Cheap crossbows for sale


Crossbows over the years have been used extensively for hunting and target pactice. Long ago they were used in combat but technological advances heve given them the roles mentioned above. If you are intrested in purchasing a crossbow for whatever the reason than taking a look at the best crossbows under $50 is surely necessary. These suggestion are no expensive and have top performances which you should take advantage off.


Cobra Self-Cocking Crossbow Pistol


Best crossbows under $50A crossbow from our best Cobra Bows crossbows reviews which will be reliable and you can put your faith in, is the Cobra Self-Cocking Pistol which makes for a very popular choice around the US. As a bonus for acquiring this crossbow you will also receive 3 metal arrows which are great for hunting game. These arrows can be shot at speeds of nearly 160 fps, which will make short work of your target for up to 100 yards from your position.

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“ I admire the Cobra Self-Cocking Crossbow Pistol because I can precisely hit my target without encountering too much difficulty. Along with it, I can also bring it anywhere because it is lightweight and portable. The product was also designed innovatively which makes it more attractive.”  Rosemary Golden


80lbs Cobra Self-cocking Crossbow


One of the best crossbows under $50 is considered to be, by enthusiasts and projection specialists alike, the 80lbs Cobra. The self-cocking system will enable you to reload much faster than other crossbows and thus not losing precious moments during a hunt. If you buy it there are 15 metal arrows included which will help you get a lot of game, because they are extremely accurate. The design is also nice with a combination of gold and black and the whole thing is made out of quality metal.

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“ The 80lbs Cobra Self-cocking Crossbow is another product that I bought from Amazon. This is very useful when we have some terrain activities because it can accurately hit the target. The product is impressive in its function which made it one of the best crossbows in the market.”  Gus Jame Michael


Avalanche Pistol Grip Crossbow


Don`t let the Avalanche`s size foul you, it packs quite a punch and it is very accurate in the process too. Many users have named it ideal for target practice and also for hunting small game. With its relatively small size it can still fire metral arrows at a disance of 35 feet with speeds of up to 150 fps. You also get for free 5 plastic bolts with a field tip, perfect for target practice.

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“ I always use the Avalanche Pistol Grip Crossbow whenever I have practice target. The product is ideal for all people who love to play crossbow. You will surely gain the best this experience with this product so you will never regret buying this in jus affordable price. I am happy owning one of it.” Irma Cain


Cobra Self-Cocking Crossbow with Scope


The Cobra Self-Cocking crossbow is used around the US by experience trackers because it is very accurate and helped them get a lot of game. As you can imagine the reviews have been very good and one thing they all praise is the laser dot scope. It is built from aluminum and high-tech fiberglass so its very light and comfortable to carry around when you are off on a long hunting trip. Many think of it as one of the best crossbow under $50 for its excellent features.

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“ The Cobra Self-Cocking Crossbow with Scope is a very durable product from Amazon. It is nice and ergonomic to handle. The product is widely used in America so you will surely be guarantee by its performance. Aside from the performance, you will also admire its speed and accuracy.” Alba Stewart


CB-1 50 Pound Crossbow


Another choice that you should seriously take into consideration is the CB-1 50 pound crossbow. Its designers have bulit it to be extremely accurate and at the same time shoot bolts with high speeds. Target practice is perfect for this model and you can even take it hunting with you but it is recommended that you only go for small game with it. Such good performances have made a lot of customers happy about it and they have created positive reviews as well.

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“ I bought the CB-1 50 Pound Crossbow long years ago and I am impressed with it because it makes difference from other product in the market. The product is durable and the color coating doesn’t change even it stays longer with me. You will surely be happy owning this crossbow.”  Murray Young