Cordless edgers – What to look for:


Having an edger among your gardening equipment ensures that you are able to maintain a well-manicured lawn while keeping your walkways or driveways free of overgrown grass. Most machines in the top ten cordless edgers are either gas-fueled or electric models. Check out what the most popular cordless edgers carry, to help you make the right choice.


Acting as a spade-like handheld tool, a stick edger is a basic manual implement that you power manually with your own muscles. Rolling manual edgers are fitted with teethed wheels that roll along between the walkway and the lawn, trimming grass to keep the two boundaries separate. Large walk-behind edgers are available when you don’t want the convenience of gas- or electric-powered machines. Common highest rated cordless edgers are gas-fed. This kind can vary from being lawn trimmers, which are handheld units, to self-propelled machines that the operator simply guides when driving along a surface. With proper maintenance of their two-stroke or four-stroke engine, such units can provide cost effective and reliable performance. Electric-driven machines are made to offer a cleaner and greener alternative than their gas-fueled counterparts, with cordless models offering convenient cable-free use.


Cutting mechanism

The best rated cordless edgers employ either a string cutter or one fitted with blades. String edgers are also known as lawn trimmers, weed whackers or edger trimmers. They are fitted with a spool in manually coiled or pre-coiled configuration. Professional-grade models utilize a short span of string at a time to eliminate problems with cutting the string, which can be really expensive. Lawn trimmers are outfitted with a pivoting head and guide that lets the user convert them to an edger machine. Units with a blade cutter are durable, powerful and strong. They can handle thick turf and other challenges on lawn terrain. Oiling and sharpening of the blades are required as maintenance measures.


Drive or movement

Portable and easy to store, walk behind machines are handheld. Such units are perfect when the property that requires edging work is small to medium size. Such machines can be manual or electric-powered. The edger supports most of the load instead of the operator carrying everything.  A manual rolling edger is the most basic type of walk-behind machine. Powered units are available in three-wheel and four-wheel systems. Standard walk-behind powered machines are fitted with a pair of rear wheels built to the sides of the unit. A singe guide wheel is located in the front. Although wobbly, such a configuration can be the best product under this category thanks to how it is ideal for working along driveways and walkways.

What are the best cordless edgers? That depends on the size of property you have, the needs it has plus your personal preferences. You don’t have to break the bank just to get a good machine. Just simplify things to what your lawn really requires, then set your budget. There will always be something in the market for you, for sure.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Voltage Price Cutting Swath Warranty Our Rating Where to buy

Black & Decker LST136

36V $$$ 13 inch Included A+ AMAZON

Black & Decker LST220

20V $$$ 12 inch Included B+ AMAZON

Black & Decker NST2118

18V $$ 12 inch Included A AMAZON

Black & Decker NST1118

18V $$ 10 inch No B+ AMAZON

Worx WG175

32V $$$$ 12 inch No B AMAZON



Products for Specific Needs:




Best cordless edger for sidewalks


Black-and-Decker LST420


With its extended battery life and power, the Black-and-Decker LST420 20-volt Max Lithium High-Performance Trimmer and Edger helps you enjoy the best cordless edger for sidewalks. Trimming large yards is possible thanks to the Black-and-Decker LST420’s runtime of one hour. It employs technology on runtime mode or energy-conserve setting that enables it to work at a constant speed on a range of turf conditions, running at consistent pace to lengthen its battery life. When used in high-power mode, the machine mobilizes full power to take down thick grass and weed overgrowth. The Black-and-Decker LST420 runs quietly and is easy to control, with its light weight of just 5.7 pounds.


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Best cordless edger for the money


Black-&-Decker NST1118


Trim areas of overgrown grass after mowing and edging along flower beds, sidewalks and borders with the best cordless edger for the money, the Black-&-Decker NST1118 10-Inch Cordless Trimmer and Edger. This workhorse is fitted with a Groom N’ Edge with flip-up edge guide. This component enables you to switch from trimming to edging in seconds. The machine has patented Power Drive transmission that brings more power from the motor to the cutting string, helping you finish the job faster. The machine’s Automatic Feed Spool allows continuous work without bumping and having to stop just do spool adjusting. It is built with an adjustable aluminum telescoping shaft that lets you work at a most comfortable height.


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Best cordless edger for garden beds


WORX WG155.5


Fully adjusting from a trimmer to an edger in seconds, the WORX WG155.5 MAX Lithium Cordless Trimmer/Edger makes the best cordless edger for garden beds. You won’t need tools to transform the unit from one use to another. The telescoping shaft allows you to work at a height that is most comfortable to you, so you can work on your property to your heart’s content. The machine comes with a 20-volt MAX lithium battery, charged with sufficient power to trim and edge an entire football field twice. The quick charger powers up the battery to full capacity in just 1 hour. The machine has several adjustable parts, so maintaining your lawn is as convenient and effortless as possible. The edger wheels enable you to guide the trimmer along easily as you work, and also let you rest it when you feel like doing so, reducing user fatigue.


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Top rated cordless edgers in 2022


When looking for a new edger, one thing that you might find difficult to do is to evaluate the alternatives that are available. With such, it is a good thing that the best cordless edgers reviews have been written for the purpose of being able to help others make a decision. Some of the perfect choices that can be taken into account are noted below.



Black & Decker LST136


Like in the case of the model that has been mentioned above, you can expect that the power that will be delivered by this model is consistent, which is basically because of the 36-volt lithium ion battery. Lithium batteries are beneficial because you will not need for a long time before the battery is recharged. Once it is charged, it will last for a longer span of time before it gets drained. It is also a good thing that it comes with a power drive transmission that makes it more powerful than the standard models, which can provide twice the cutting power of other models.



Engineered by skilled Black & Decker engineers the LST136 cordless lawn edger features a silent automatic feed spool which keeps the line going during each cutting task

As the best cordless electric lawn edgers reviews underlined this model is powered by 36-volt lithium battery system which renders amazing cutting power and more importantly enhanced runtime

This multifunctional cordless tool can be used as a trimmer and edger with a simple switch of the shaft, thus ensuring that every inch of the lawn is covered

Reaching impressive cutting speeds from 6.500 to 8.500 RPM the LST136 cordless lawn edger includes a user-friendly Power Command system which ensures proper speed adjustments during tasks



The battery’s charging time takes about 1 hour which in some cases can be longer than with other power sources (plug-in models)


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Black & Decker NST2118


Best Cordless Edgers ReviewsAccording to the top rated cordless edgers reviews, this is a good choice basically because of its versatility, allowing you to do more with just one device. The exclusive power drive transmission is also being considered by many people as a paramount reason for its popularity. The latter allows the delivery of a more powerful performance that makes it able to tackle even the most demanding applications. With just a pull of the trigger, the unit will start automatically. This will minimize the effort that is required on your part to start the functioning of the unit.




Powered by 2 durable 18-volt Ni-Cd batteries, the NST2118 will run longer than other models in its category thus ensuring greater coverage when used on medium or big sized lawns

Regarded by gardening specialists as one of the best cordless electric lawn edgers 2022 this model is environmental friendly, offering people the power needed to cut grass without leaving behind toxic gas

Incorporating the exclusive PowerDrive Transmission system the electric lawn edger maintains a smooth power flow from the motor to the string for amazing cutting performance

The NST2118 cordless lawn edger features a fast starting system which helps users work on their lawns in matters of minutes



The user manual should have included more information on the transition between trimmer and edger features


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Black & Decker LST220


In reading the best cordless edgers reviews, you will notice that this is another model that is often given compliments by many of the people who have used such in the past. These good words can provide you with the guarantee that choosing such is something that you will not regret. With the use of this product, you simply need to turn the shaft and it will automatically convert from a trimmer to an edger. It is also a good thing that it has automatic feed spool that will prevent any interruption in the functioning of the unit.



The LST220 cordless trimmer and edger includes a fully adjustable height and pivoting handle which offer users the chance to find the most comfortable working position

Due to the wide 12-inch cutting swath and the exclusive Black & Decker PowerDrive Transmission this gardening tool easily cuts different types of grass with precision

This cordless trimmer runs on 2 powerful 20-volt MAX lithium-ion batteries which ensure continuous functionality on the yard with no interruptions

Energy Star rated and backed by an exclusive 2-year warranty the LST220 model easily turns into a reliable edger when needed



The initial charge of the included batteries ensures only from 12 to 16 minutes of cutting operation


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Craftsman 25cc*


With 25cc power, there is no doubt that this is one of the best choices that can be taken into account when you are looking for something that exudes powerful performance. It is also important to note that it comes with a lithium ion battery, which is known for its ability to provide a reliable source of power that will stay consistent throughout the period that it is used. This is unlike in the case of other models in the market that fluctuating. In terms of versatility, this is also something that you will not regret as it has variable speed settings.



Affordable, silent and with a lightweight design this trimmer from Craftsman precisely cuts even the toughest of weeds without experiencing problems in the process

The WeedWacker features the exclusive Incredi-Pull starting system that ensures users will start it fast and with minimal effort

It incorporates an intuitive debris protection system which limits the cutting action to only grass, weeds and roots

Backed by a full manufacturer 2 year warranty and 10 year on the shaft this powerful trimmer helps gardeners get the job done in record time (while used on small and medium-sized yards)



The WeedWacker does not include anti-vibration measures which might trouble individuals with sensitive hands


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Craftsman WeedWacker


This is another option that should not be missed if you are still looking for the best cordless edgers in 2022. It has 24-volt power that makes it one of the most reliable within the product category. The battery is powerful enough to prevent fluctuations in power as long as it is properly charged. With such, you can expect that there will be no interruptions throughout its use. Additionally, there were also many people who have expressed their satisfaction with the fact that it is designed with a telescoping shaft, which will allow you to extend the length of the shaft depending on what is needed for the job.



The WeedWacker includes a fast starting system, Incredi-Pull, which permits gardeners to safely start the trimmer fast and without pulling a muscle strain

Due to its lightweight design and powerful 25cc Straight Shaft the trimmer can easily handle different types of weeds and even tall grass, slicing each plant with precision

This powerful gas trimmer incorporates the exclusive Hassel Free head which silently works on the grass and improves cutting resistance to wind and other weather conditions

It features a high quality interchangeable shaft which easily accommodates 7 attachments, needed to cover the lawn’s needs during various seasons (spring, summer, winter and fall)



Some assembly is needed (consult the instruction manual before installation)


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How to choose a new cordless edger in 2022 – Buying Guide:


In any professional lawn maintenance arsenal you will find a reliable cordless edger. Such gardening tools are very important in clearing out the lawn from other surfaces like driveways or sidewalks. There are a lot of models available on the market, designed to enhance edging precision. If you are currently looking for a reliable edger then the following rows will prove to be quite helpful. At the end of this guide, you’ll know exactly what makes an edger tick and how to select the right model. Taking care of the lawn includes access to professional tools. Now, edgers are available with different configurations like cutting mechanisms, accessories, power sources and locomotion. With this garden tool your lawn will look nice and tidy without interference from other surfaces.

We took the liberty of carefully testing 25 top rated cordless edgers for over 80 hours. When the actual testing phases were done, we managed to write the best cordless edger reviews. You should take the time to consult professional reviews and thus select a reliable product worthy of your lawn. There are many benefits from using a cordless edger around the lawn. For example you will be able to protect hard surfaces in the yard, maintain the grass healthy and more importantly maintains a beautiful appearance. You should know that there are different types of edgers available for purchase: manual, gas and electric powered. Each model offers distinct edging characteristics. It is important to know a couple of things about each of them in order to determine which one matches your needs.

With the best cordless edger 2022 you will be able to safely trim down parts of the lawn to close to other surfaces. Manual-powered edgers or stick edgers include teethed wheels which roll in a direction for precise separation between sidewalks or driveways and lawns. Such models are very affordable and easy to manage. Gas-powered edgers range in sizes and cutting features. Such devices are reliable and great to us on different types of lawns! Now, you should know that gas-powered edgers are available with two-stroke and four-stroke engines. The 4-stroke gas edgers are very powerful and quite expensive but they do handle everything around the yard in matters of edging. Electric powered edgers quire popular right now among gardeners.

Discovering the best cordless edger 2022 becomes easier once you understand more about this powerful gardening tool. Cordless edgers offer users amazing freedom around the yard, letting users trim down lawns. Convenient and very efficient such devices are powered by powerful batteries. Another thing to take into account is the cutting mechanism. Most of the current top cordless edgers incorporate one of the following string or blade. Edgers with blades are very efficient in cutting down weeds and roots. Models with strings are lightweight and handle well long hours of use.


Things to consider:

  • There are different types of edgers manual, gas-powered and electric
  • Cordless edgers use blades or strings in order to cut
  • Edgers are powered by rechargeable batteries
  • Look for edgers with exclusive warranty