If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best cordless electric lawn mower money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best cordless electric lawn mower on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the EGO Power+ is the best model for sale because it comes with a powerful lithium ion battery that is capable of running for up to 45 minutes, and it only takes 1/2 hour to fully recharge. It is capable of mowing a 20 inch path through your grass so you can finish your lawn chores quickly and easily. The handle also folds down making storage a breeze in cramped spaces. If the EGO Power+ is not available, you could consider the GreenWorks 25302 as it is the second best option.




Comparison Table


Product Deck Size Price Voltage Weight Our Rating Where to buy

Black & Decker SPCM1936

19 inch $$$ 36 V 90 lbs A+ AMAZON

Black & Decker CM1936

19 inch $$$ 36 V 72 lbs B AMAZON

Earthwise 60120

20 inch $$$ 24 V 101 lbs B AMAZON

Worx WG782

14 inch $$ 24 V 30 lbs B+ AMAZON

Worx WG775

14 inch $$ 24 V 32 lbs B+ AMAZON



Buying Guide


Every responsible American home should have a front and back yard with carefully trimmed grass. Discovering the most reliable cordless electric lawn mower can be done with access to professional information. This is why people should take into account a couple of things in order to pinpoint the right lawn mower.

 EGO Power+

Mowing performance

Most of the current top10 cordless electric lawn mower should offer high mowing performance on various terrains. It is important to invest in a product that delivers precise mowing results. The unit needs to safely cut grass, irrespective of its length and thickness. Top end cordless lawn mowers incorporate professionally designed blades that deliver healthy cuts on different types of weeds. As so many garden specialists pointed out, the mower needs to cut grass while also improving later growth cycles. Furthermore the electric lawn mower should bag, discharge and mulch fast grass for heightened results during gardening maintenance tasks.



One of the most important features of a cordless electric lawn mower is its capacity to resist to prolonged use. Most of the current best product ratings best to worst emphasize on durability parameters. The lawn mower works outside, on different grass of different lengths and particularities. As a result, the device should be constructed with durable materials and highly resistant parts. We recommend products that include decks made from polymer material, which resists well to continuous exposure to the cutting process. High mowing performance ensures that gardens look great. Furthermore if the lawn mower is solidly built, people won’t have to replace it any time soon.



What are the best products seems to be a recurrent question among gardening enthusiasts. One factor needs to be taken into consideration while browsing for a new lawn mower: mobility. The lawn mower should include comfortable handles, special one-touch height adjustment and durable tires. These traits allow people to easily mow different types of lawns. The cordless electric lawn mower should be easy to use, irrespective of the terrain’s unique particularities. Most of today’s best rated products include user-friendly mowing interfaces, making it possible for people to mow grass with limited problems. Having the possibility to adjust the blade system ensures accurate mowing results.


In conclusion

With the three elements we presented above in mind, people will be able to find the best cordless electric lawn mower under $300. It is important to own a product that handles well on different types of terrains. Professional electric lawn mowers can help people to carefully mow lawns with minimal effort.


Products for Specific Needs:



Best cordless electric lawn mower for large garden


Black & Decker CM1936


How to find the best cordless electric lawn mower for large garden? Well, it seems that the CM1936 lawn mower from Black & Decker represents a great addition to professional gardeners. The 19 inch lawn mower is powered by an efficient motor and advanced blade design that can deliver high end cuts. This professional mower can be used to cut on a single battery charge around 1/3 acre lawn. Due to the 3 in 1 deck people will be able to perform actions like mulching, discharging and bagging. Energy Star rated this lawn mower comes with special adjustments which makes mowing an easy task.



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Best cordless electric lawn mower for small yard


Worx WG782


There are many people that have small yards which need to look great. Most of the reviews that we consulted underline the solid construction of the WG782 cordless lawn mower from Worx. Regarded by specialists as the best cordless electric lawn mower for small yard this model comes equipped with IntelliCut technology, which delivers enough power to properly cut weeds. The lawn mower uses a powerful 24-volt battery that ensures 40 minutes of mowing. This 14 inch mower is carefully designed to match the needs of small yards and gardens. On a single charge the lawn mower can cover around 10.000 square feet!



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Best cordless electric lawn mower for mulching


Greenworks 25302 Twin Force G-Max


When it comes to the best cordless electric lawn mower for mulching, the 25302 Twin Force from Greenworks should be in the short list of professional gardeners. Why this particular unit? The lawn mower is powered by a 40-volt lithium-ion battery which ensures enough time (2 hours) to mow various lawns. It features dual motors that carefully operate the 10 inch blades on various types of grass. The lawn mower comes with an innovative dual blade format that delivers optimal mulching and bagging functions. This cutting tool is fitted with Smart Cut technology which recognizes the grass particularities and delivers accurate cuts.



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Top cordless electric lawn mowers in 2018


There are many models of the best lawn mowers under $300 that are currently available in the market. However, even if they are cheap, not all of them are superior in terms of quality. If you want to enjoy better functionality, you might want to spend a little more, such as by choosing the products that will be identified below.



EGO Power+


1.EGO Power+ 20-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion

There are several reasons why this is often considered the best cordless electric lawn mower of 2018 that include its affordable price. This lawn mower from EGO Power+ is capable of cutting through any type of grass, including the thicker southern varieties. It is designed to be easy and convenient to use, and since it is battery powered it is also better for the environment. Your neighbors will also appreciate how quiet it is when running. With the ability to mow up to 2 miles on one charge, according to the reviews, it’s easy to see why this model is a popular choice with consumers.



It comes with a powerful 56V lithium ion battery that is capable of providing you with up to 45 minutes of run time.

You will appreciate the “rapid charger” that is capable of fully charging the battery in only 30 minutes so the lawn mower is always ready when you are.

Since the handle can be easily folded down storing this cordless electric lawn mower is a breeze.



Some consumers have mentioned that they wished that the lawn mower was “self propelled”. While this would be a nice feature to have, it does have a lightweight construction that us extremely easy to push, even up hills.


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Black & Decker SPCM1936


One thing that you will enjoy with this model is its quick and easy start feature. With just a simple push of a button, it can already start working, which means requiring minimal effort on your part. In addition, you will surely be able to enjoy the fact that it has quiet operation, preventing making annoying noise that can be disturbing for your neighbors. Lastly, it has one-height adjustment feature, main you able to customize the product based on the height that is being preferred.



This 36-volt cordless lawn mower offers amazing cutting features which allow people to safely cut up to 1/3 acre grass in just a matter of minutes and with minimal physical effort

As the prime answer to the question “what is the best cordless electric lawn mower”, the SPCM1936 mower incorporates an advanced blade design which ensure precise cuts on any type of grass

The cutting machine benefits from a solid 2 year warranty and even offers amazing mulching capabilities

Energy Star Rated and environmentally friendly because it produces 0 emissions during tasks, this mower gets the job done



Doesn’t include in the basic package an extra safety key (this is an optional accessory sold separately)


“I definitely recommend this lawn mower from Black & Decker because it has made a huge difference for me. It has cut down the time it took me to finish cutting the lawn in my back and front yard. The best cordless electric lawn mower reviews were right to name it a top notch model” – S. Scott


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Black & Decker CM1936


The improved blade design of this lawn mower is perhaps one of the most important reasons on why it is chosen by many people. Because of such design, it is more efficient and powerful. It also has one-touch height adjustment feature, a patented technology. With such, it is effortless modify the height of the products based on what is preferred. It can also be folded upright, making it more efficient in terms of the storage space that will be required when not used.



Made in the United States of America by skilled Black & Decker engineers, the CM1936 mower weighs only 72 pounds thus allowing gardeners to easily manoeuvre around obstacles

Powered by an ultra-efficient motor and reliable blade design, this cordless mower delivers a wide range of cuts on 1/3-acre lawn (single charge)

Features an exclusive one-touch height adjustment system which permits users to customize the overall cutting experience, adding comfort to each step taken on the grass

Energy Star rated and with a solid 2-year warranty this mower is reliable enough to use on daily household grass cutting tasks



It does not include in the package a cleaning cloth (this is an accessory)


“Doing the lawn is no longer a task I hate because I have the trusty Black & Decker CM1936 lawn mower by my side. I can even adjust its handles and I don’t feel any discomfort while I’m cutting the lawn. When I’m done I fold it easily and store it away for when I need it again.” – Fletcher H. Easterling


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Earthwise 60120


Equipped with a 24-volt battery, you can be assured that this model will have more than enough power to tackle a wide array of mowing needs. In addition, the easy-in, easy-out feature of its battery also makes it easy to install and remove. This model is designed with 7-inch front wheels that have the ability to provide excellent traction to any surface, making it easier to move around. Lastly, it has cushioned handles that promote the comfort of its users.



Trustworthy answer to the question “what is the best cordless electric lawn mower” the 60120 3-in-1 cutting machine represents an investment in the “health” of anyone’s front or back yard

It is powered by a unique 24-volt removable battery system which permits users to safely choose between bagging, mulching and side discharge during various cutting tasks

Due to the 20-inch cutting path and impressive heavy-duty steel deck, this mower delivers high cutting performance unmatched by previous versions

The mower is made of 7-inch composite front wheels and 9-1/2 inch rear wheel that maintain high levels of stability, irrespective of the terrain type



Does not include a multi-language user manual


“This mower came highly recommended and after 2 months of using it, I can definitely see why. The battery life lets me finish my lawn in one charge. It surprisingly light as well, making it very easy to work with. This is a five star model, without a doubt!” – Brian S. Sisemore


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Worx WG782


Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower ReviewAmong other things, one feature of this model that is worth highlighting in this best cordless electric lawn mower review is the IntelliCut Mowing Technology, which is basically responsible in the provision of the assurance that it can cut even tough grass. However, if you are going to purchase this model, keep in mind that it is especially made for smaller areas. The battery can last only for 40 minutes, which means that it is meant for small tasks only.



With a flexible working design this powerful cordless mower offers a wide 14-inch cutting width which significantly diminishes user’s time spent on the grass

Featuring IntelliCut mowing technology this electric lawn mower adds torque when needed, while cutting through tough and dense grass

It offers 3 cutting options, mulching, bagging and rear discharge which personalizes the whole experience on the lawn and minimizes second-guesses

On a single charge of continuous 40 minutes of work this cordless lawn mower from Worx cuts up to an impressive 10.000 square feet



In the basic package there is only one mulch insert and one grass bag (these are accessories useful after two months of use)


“My old lawn mower broke down after years of faithful service and I wanted nothing but the best cordless electric lawn mower 2018 to replace it. Work WG782 has proven to be an excellent replacement, much better than my old one. I cut my lawn down to size with it much faster and easier than before.” – Joshua S. Copeland


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Worx WG775


This is another product that is highly recommended in this best cordless electric lawn mower review. The battery of this unit is removable, making it easy to charge in any location. The handle has an ergonomic design, which will minimize the fatigue that is felt by the users, regardless of how long the mower is used. It offers six different height positions, making it flexible and able to handle the needs of the user. Lastly, it has quiet operations, in spite of being powerful in performance.



Weighing only 33 pounds this cordless lawn mower is very easy to manoeuvre around rocks or tree roots, thus helping gardeners move faster on the yard

With an ergonomic upswept handle the mower significantly diminishes user fatigue while offering more control during each cutting task

This particular mower can cut around 6000 square feet for 30 minutes straight on one single battery charge, which is quite a performance

Being one of the only lawn mowers on the market with specially designed “Quiet” mode, the WG775 comes in handy to families with little children



Does not include a special storage pad (this a professional gardening accessory available for purchase)


“I take care of my lawn with this mower from Worx in no time at all and I hardly even break a sweat. I am comfortable while using it and I would even go as far as to recommend it. I haven’t had one problem with it in all the months I have put it to good use.” – Frank Stone


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Cordless electric lawn mowers – What to look for:


In 2018 there is a growing interest for efficient electric lawn mowers. People are interested in models capable of covering a lot of ground within a short period of time and with minimal problems. If you are looking for a powerful lawn mower, this article will definitely improve your take on the selection process. It is important to know what makes a lawn mower great and capable of cutting through different types of grass. Manufacturers have invested a lot of time in developing powerful lawn mowers, designed to help people mow the lawn with great ease. Today’s offer on electric lawn mower covers the needs of any gardener or landscaping specialist. So, with a clear and well-informed mind, you’ll probably invest in a professional electric mower!

Now, we took the liberty of testing with attention 20 top rated cordless lawn mowers, recommended at first by experienced gardeners. After 70 hours of careful analysis on different types of lawns, we were able to write the best cordless electric lawn mower reviews. It is important to read them before you decide upon a particular product. Once properly informed you will be able to choose a mower that matches your garden’s particularities. Now, the first thing that you have to consider is price. There are models that range from $150 to $2000, designed with more or less cutting features. So, you have to set out a budget and search for a lawn mower in the respective financial comfort zone. Well, more and more people use electric lawn mowers for their environmental friendly operation and capacity to cut grass and weeds without problems. On the long run, electric powered mowers cost less than gas mowers in the maintenance department.

How to choose the best cordless electric lawn mower 2018? The benefits of owning a professional cordless lawn mower are many. Such cutting machines use less energy than their gas-powered counterparts. As a result you will not only accurately cut the lawn in record time but also save some money in the process. People that care about the environment understand the value of owning a powerful electric lawn mower. Affordable and with a silent operating system, electric mowers, depending on the model, can last up to 6 to 10 years. Still, there is an upside to such cutting machines. Electric lawn mowers are perfect for small and medium sized gardens. In this situation if you have a garden bigger than 1/3 of an acre switch to gas-powered lawn mowers.

With the best cordless electric lawn mower 2018 your daily mowing tasks become easier to handle. People living in the suburbs use electric mowers for their silent cutting system. You can do your lawn without disturbing in any way the neighbours. Now, you should also make sure that the lawn mower is powered by a 24 volts or 36 volts battery, capable of delivering cutting performance for hours!


Things to consider:

  • Wide cutting decks, from 14 to 20 inches
  • Powerful batteries, from 24 volts to 36 volts
  • Environmental friendly and silent cutting process
  • Manufacturer warranty