A Helpful Buying Guide on Crib Bumpers:


Providing more than just decorative value to your nursery, products featured in the best crib bumper reviews keep your precious bundle’s tiny baby parts from slipping through the crib slats due to the padded layer they offer. Modern crib-making processes have all but phased out the use of crib bumpers, but parents still consider such crib bedding as essential in getting the baby furniture fully made out. Having more than one set of crib bumpers frees you from having to wash just one set day in and day out. Do remember to take away the crib bumper when baby starts climbing the guard rails.


Check for Fit

There’s nothing more important to consider in getting the best crib bumper 2021 than ensuring your child’s complete safety. Make sure the crib bumper fits snugly. When you tuck the crib bumper between the crib side and the mattress, only two or three inches should stick out. This ensures good ventilation at baby’s level while reducing the potential of helpless hands and feet getting caught in the space between the crib mattress and the bumper. The crib bumper should also be securely attached to ensure total safety throughout. A carelessly or hastily tied crib bumper, if left unchecked, could have unspeakable consequences.


Baby-Friendly Material

Since babies spend most of their first year sleeping, be sure to choose a product with high ratings on the best crib bumper reviews and that is chemical-free and organic. Formaldehyde-free products are perfect. If the crib bumper is covered, make sure the encasement promotes an allergy-free environment. All-cotton products are ideal, and they can come in lovely colors and designs to suit the gender of your child or the general theme of the nursery. Organic crib bumpers may cost more than their non-organic counterparts, but the intangible benefits for your child can’t be quantified in dollars and dimes. Crib bumpers of mesh or breathable fabric is a step in the right direction, especially when you are highly concerned about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).


Washability and Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, you are better off with more than one set of crib beddings than having to suffer through numerous dates with the washing machine just to ensure a clean environment for your baby. The crib bumper covering should be machine washable, so clean-up is generally hassle-free. Washing in hot water is preferred, to ensure sufficient antimicrobial protection and prevention of allergy-causing elements from the crib bumper. Get the best crib bumper 2021 that offers convenient machine washability and easy maintenance.


Things to consider:

  • Ensure a snug fit when the crib bumper is tied to the crib rails.
  • The crib bumper and its encasement should be safe for baby to have in his crib.
  • The crib bumper should be easy to maintain and machine washable.


Top Rated Crib Bumpers in 2021


Your baby will spend the major part of his first year sleeping, so get the most reliable crib bumper of good quality and craftsmanship. Just because a product is labeled as a crib bumper, it doesn’t mean it’s something that can go into your baby’s crib. If you are attracted to bright colors, your baby may not benefit from brilliant hues that are obtained from harsh chemicals.


BreathableBaby Breathable Mesh Crib Liner


Best Crib Bumper ReviewsMade of 100% polyester, the Breathable Baby Breathable Mesh Crib Liner minimizes the risks of climbing, suffocation and entanglement. The product is soft and padded, ensuring that baby’s teeny-weeny limbs are safely inside the crib. The easy-wrap design is even adjustable, so it can fit cribs with slatted ends without any issues. The crib bumper utilizes hook and loop fasteners, eliminating ties that could be choking or asphyxiation hazards. The product is patented and safety-evaluated to collapse, which effectively discourages climbing. This has gotten nods as a best rated product thanks to the solid colors it comes in, which are easy to coordinate with crib bedding sets.

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Carter’s Super Soft Bumper


Who makes the best crib bumper? Carter’s is the answer, and this Super Soft Bumper shows you why. Constructed of 100% polyester, the crib bumper is definitely hypoallergenic, ensuring that baby will not develop sensitivity to synthetic material. It fits a standard crib mattress measuring 28 inches x 52 inches. The material is truly smooth and soft velour, which imbues it with a plush quality that is also easy to care for. This is a four-sided bumper that goes around the sides of baby’s crib, effectively preventing baby’s helpless limbs from getting caught between the crib rails. It is machine-washable, enabling worry-free maintenance.

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Bedtime Originals Honey Bear Bumper


Made of 58% cotton blended with 42% polyester, the Bedtime Originals Honey Bear 4 Piece Bumper has a cute bear design that baby will find interesting to innocently study. It coordinates perfectly with a Honey Bear bedding set so baby’s crib looks nice and cool all around. The product is machine washable in cold water for simple maintenance and cleaning. It doesn’t require bleach treatment and can be tumble dried on low setting. It can also be ironed on low setting as needed. The Bedtime Originals Honey Bear 4 Piece Bumper is regularly a highest rated product for its awesome cuteness and dependable functionality.

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American Baby Company Crib Bumper


With an outer fabric of 100% percale and filler of 100% polyester, this is the best crib bumper for the money. The American Baby Company Crib Bumper remains cool in both summer and spring, and is designed with a smooth, matte finish. The material is not flimsy and not easily worn out thanks to the innovative percale weave. It is machine-washable and won’t leave huge amounts of fluff and lint on the dryer filter. The crib bumper stands ten inches high, helping protect baby’s little head from the crib guard rails. The lovely fashion-grey zigzag print goes well with any room décor.

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Baby Doll Unique Crib Bumper


The Baby Doll Unique Crib Bumper deserves to be in the top ten product line up for this category as it fits most standard cribs with ease. The machine-washable crib bumper is made in the USA, ensuring total premium quality and reliable craftsmanship. This four-sided bumper surrounds the crib sides to keep your baby’s head from hitting the guard rails. The lovely grey skirt is a wonderful contrast to the white/cream length. This product is also available in ivory, pink, lavender and blue, for easy coordination with other types of crib beddings. The ties are of sufficient length to allow secure attachment to the sides of the crib.

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