Tips for Buying a Top Cyclometer


Simple to operate and equipped with plenty of functions, the modern electronic cyclometer has quickly become an essential gadget and an invaluable bike accessory. Extremely useful for any biker, a good cyclometer is quite hard to find. Before purchasing one, it is best to get the most useful and accurate information possible about all the aspects that separate a good cyclometer from the rest. This guide will help you make the best decision when buying a new cyclometer for your bike.


All the best cyclometer reviews rate accuracy on top of all parameters when comparing one model to another. While most cyclometers have relatively decent accuracy parameters it is best to know that some models compute the distance traveled averaging multiple sensors. Additional GPS systems can be used to further enhance the accuracy of measurement. A good rule is to get the cyclometer with the best sensors and take extra care when calibrating it to avoid any kind of problems later on. Remember to reset the cyclometer from time to time in order to re-calibrate it. This way you will ensure the most accurate readings from your computer.



As with any bike accessories, the cyclometer must be durable enough to withstand any kind of road conditions. The best cyclometer 2018 must be designed to work efficiently in different variations of air pressure and external temperature. Being able to cope with any kind of adverse weather conditions like rain or snow is another plus to consider when choosing a good cyclometer. Regardless of your biking habits, keep in mind that durable equipment will be able to keep working for years, giving you the best value for your money.


Extra Functions

Added functions and options are all the rage today. Rated highly by the best cyclometer reviews, these additions will greatly enhance your biking experience and give you valuable information while on the move. Ranging from external air pressure and humidity to average speed calculations and multi timers, the extra functions can vary from model to model. Whether you will need them or not, it is always a good idea to check them out.


Top Cyclometers in 2018


While searching through all the best cyclometer reviews, we came across the most popular and praised models. In order to help fellow bikers decide, we created a small list featuring the best of the best. Select any of the following models and rest assured you will get yourself the dream cyclometer for your bike.


CatEyeStrada CC-RD300W


Modern and eye catching, this wireless cyclometer is one of the most advanced models we found during our research. Praised by all and even named the best cyclometer 2018 by some, the CatEyeStrada is the perfect bike accessory for any true bike lover. Delivering the best performance and packed with timers and speed ratings, this model is great for both competitive and leisure biking.

Delivering the most accurate speed rating without the help of any kind of intrusive wiring, this advanced wireless cyclometer reads its sensors multiple times per second in order to provide the perfect reading all the time. Tested by many cyclists, the CatEyeStrada features incredible accuracy, surpassing even the most precise GPS driven devices.

Packed with a huge array of functions that can compute any kind of ride parameters like maximum speed or ride distance, this cyclometer is an indispensable tool that can help you measure and compare your performance in any given moment. Additional programmable odometers will give you even more information as needed, all of it easily accessible with a simple push of a button.

Smart, accurate and extremely simple to install and use, this cyclometer is the best choice for any biker and it is our top cyclometer recommendation for cycling enthusiasts.

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Sigma Sport BC8.12


Built by the renowned company Sigma Sport, the BC8 is one of the most versatile cyclometers available on the market. Simple and efficient, this bike computer is packed with all the tools and functions you will need during your bike trips. Easy to install and use, featuring a large digital screen with perfect readability, this cyclometer is the best choice when it comes to functionality and simplicity.

Without sacrificing accuracy, the Sigma Sport BC8 cyclometer keeps a focus on usability and accessibility. Quick to install and extremely simple to calibrate it will deliver accurate ride data as soon as possible. Selected as one of the top rated cyclometers 2018 for its ease of use and efficiency, the BC8 is a favorite among all bikers.

Featuring an array of functions from current speed to distance traveled or total ride duration, this cyclometer has anything you need for a great ride whether you plan to bike for a short distance or a long trip. Additional, this cyclometer can upload all of its collected data to a computer for in depth analysis.

Comfortable and simple, accurate and durable, the Sigma Sport BC8 ranks high for its functionality and versatility. Used and loved by all bikers this model is the ideal choice when looking for a simple, durable and functional cyclometer for your bike.

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Planet Bike Protege CU0003


When looking for a more durable and adaptable bike computer, the Planet Bike Protege 9 may deliver the right answers to your needs. Modern and compact, featuring a lot of functions and extra options, this cyclometer is known and praised for its reliability and durability by all the best cyclometer reviews.

Noted for its accuracy and ease of use, this cyclometer is the perfect companion on any kind of long trip where its endurance and reliability are great advantages. Featuring one of the strongest and most durable waterproof casings and using a heavy duty cable harness, the Planet Bike Protege 9 is the true king of outdoor biking. Ruling supreme over all the elements ,this cyclometer proves its durability with a lifetime warranty which makes it unique and the best in its class.

The large LCD monitor can deliver any kind of useful information that you may need during your trips, from bike speed to actual traveled distance. Easy to read and simple to customize and use, this modern cyclometer delivers the best experience regardless of environment or weather conditions.

Getting the most durable cyclometer for your bike was never easy. Choose the Planet Bike Protege 9 and you will get a bike computer that will last forever.

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