough cleaning.

The edge cleaning bristles makes sure that no corner remains dirty and the wide mouth helps remove larger debris.

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Ovente ST2000 Featherlite


3.Ovente ST2000 Featherlite Cyclonic VacuumWhile the models presented above were both upright units, we decided to include a canister model, as well, for those who prefer the versatility of this type of design. The Ovente ST2000 Featherlite Cyclonic Vacuum comes with high quality HEPA filter, to ensure that the air inside your home remains dust free and also free of allergens.

There are many reasons why so many people prefer this particular model. For instance, the automatic cord rewind function lets you rewind the cord with the simple push of a button. The see through dust compartment lets you see right away if the bin is full and it needs cleaning.

Like the models reviewed above, this one also offers the advantages of cyclonic technology. The airflow is sped up through the unit and the dust is driven into the bin for safe storage, instead of contaminating your air.

The 188.5 inch cord lets you plenty of freedom to move around while seeing about your cleaning tasks. The extra brush for cleaning crevices is really handy, for all the areas that you cannot reach with ease. The hose swivels 360 degrees, offering you the best freedom of movement, so you can efficiently clean the entire house.

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