How to Buy a Reliable Cutout Tool


The market today is filled with a variety of cutout tools, and manufacturers are not making it easy for buyers to pick a certain model. If you want to get the best cutout tool in 2018, our advice to you is to look for as much information as possible. Try to spend some time on reading the best cutout tool reviews, as these can help you make up your mind about what you actually need in a unit.

A. Cutout tools

Cutout tools vs. Rotary tools

In spite of the fact that both of these tools rely on the same concept and can be used for the same activities, there are some details that separate them. Both the overall sizes and the dimensions of their motors differ largely, in the sense that cutout tools are bigger and heavier than their rotary counterparts. The second can be used for finer work, such as polishing or stenciling.

While both cutout and rotary tools can be corded, only the first can be cordless.


What can you use a cutout tool for?

These units can be utilized for a large number of activities, such as cutting wood, pipe, nails, ceramic tile, marble, drywall and even fiberglass. Some models are versatile enough to allow you to sharpen other tools, chainsaws included. If you need to strip paint, shape metal or remove some grout, you can also do so with the help of the right cutout tools.



There would be no point in using a cutout tool without a decent collection of attachments. For example, circular cutters can be used for shaping and cutting circles in the material of your choice. Buyers can also choose from a variety of guided bits, or grinding, sanding and polishing attachments.



Prices of units vary largely according to the features they come with and the reputation of the manufacturing brand. For instance, two of the most acclaimed manufacturers of cutout tools are Makita and DeWalt.

If you choose a model that’s being produced by one of these two, you’re most likely to own it for a lifetime. Their models are dependable and sturdy, which is why they’ve gathered some of the best cutout tool reviews.

Getting a low-end unit might cost you less than $60. Choosing a top-of-the-line one could make you spend up to $200.


Top Rated Cutout Tools in 2018


We have taken the time to go over hundreds of buyers’ opinions and have selected three of the most acclaimed models of cutout tools out there. Each has gathered an impressive number of positive reviews. All of them can usually be bought for over $100, but the price isn’t high if we take into account their versatility.


DeWalt DW660


1. DEWALT DW660 Cut-Out 5 AMPThis model comes with a 5 Amp motor, one of the most powerful ones out there. A sealed motor is also one of its characteristics, which make it a great alternative for individuals who are not keen on creating any mess resulting from drywalling. It also features a tool-free bit-changing system, and is accompanied by two collets: a ⅛ one and a ¼ one.

It really goes without saying that this is one of the most versatile cutout tools on the market today, considering the fact that buyers can use it for performing quick cutouts in plywood, drywall and tile. According to the manufacturers, it can also be used for cutting through cement board, countertops and plexiglass. Thanks to the motor power, all of these activities can undoubtedly be performed quickly and effectively.

The tool uses spiral cutting bits, which can be utilized both for plunging and for lateral cutting.

Let’s see what buyers had to say about this DeWalt model. There are more than 100 Amazon reviews that vouch for the quality of the unit. All of these customers have awarded the product 5-star ratings. While some state that it works great, others claim it is remarkably easy to handle. All things considered, this one could very well be the best cutout tool 2018.

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DeWalt DCS551B Max


2. DEWALT DCS551B 20VThe motor of this DeWalt tool is also considerably powerful, as it comes with 26,000 RPM and a voltage of 20 volts. It might not be as versatile as the DW660 we described above, nor can it compare with it in matters of performance and power. However, it’s a decent cutout tool for people looking to avoid spending a fortune on a device like this.

The unit comes with a tool-free bit and a dust-sealed switch. The last addition is certainly a great choice for individuals who want to keep using the tool for as long as possible, by prolonging its life.

The neat thing about this model is the fact that it even features an LED light, which gives a helping hand to workers struggling with cutting dark surfaces. The manufacturers, as well as a large number of buyers, state that it can be successfully used for cutting holes in drywall, be they for outlets, lighting or electrical boxes.

Customers must take into account that the battery is not included in the pack.

The DCS551B has over time gathered some of the best cutout tool reviews, with buyers claiming it’s lightweight yet precise. Others praise its reasonable price as well as its easiness of use.

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Makita 3706


3. Makita 3706 DrywallThe Makita 3706 is one of the top rated cutout tools of 2018. That’s not exactly a surprise, considering it comes with a powerful 5 Amp motor and an RPM of 32,000. At this point, it’s obvious that it is actually more performant than the first DeWalt model we showcased. What’s really neat about it is its price. It’s actually cheaper than the both aforementioned Dewalt units.

The tool comes with a 2-way on/off switch, making it remarkably easy to use. Setting the cutting depth with this one does not require the use of any other tools. Moreover, the Makita features a cutting-edge design, which helps users control it as precisely as possible. Slimness of the body is a big plus when maneuvering cutout tools.

Yet another noteworthy detail is the fact that it comes with fan exhaustion, which makes it possible for workers to be protected from dust and other debris. As is the case with the two previously described models, this one also features a sealed switch that shelters the tool from dust and thus ensures its long lastingness.

Some of the best cutout tool reviews speak highly of the Makita’s comfortable grip and easiness of use.

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