An Expert Buying Guide on Cowgirl Boots:


If you are looking for a fun pair of boots, the best rated cowgirl boots are definitely something worth looking into. They are versatile and many people think that you actually have to be a cowgirl to wear them. This is not true. In fact, most people who love the look of these boots have never stepped foot on a farm in their lives. If you feel that a new pair of cowgirl boots are in your future, but you do not know how to shop for them, well, fear not—we have created this guide to help you figure out what you should be looking for when you are choosing one of the best cowgirl boots of 2018.



Shopping for cowgirl boots is not something you go fool heartedly into. These are beautiful works of art that you want to take your time choosing. With that said, when you are trying them on, you’ll want to bring the same type of socks that you will be normally wearing with the boots as the thickness of the sock can greatly alter the fit. Also, look at your toes. When you are trying to choose from two different styles of the highest rated cowgirl boots the amount of space your toes need will determine the style of the boot. If your feet are broad, you may not want a boot with a needle-nose toe.


Trust your Style

When you are choosing which is the best pair of boots for your style, you want to stay true to yourself. You want to take into consideration where you will be wearing them and when. If you normally do not wear flashy shoes, you do not want to purchase gaudy sequined boots especially if you are going to be attending your sister’s wedding (unless that is the theme).


Boots are not heels

While it is every girl’s dream to be a little bit taller, when you are choosing a pair of the most popular cowgirl boots, keep in mind that they are not like high heels. Sure, they do have a heel on them, but at most the height you will gain from the boots will be under 2 inches. The main idea of cowgirl boots is to be comfortable. You want to wear boots that provide you with stability while you are kicking your heels up.

Forget the idea of wearing cowgirl boots while shoveling horse manure. Instead, think of cowgirl boots as a fashion statement that can be worn with a cute skirt for a fun and flirty date, or they can be worn with a pair of skinny jeans for a shopping trip with your girlfriends.


Things to Consider:

  • Always bring a pair of socks with you when you are trying on cowgirl boots—the thickness of the sock makes a difference in how the boot will fit.
  • Choose a pair of boots that speaks to your individual style.
  • Keep in mind that although cowgirl boots have heels, they are not intended to be high heels. Comfort is key!


Top rated Cowgirl Boots in 2018


Every girl should have a pair of cute cowgirl boots in her shoe collection. As you read the best cowgirl boot reviews for an idea about which style of boot is the best choice, keep in mind that everyone’s taste is different and what one person may like, you may find uncomfortable. The best option is always to trust your instincts and try the boot on yourself.


Justin Boots Women’s Classic Western Boot


These classic boots feature a sleek leather upper with gorgeous western details. The J-Flex comfort system and memory foam midsole provides you with optimal comfort for those long nights of dancing and having fun. The boot features a cognac leather foot with a fancy 12-inch stitched leather shaft. The scalloped collar features pull up straps that make slipping the boots on nice and easy. The inside of the boot is completely lined with genuine leather and the toe comes to a classic point.

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Ariat Women’s Legend Boot


Thanks to the 4LR technology that is featured in these boots, you can don these rugged but cute boots out on the dance floor for hours of non-stop dancing and having fun. The four-layered rebound cushioning system provides stability and sturdiness while the booster bed in the sole allows you to wear them longer. Besides comfort, stability and sturdiness, when you wear the Ariat Legend boots, you may see your posture begin to improve because the boots feature ATS technology that supports and cushions your body while you move. The patented shank design will help reduce skeletal and muscular fatigue and injury that could occur with other boots due to prolonged wear.

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Volatile Women’s Denver Boot


For the woman who does not like to wear leather products, these synthetic boots made by Volatile are an excellent option. The synthetic material mimics the look of real leather due to the unique shading and slight distressing on the faux-leather upper. The overall look of these boots evoke a feeling of nostalgia without feeling contrived. The Denver boot features tiny silver stud accents and delicate topstitched seaming that adds a subtle bit of pizazz while the heels are tapered to flatter the shape of your legs.

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Very Volatile Women’s Raspy Boot


For those who prefer synthetic materials over real leather, the Raspy boot by Very Volatile are right up your alley. The boot hones the classic style of the Wild West while the modern stitching and embroidery definitely kicks up the style-factor of these boots. The angled walking heel gives you a little boost in your height without sacrificing comfort. The small sliver of gold on top of the heel provides a little bit of flash to your most generic of outfits.

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Madden Girl Women’s Sanguine Boot


The detailed stitching on the uppers of these boots make you want to kick up your heels and join in a Western style line dance. The stacked heel and the rounded to a point toe evokes that classic Western boot feel that you hope to get when you wear a pair of gorgeous cowgirl boots. The boots are made of 100% soft synthetic leather and are cruelty free. The padded foot bed provides you with a comfortable interior so you can wear the boots for long periods without feeling discomfort or signs of fatigue. Since the sole is made of a durable synthetic material, they offer you stability that will not waiver.

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