Top rated cross line lasers in 2019


Every time you go out to do something you need those precise measurements so the final product has a professional quality. One of the best tools to have for this job in your tool kit is the cross line laser which uses modern laser technology to measure everything perfectly. If you want to get a top one for yourself then the most reliable way you can do it is to go over the best cross line lasers reviews which will point out the one you should buy and the ones you shouldn’t.


DeWalt DW087K Horizontal and Vertical Line Laser


Best Cross Line Lasers reviewsPerfection is achieved by this line laser from DeWalt when it comes to making measurements. With it your different house projects will always turn out just the way you want them to. Just set it up, press the on/off button and you are ready to go. For metal surfaces this line laser has the perfect design feature, a built-in magnetic pivot which will make it easy mountable on these kind of surfaces. It can run on 3 AAA batteries for almost 20 hours making it one of the best cross line lasers in 2019.

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Bosch GLL2-50 Self-Leveling Crossline Laser


Another great investment can prove to be getting the Bosch GLL2-50 cross line laser, which has the ability to project two laser lines horizontally or vertically, independently or together at the same time. The whole device is housed in a robust over-molded plastic material which doesn’t allow dust to get inside thus the laser operating perfectly for years and years. The laser lines will be highly visible even when you have to work in bright conditions.

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Leica DISTO LINO L2 Self Leveling Cross Line Laser


The Leica DISTO LINO L2 cross line laser will impress from the first sight through its futuristic look. But good looks are not the best thing about it, its ability to work at up to 45 feet is impressive and if you add a detector it can go up to 100 feet. Also it is extremely accurate managing to even correct minor angle errors automatically. If you want to create a 90 degree angle which you need to follow, you just have to press a button and presto you have that perfect angle.

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Johnson Level and Tool 40-0921 Cross Line Laser Level Kit


The quality to price ratio of this cross line laser has impressed even the top cross line lasers reviews. This is an entire kit perfectly designed so you manage to cover any angle making your project turn out just the way you want. With it you will have the ability to make horizontal or vertical layouts to plan perfectly before you get to work, always knowing where you are in relation to the projected laser line. Transportation is not dangerous for it because it has a locking mechanism for protection.

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SKIL MT 8201-Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser


The best cross line lasers reviews all agree that the SKIL MT 8201 model is a high quality one which has the necessary performances to never disappoint. It has the ability to project individual horizontal or vertical laser lines and also both at the same time to divide a certain space and create points of reference. If its angle needs to be corrected because it is not right, it will automatically sense this and adjust. A device of this quality and so useful comes actually at a very moderate price range.

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