Top rated cycling GPS in 2018


There are thousands of Americans that love to pedal to the metal and feel the wind brushing their body. Every destination becomes easier once you have a great bicycle and the proper indications along the road. Now, as so many pro riders pointed out, a bike without a cycling GPS is blind. More and more beginners and also seasoned riders use GPS devices, specially made for their bikes, to find great routes and implicitly expand the fun had with the bike. Consult with care the present best cycling GPS reviews and use the information in order to locate the most efficient product, suited to your riding skills.


Garmin Edge 510 GPS bike computer


Best cycling GPS reviewsSearching for a reliable cycling GPS can be a bit difficult without the right information. According to the latest top rated cycling GPS reviews it seems that more and more people use with confidence Garmin Edge 510, a model designed to enhance your riding skills. This advanced device comes equipped with live tracking, weather updates and a keen track on the road. You should also know that the GPS comes with a touchscreen and easy to use interface, letting you access different types of information, needed for your riding experience. The GPS allows you to keep track of important data during the ride such as speed, distance, time, elevation, location and many more.

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Garmin Edge 810 GPS bike computer


In the present, equipping your bike with an advanced GPS is very important. Why? With this device you are able to control every aspect of the ride better. You can use one of the best cycling GPS in 2018 from Garmin: Edge 810, a model that significantly improves the way you ride. This device comes with a 2.6” touchscreen color user interface that gives you the possibility to access the important data. Due to Garmin Connect allow you to instantly upload different riding data to your smartphone or tablet. Furthermore the GPS has improved navigation system, giving better route indications and traffic pinpoints.

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Timex T5K615 Cycle Timer GPS


Shopping for a professional GPS bike computer can be more than challenging without consulting some of the best cycling GPS reviews, written by pro riders. Now, you have the possibility to choose Timex T5K615 Cycle Timer, which can be used to keep track of every phase of the ride. Furthermore the model comes with advanced ANT+ sensors that are used in order to record speed, HRM, cadence and riding power. The display is fully customizable and it gives you the possibility to upload your work to Training Peaks, without any problems. In addition to the advanced data transfer, the GPS comes with 18 hour of battery life.

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Polar RC3 GPS Tour de France GPS


It is very important to ride without restrictions during various trails! How can you enjoy this riding freedom? Find out why thousands of people use with confidence Polar RC3 GPS Tour de France, a high quality electronic device which helps you to carry on and pedal with more ease. This advanced GPS heart rate monitor permits to track your on-going cycling speed, distance covered, altitude, cadence, route and many more. You should also know that the device comes equipped with unique Polar Smart coaching features. Precise feedback will be at your disposal any moment of the ride, experiencing quality results.

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Garmin Edge 605 Bicycle monitor GPS


When it comes to professional GPS, one brand releases quality models year after year: Edge 605. This advanced GPS manages to help you measure with precision every step of riding experience, with no problems whatsoever. The device automatically tracks your distance, speed, calories burned, time and also altitude. It comes with a readable color display which can be read even during direct sunlight. You should also know that the model incorporates a high sensitivity receiver that can pick up precise sensors, every moment of the cycling ride. Garmin Edge 605 GPS also features an USB cable instruction manual, AC charger, bike mount and CD-ROM.

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