There’s never enough time. Even more so when you need to look for detailed info about the best croquet set. But we’re here for you. With just a short paragraph we can provide you all the information you need to make the appropriate choice. Our analysis is based on expert reviews sites and the actual feedback coming from the people who have bought dozens and dozens of products in this line. Out of all of those we have looked at, the Trademark Games 80-66D22 Croquet Set stands out from the competition. The set contains six wood mallets with just the right length and head diameter. The weight distribution in the mallets and the cushioned heads are great for hitting the balls. It also has weather protected wire wickets and 3 balls. For easy transportation, they all come in a carrying case with handles on top. If you have problems finding the Trademark Games Croquet Set on the market, you should turn your attention to the Amish ToyBox Deluxe, which came in second in our research.



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While not the most common outdoors sport in the USA, croquet is still quite loved, so the number of croquet set manufacturers is quite large, giving the market an unexpected saturation. With all the options out there, picking a good set for you and your family, or for your formal competitions might be difficult, especially if you lack the basic knowledge about the specific requirements of this game. Here is a short buying guide to help you keep in mind the most important characteristics of a croquet set.



Intended Use

While a game is still a game, different designs and specifications in croquet sets serve for different purposes. What you need to ask yourself before seeing any model is how are you going to play the game. Croquet sets can be found in 4-players and 6-players configuration, so you need to know the number of people you are going to play with before investing in a 6-player piece that will go unused. Secondly, swinging a mallet requires a certain effort, that increases along with the weight of the piece. Children will have a hard time playing with professional, heavier parts, not to mention the high risk of accidents in such a situation. Make sure your set of choice is adapted to the traits of the players.



The mallets are the most important  – and expensive –  parts in a croquet set. In the average, non-professional croquet set, the mallets weigh somewhere around 2lbs. That’s sufficient for light play and for children, but if you want things to be serious, you should consider at least 3 lbs mallets. The weight doesn’t only speak for the accuracy of the hits, but for the general quality of the mallet. While you will find most mallets are advertised as being made out of “hardwood”, there are several types of wood that fit into this category, but which render completely different performances.

Hardwood such as Ash or hickory are better, will last longer and perform with more strength. Professionals also use handles that have octagonal cross-section, and lightweight handles made out of fiber-glass, aluminum or carbon-glass, as these tend to enhance the pendulum action. Lastly, the mallets heads are sometimes bonded in metal ribbons at the ends, or their ends are plated with plastic materials. These methods increase resistance, making the mallets suffer less damage at every hit.



You will find 6 differently-coloured balls in every croquet set, although some versions of the game only employ four of them. The balls are usually made out of composite materials, but you can find wooden balls in vintage sets. However, the important thing about the croquet balls isn’t the material, but their weight. The regulation weight of a ball is 16oz. While children and weaker persons should definitely play with something lighter, the professional player can confidently use this ball, as long as it’s been matched with heavier mallets.



Also called hoops, the wickets are what the gate is to soccer and the hole to golf. They consist of a wire of different compositions that describes a rectangular or oval gateway through which the ball must pass. While not definitory for the quality of the set, the material of the hoops decides their durability. Steel, plastic and even wooden wickets are better and will resist to blows a lot more than wire hoops will.



If you’re going to spend some money on a good quality set, make sure it comes with some comfort accessories. A light carrying bag or an elegant wooden case should let you store and transport the set without fear of damage or loss. In the same manner, a croquet stand with stand will look great, protect the parts from weather damage and make it easier for the players to move around while waiting for their turn. Clips and corner flags are other examples of accessories that some of the manufacturers provide without charging extra, and they can only make your game more enjoyable.


While the presented features are mostly easy to understand, some manufacturers are advertising masters, so our recommendation is to find and read a couple of buyer’s reviews in order to find out which are the best croquet sets in practice. Our picks for the best croquet sets are showcased below.



Top rated croquest sets in 2022


The products that will be mentioned in the rest of this article are amongst those highlighted in the best croquet set reviews. This will make it a lot easier for you to make a well-informed choice within the product category as it will also let you know why such as amongst the best choices that are currently available in the marketplace.



Trademark 80-66D22


Are you heading out with a group of friends and thinking about the best way to stay alive? In this case, the best croquet set reviews have noted that this is one product that you should have.

The entire set is already sold with a carrying bag that will make it easy to bring along with you wherever you intend to go. The quality of this set is also unquestionable, making it provide the best bang for the buck. While you might think that all of the choices are just the same, this option proves that there are good choices, and this is one of them.


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Amish ToyBox Deluxe



This is an unusual croquet set for 8 that has been crafted by the Amish Craftsmen in Pennsylvania. The mallets are made out of maple hardwood, and they have been lathe-turned, just like the stakes, and also hand-painted. Each of their ends is enclosed by a brass ring that prevents the wood from being damaged by repeated strokes.

There are three different handle lengths to choose from, and the vinyl-coated, metal wickets are 5/32’’ thick so they can withstand repeated impact with no bending. Aside from the polymer balls, this set also comes with a nice wooden stand, that will keep the pieces together during breaks or while in storage.


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Halex Classic 20424ZH


Halex is one of the most popular brands within the product category, which basically explains why this specific model is considered to be amongst the top rated croquet sets in 2022. It is also good in terms of portability because of the carry bag that is included. This means that you will not have any problem at all in carrying the set in different places, such as when you are going on a vacation with your friends.

When it comes to build, there is also no doubt that this is exceptional. It looks tough, which is indicative of the ability of such to be functional for a longer span of time.


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Scottsdale Croquet Set by North Meadow


Best Croquet Set ReviewsWith this product, which is being considered by many as the best croquet set in 2022, you will surely be able to find it a lot easier to make new friends and to rekindle fun with old friends that you have.

It is good for up to six people. It is also a good thing that it comes with its own storage bag, which will make sure that all the pieces are kept together to avoid losing them one by one. To add, the storage bag also makes it easy to have it carried in various locations, depending on where you intend to play with your friends.


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Spalding 6-Player Professional



As the name states by itself, this croquet set is meant for adults that want to have a serious game. From the durable materials to the elegant finish, the pieces in this set will make sure you execute your movements in the best conditions possible. The wickets are constructed out of solid hardwood and the handles are coated in PowerTac ™.

In addition to the sturdy 1.125” thick hoops, the mallet heads measure 9”x2.5” and are tapered towards the ends for more precision in the hit. The Spalding Professional comes with a special carrying bag that will keep your equipment protected at all times.


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Halex Select 20434ZH


If you are still wishing to find the best croquet set in 2022, there is no need to be burdened by the abundance of choices that are possible to be taken into account. This model can prove to be very promising, which will give you reason to choose it above others.

The hardwood handles are exceptional in terms of their durability, which will provide you with the assurance that they will last for a longer period of time. This is as against many other choices that are very flimsy, and hence, they easily wear out and ask for a replacement sooner than expected.


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Franklin Sports Classic


By now, if you are still unsure with what can prove to be the best choice within the product category, this is another option that should be given emphasis. Many of those who have bought such were extremely happy with how sturdy it is, and hence, being able to last many years of use.

This will prove to be a good game if you want to develop hand and eye coordination. Apart from such, of course, the fun that it brings out in ordinary times will be more memorable. This croquet set is colorful and easy to play.


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