Top rated dinnerware sets from Corelle


In the rest of this article, you will be provided with more insights regarding the different products that have been given favorable feedbacks in many best dinnerware set reviews. Since these products have been lauded by many people who have bought them in the past, you will have the assurance that they will not lead into frustration.


Corelle Livingware 16-piece Dinnerware Set


Best Corelle Dinnerware Sets ReviewsIf you are a small family, specifically a group of four, this dinnerware set will provide you with everything that you need in the dining table. With the use of this set, you will have a soup bowl, dinner plate, bread and butter plate, and mug, which would be all that can make your meal complete. It has a square pattern that can be seen on the sides of the plates. The mug, on the other hand, is plain chocolate brown in color and designed with a large handle to make it easy to use.

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“A dinnerware set which I liked and have in my home is the Corelle Livingware, which consists of 16 pieces. I liked its simple design and the fact that it was made from quality compressed glass, having multiple layers for being extra strong.” – Jennifer White


Corelle Livingware Memphis 16-piece Dinnerware Set


This dinnerware set has plates with assorted square patterns on the side that can be seen in bright colors, adding life to your dining table that must have been dull before you have thought of purchasing this set. In addition, many of the best Corelle dinnerware sets reviews that have been published in the past commended this because of being lightweight. It can also be easily stacked above each other, making it efficient in terms of space consumption when it is stored.

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“This dinnerware set really impressed me with its design and I just had to have it for my home. Even thought it is made from many layers of glass every piece of this set feels very light and solid at the same time. I find it to be a very nice dinnerware set.” – Emily Thompson


Corelle Square Pure White 16-piece Dinnerware Set


While there are people who would prefer to have elaborate patterns and designs on their dinnerware set, it cannot be denied that there are people who would rather go with a set that is simple and minimalist. In such case, this dinnerware set from Corelle will be an option that will prove to be good. It has simple square shape and rounded corners for an added appeal. The plain white color is one thing that makes it attractive, especially when used in tables with dark linens.

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“I wanted a contemporary style dinnerware set and when I saw the Corelle Square set, which is all white, I knew that this was exactly what I wanted. It looks great at my dinner table and I am very satisfied with what I bought.” – Sandra Moore


Corelle Simple Lines Square 16-piece Dinnerware Set


Among other things, the best Corelle dinnerware sets reviews have emphasized that one thing that many people have liked about this is that it is made from various layers of glass that has been thermally bonded. The strength of this material helps in the durability of this dinnerware set, making it able to resist chipping and able to preserve its high quality in a longer duration of time.  It is also dishwasher safe, making it a snap to clean and being able to preserve the patterns even with frequent use.

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“The design of this dinnerware set is fascinating and this was the main reason why I bought it. The square shape and the pattern of dark lines are very pleasing on the eye. And on top of all this the 16 piece set is very affordable.” – Jessica Lewis


Corelle Contours Spring Pink 16-piece Dinnerware Set


If your idea of a dinnerware set is something that is charming but not too elaborate, this will be one of the best choices that can be taken into account. Many have expressed their happiness with its pink and red floral pattern that can be seen in the border of the dinner and bread and butter plates. The vitrelle glass that is used in multiple layers is also commendable, like the other dinnerware sets from Corelle that are also known for superior quality.

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“I love the flower pattern on the side of this dinnerware set which is also strong and lightweight as well. The price for it is very affordable and I just had to take advantage of it. I really recommend this 4 person dinnerware set.” – Gloria Hewitt