Top rated crepe makers in 2018


Crepes are a delicious treat to make for your family and to do them in the right way you should get your hands on a reliable crepe maker. To know which model can do the best crepes, a good idea would be to spend some time reading the best crepe makers reviews. By doing this you will make the right choice in the end and won’t end up wasting money and making burnt crepes. Here are the best five crepe makers in the opinion of our experts.


Waring Commercial WSC160 Electric Crepe Maker


Best Crepe Makers reviewsWaring WSC160 will give you the chance to do those delicious crepes which you can fill with a lot of different sweet things, from melted chocolate to jam. The base is made from stainless steel, ensuring it’s durable and its handles are heat resistant, so you can carry it even after you have finished making crepes. You can choose the best temperature up to 570 degree F, to make crepes in your preferred manner. We believe this is the best crepe maker which can be bought today.

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Krampouz A4985033 Tibos Electric Crepe Maker


The top crepe makers reviews are very positive when analyzing the capabilities of Krampouz Tibos. To make sure you don’t scratch the cooking surface, it comes with a wooden turner and scraper. The diameter griddle is non-stick and very easy to clean. You will have 8 different temperature levels which will let you make different kinds of crepes. Because it makes some excellent crepes, this is one of the most popular models in the market.

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CucinaPro 1448 Crepe Maker


If you want an affordable way to make some delicious crepes, then a good idea would be to get Cucina Pro 1448. This compact crepe maker has 5 different temperature settings, to allow you greater control over how the crepes are cooked. This model has a better spreader, which will give you the opportunity to make super thin crepes. Because it functions properly with mouth-watering results, crepes enthusiasts believe it is one of the best crepe makers in 2018.

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Waring Pro WMK600 Double Belgian-Waffle Maker


For dessert waffles are a treat every time and if you want to make such a dessert then you should purchase Waring Pro WMK600. With it you can make 2 waffles at a time, so if you have to make some for the whole family, the task won’t be too time consuming. It comes with a rotating function for even cooking. The rotary thermostat lets you choose the correct temperature, making the best crepe makers reviews praise its set of features.

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Black & Decker G48TD Grill and Waffle Maker


If you love waffles, then you will grow fond of this waffle baker which has a very moderate price range and some special capabilities. Actually with it you will manage to do more than waffles, you will be able to grill and also griddle. You can do pancakes as well by folding the top and creating two cooking surfaces of 8 inches. The housing has a chrome look to it, making it very easy to clean, plus if you need to store it somewhere you can even make it stand in an upright position.

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