What to Consider When Purchasing a Cycling Resistance Trainer


If the weather is no friend of yours today, or you simply live in a rainy area but are a hardcore cyclist deep down inside, you should look for the best cycling resistance trainer of 2018. With such a device, you can keep your workout routine and enjoy pedaling even in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re still having trouble deciding what type of cycling resistance trainer you need, check out our short yet informative buying guide, to find out more about them and to make the right choice.

Types of cycling resistance trainers

There are many kinds of cycling resistance trainers out there. For instance, there are wind trainers, which are great for a decent workout but can often produce too much noise. They produce resistance with the help of a fan. They can be used for sprint training and are known to speak to the needs of many types of cyclists. Maximum resistance is around 1000 watts.

Mag trainers are the most popular type on the current market. It’s thanks to magnets that these ones produce resistance, which also revolves around 1000 watts.

Fluid resistance trainers are made for individuals who like to speed up their workout gradually. They increase the amount of resistance as users begin to cycle faster. Their top resistance is somewhere around 2000 watts.

Interactive trainers can be connected to a computer, thus allowing you to visualize data regarding your speed, heart rate and scores. They might be among the top rated cycling resistance trainers in 2018, but are also the most expensive.


Set up tips

Before starting your exercise, it’s best you follow some guidelines. First of all, you need to check that everything is installed properly. Secondly, you need ventilation, and if you’re doing the cycling indoors, you either have to open a window or use a fan. Finally, don’t forget to hydrate properly, especially during longer sessions.


Prices of cycling resistance trainers

Wind trainers and mag trainers can be bought for as little as $150, depending on the brand and model. Fluid trainers usually cost around $300 to $350, whereas interactive ones are known to cost even $1000.


Top Rated Cycling Resistance Trainers in 2018


To make matters easier, we’ve looked at the best cycling resistance trainer reviews and have concluded that the following three models are the best one yet. They are both affordable and top-quality devices. Just remember, it is up to you to assess your own needs and pick the right model.


Blackburn Tech Mag 3


This Blackburn device is among the most compact and lightweight on the market. The model can easily be considered the best cycling resistance trainer 2018. It’s easy to carry around. Thus, you can even take it with you while you’re on vacation or even on a business trip.

It’s perfectly compatible with 700c and 26” wheels, which makes it a standard device for regular bikes out there. The neat thing about it is that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Non-US citizens unfortunately cannot purchase it at this time, considering the fact that it can’t be delivered overseas.

The same Blackburn model has received some of the best cycling resistance trainer reviews, with people claiming it is is quiet and easy to install. In fact, some individuals underline the fact that they did not require the assistance of any other person when setting it up.

Many buyers claim it doesn’t produce a whole lot of noise, but some have complained about the issue. The same people state that the amount of noise was far greater when using it with a mountain bike.

Most satisfied customers speak highly of the resistance it comes with, and state that this is a perfect device for beginners.

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Graber Mag


Although it’s cheaper than the model that we’ve mentioned above, this Graber one is actually a little more performant. First of all, it comes with three levels of resistance, making it a great choice both for beginners and for advanced cyclists. Secondly, it’s equipped with leveling feet, which practically make sure that you benefit from a stable workout.

As is the case of the Blackburn cycling resistance trainer, this one was also specially developed for 26” wheels. An advantage of picking this one is that it also fits 27” wheels. Unlike the aforementioned trainer, it comes with a warranty of one year.

Considering the fact that this item has received some of the best cycling resistance trainer reviews out there, it really is a must have. In fact, more than 50 people have rewarded it with 5-star ratings. Some speak highly of its sturdiness and of the ease of installation, whereas others claim it’s not too noisy and that it works remarkably well.

Various people also state that the size of the Graber Mag is perfect and that it fits perfectly in any room of their houses.

It’s a 100% American product, being manufactured in the USA and currently delivered only in this country.

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RAD Cycle Products MAX


Yet another model that has received the best cycling resistance trainer reviews is this RAD Cycle Products one, which allows users to train indoors regardless of how bad the weather is. As we were saying in the buying guide, an advantage to getting a cycling resistance trainer is its portability, and this one folds easily and can therefore be taken on the go. Its size helps buyers carry it wherever they want.

The model fits standard bikes with 26” and 27” or 700c wheels. To ensure a perfect operation, the device comes with a front wheel anti-slip pad, which prevents any uncomfortable accidents from happening.

Both the manufacturers and the buyers claim that it is easy to set up and quiet enough for users to listen to TV while they’re exercising.

As is the case of the Graber Mag we were describing above, this one also comes with more than 50 5-star ratings and a lot of positive reviews. While some people praise its durability, others emphasize its stability. Most of these individuals speak highly of the fact that it comes at an amazing price, although it’s a high-quality product.

While some think this is a device designed for beginners, others state that even advanced cyclers can have their cake and eat it with this one.

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