Top Cross Country Skis in 2022


After going cross country skiing a few times, maybe you’ve decided that you quite enjoy the activity and you want to do it more often. Instead of renting the skis, you want to purchase new cross country skis of your own, and now you are starting to research the best cross country skis for 2022.

For someone who is new to the sport, you may not be aware that there are more than one type of cross country skis to choose from. Instead of choosing a set of skis to go compete in a race, you may choose a pair of skis that are intended for a beginner. We have created this guide to help you figure out the differences between the skis and we also will provide you with the five of the best cross country ski reviews.

There are six different types of cross country skis available.

Classic Touring Cross Country Skis are longer than most cross country skis and they are measured the user’s height. To get a good idea of the size of the skis you need for this type, use this equation:

Your height X 2.6 +15 = Approximate size of a classic touring ski

Compact Touring Cross Country Skis are a little bit shorter and wider than classic skis. These are good for people who want control in deep snow or if they get into trickier situations. These skis are sized by your weight.

Ski Size Skiers Weight (Lbs)
Small (160-165cm) <140
Medium (170-175cm) 132-185
Large (180-185cm) 176-209
X-Large (185-195cm) >209


Skating Cross Country Skis are intended for those who intend to ski on groomed trails that are made of packed snow, or skating over snow covered lakes. Skating cross country skis are typically the most popular cross country skis for races. These skis are shorter and less flexible than classic skis. To know the size of these skis, use the following equation:

Your height X 2.6 + 5 = Approximate size of a skating ski

Backcountry Cross Country Skis are used on deep, freshly fallen snow. In other words, these are used for making your own trails if you are out in the middle of nowhere. These are often more substantial in size than other skis and they are sized a little differently. Also, the skis have metal on the edges to help you navigate rougher terrains. To know the size you need for these skis, use this equation:

Your height + or – 5 to 15 cm.

This measurement depends on the specific use and the kind of ski you are interested in.

Now that you know the types of skis that are available and how to size them, let’s look at other aspects.

Many of the highest rated cross country skis have bases that can be waxed. The wax adds traction and gives you the best performance. Of course, if you prefer not to mess with wax, you can choose waxless skis. Instead of wax, the middle third of the skis have a textured bottom that helps the ski grip the snow. According to the best cross country ski reviews, both are among the top ten user rated skis, so it is difficult to say which base is the best.

An important part of skiing is to have properly fitting boots and bindings. It is important to use the best bootsand bindings for the money you will be spending. The bindings and boots you choose must coincide with the type of ski you are going to be using. A professional will be able to help you choose the right combination so that you have a safe and functional set up.

When you are trying on the boot, it should feel like a regular pair of running shoes. They will be comfortable to wear and have just enough room for a pair of socks and a sock liner.

To complete your cross country ski set up, you will need to choose a set of poles that fit comfortably in the crook of your underarm. Skiers who are using skating skis can benefit from longer poles, which will propel them and help gain more speed. Backcountry skiers can benefit from adjustable poles that can match the conditions. When you are reading the following 5 reviews of the best cross country skis for 2022, you should keep in mind the things mentioned above.


Things to consider:

  • What kind of terrain will you be skiing on? This will dictate what kind of skis you need.
  • After you choose the ski type, follow the given equation to choose the proper size.
  • Figure out what is important to you in terms of waxed or waxless skis. Waxed skis perform better, but waxless is more convenient.
  • Choose poles that are appropriate for your skis. Skating skis need long poles to help gain speed, casual skiers can use lightweight poles that fit under the arm, and backcountry skiers need adjustable poles to accommodate the conditions.


Alpina Sports Discovery Cross-Country Backcountry Skis


This ski is a waxless backcountry ski that closes the gap between touring skis. They offer excellent performance for many different conditions you may experience while backcountry skiing. The double camber is ideal for skiing through mixed snow conditions. The wooden core and the fiberglass cap construction gives the ski a long life span and provide torsional rigidity and strength while still being leightweight. With the Alpina Discovery Ski, you have optimal control because the entire length of the skis have metal on the edge to help you descend the icy slopes. The skis are a little wider than most, but this gives you the ability to initiate quick turns.

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Alpina Control NIS Nordic Cross-Country Skis


These skis are lightweight and offer you incredible stability, which is ideal for a novice skier. They are easy to manage on the snow and they are made of a durable SCUFF TUFF top deck, which is exclusive to Alpina. This top deck prevents snow from building up on the ski and it will help keep them looking fantastic for years to come. The waxless Ultra-gripping base does not require any extra maintenance and it gives you the perfect balance of kick, which is necessary for climbing, and glide. These skis use Rottefella Nordic Integrated System binding plate; however, the binding is sold separately.

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Alpina Sports Women’s Control Lite Cross Country Light Touring Skis


These skis are designed for ladies who require a modified Posi-Grip base, which works well with a woman’s unique physique and stride. They are geared toward those who ski for fitness reasons and they are excellent for local ski parks. They are also good for other flat, snowy surfaces like meadows, frozen lakes, trails in a park, and golf courses. The skis provide incredible stability and traction, thanks to the fiberglass capped wooden core and the embossed Posi-Grip base. The fiberglass ensures the skis will last for years without losing resilience or flex.

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Salomon Elite 5 Grip Cross Country Skis


These recreational skis are as fast as they are stylish. The classic touring ski has a G1 waxless base and does not require special care, but guarantees high speeds and increased durability. The Salomon skis feature an S-cut and with a sidecut of 51/48/46/49, you can expect incredible speed and control. For a lightweight feel, the skis are made of Desolite 1000. The overall design of the skis is maximized for ease of use while on the snow with optimal control, and maximum stability.

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Alpina Sports Endure MG Cross Country Light Touring Skis


These particular skis are good for intermediate to advanced intermediate skiers. With a wooden core and a fiberglass cap construction, these skis were designed to withstand the slopes without losing any of the stability. The side cut on the skis are 58/48/52mm, which allows for the skis to cut exceptionally well while you are in-track recreational skiing. The multi-grip base is a fantastic feature, especially if you are required to do some climbing. If you are light touring through either kempt or unkempt trails, you will be able to enjoy the experience regardless of the conditions.

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