If you’re here just to find the best cordless clippers and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have collected plenty of information about different cordless clippers for sale on the market by comparing what is said about various featured products in expert review sites and the ratings and reviews they get in actual owner feedback. Fortunately, after that extensive product comparison and evaluation, we have been able to find what we believe is genuinely the number one product in this category, the Andis Professional Ceramic. This model is equipped with detachable blades that ensure effortless changing, cleaning and styling versatility so you can carry out professional hair styling tasks without the hassle and inconvenience plus extra expense of frequent blade replacements. When fully charged, the hair clipper can run continuously for an hour so you can make the most of every charge. The cordless design means you won’t be tied to an AC socket and a bothersome cord. Should the Andis Professional Ceramic run out of stock, we highly recommend the second best option made just as good, the Panasonic ER-1611-K Professional.



Cordless Clippers  – What to Look for:


Although a haircut or style will almost entirely depend on your skills and the effort you put in, it still pays to have at least one of the best cordless hair clippers for men in your hand to carry out the styling job. Whether used in the home or the barbershop, an electronic hair clipper simplifies hair cutting and styling. Now what are the elements you want to look at when getting a hair clipper?

1.Andis Professional Ceramic

Like any other male thing, power is a top priority.

A powerful motor in a professional or home use hair clipper allows you to zing through a haircut or difficult hairstyle with less effort and more finesse. A premium quality model can whizz through even a thick mane with absolute reliability, while ensuring that it runs as quietly as possible and without any danger of overheating in your hand during operation. Corded models offer sustained power since you are not limited by battery life in any way. However, having the cord trailing behind you may make it difficult to handle around the head especially with intricate haircuts or styles. Cordless models offer a solution to that but they are limited by how much runtime you can get for every full charge. Make sure the cordless machine can deliver enough runtime so you can get through a long grooming session without the need to recharge the tool.

More powerful models also mean you won’t need to make a large number of cutting strokes every time, which can cause quick onset of hand fatigue. Powerful models are able to clip off more hair with every single pass, aside from being able to prevent hair snags or pulling, which is very important when you have to shave body parts that are not easily accessible. They glide smoothly over tresses like silk.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Lengths Price Blades Warranty Our Rating Where to buy

Oster Juice 76110-010

6 $$$$ Hybrid No A+ AMAZON

Conair HC1100AM I-Pro

10 $$ Stainless Steel No B+ AMAZON

Wahl 79600-2101

8 $$$ High Carbon Steel No B AMAZON

Wahl 9590-210 Pro-Series

10 $$$ High Carbon Steel 1 year B+ AMAZON

Andis 24140

10 $$ Steel YES B+ AMAZON



A lightweight design for trouble-free cutting

Weight is another essential consideration. A hair clipper that is light and maneuverable is a delight to handle, enabling you to carry out extended grooming sessions, such as when you need to shave for grooming. You know what we mean. Try shaving an area that is pretty hard to reach and you get the drift. By this we mean the upper right side of your head if you are left handed, or the left side of your head if you are right handed.

There is less strain on your wrist when working with a lightweight hair clipper, so there’s reduced likelihood of the quick onset of hand fatigue. Beginner haircutters will appreciate a lightweight hair clipper since haircuts may take a rather long time to carry out, with the necessity to go over the same spot many times. This can unduly strain the wrist. Go for a lightweight, easily maneuverable unit with an ergonomic design. Typically, professional hair clippers are heftier, bulkier and pricier, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get them if you intend to do your own haircuts and styling at home. However, a regular home hair clipper should serve your needs adequately.

2.Panasonic ER-1611-K

Comes with all that you need for a safe and stylish haircut

The hair clipper should come with sufficient length options to best serve your needs or those of your family. While some models have adjustable blades with length gauges or guide combs, others come with both. Even when used as a beard trimmer, the hair clipper should still provide length options to accommodate that application along with other look varieties. You want durable guide combs that stay in place. Loud vibration from fragile guide combs that easily break is not something safe to work with. It should be easy to change guide combs, which should also be easy to clean. The blades should be able to hold their edge long. Most hair clippers have self-sharpening blades, unlike the rust-prone ones in cheap models.

While most models need very little maintenance, there should at least be some oil and a cleaning brush for the blades. Some premium quality units ship with a soft storage case that houses quite a collection of accessories including the hair clipper, a trimmer, a number of clipper attachments such as a head shave attachment for a bald head, clipper safety combs, trimmer combs, a styling comb and a tapered barber comb, stainless steel scissors, DVD instructions, some lubricating blade oil, a protective blade guard, barber cape and cleaning brush. That’s quite a bargain if you intend to use the unit as a hair and nose clipper along with a number of other applications. Rounded blades, though sharp, should be designed to cut hair only and not skin.


Some models are fully washable so cleaning after use is easy. A 180-degree rotating head design simplifies hair cutting sessions. Others have multi colored combs so it can be easier to remember your favorite hair length.

There are countless hair clippers on the market today. Although the broad scope of choices is a good thing, it can be overwhelming for the first time buyer, who will need to go through buying guides like the one above to be able to make an easier shopping decision. We have also showcased the best products below for more shopping help.



Top rated cordless clippers in 2022


As you look for a new cordless clipper, one of the first things that you will notice is that the choices can be overwhelming. With such, you should not decide in haste. Rather, you should read a variety of best cordless clippers reviews, which will provide you with the guarantee of being able to make a well informed decision.





Andis Professional Ceramic


1.Andis Professional CeramicEngineered to be the most powerful cordless rotary motor clipper you can get for the money, the Andis Professional Ceramic offers easy hair trimming minus the clutter of power cords. It allows you to perform hair grooming and cutting according to the style and length you want. Get more cutting done with every charge!




Powerful rotary motor lets you breeze through any style or length you want without using too much effort or time, with fewer strokes and easier maneuverability. Designed for those who don’t like using corded units, this cordless hair clipper can provide up to an hour runtime for every one-hour charge.

This model comes equipped with a host of attachments and accessories including seven attachment combs for various hair lengths, the charging unit, battery back, some clipper oil, a CeramicEdge #000 blade, all contained in a heavy duty storage case.

Despite its superior power, this hair clipper runs amazingly quiet and has a compact build that makes it easy to handle.

Doesn’t need a lot of maintenance compared to others in its class, with ceramic edge blades that hold their sharpness longer while remaining 70 percent cooler as opposed to traditional steel blades.


The kit does not come with a hair clipper cleaning brush but most buyers agree it is a good enough package.

Is a 120-volt unit, which does not enable use during travel to other countries with different voltage ratings.


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Panasonic ER-1611-K Professional


2.Panasonic ER-1611-KA new member of the Panasonic hair grooming line, the Panasonic ER-1611-K Professional comes with fresh hair clipper technology not exhibited by its predecessors. This professional hair clipper makes a great tool for home use. It offers the versatility of cordless operation so you can be flexible with your hair grooming tasks.




Providing cordless operation, this model boasts a Japanese -manufactured blade sharpened to a revolutionary 45-degree angle to ensure cutting efficiency, providing a wider surface area compared to most blades.

The motor delivers impressive cutting power through 10,000 rotations every minute, a fantastically serious upgrade to the other popular Panasonic models. The tool provides 50 minutes runtime for every one-hour charge.

The control dial raises and lowers the blade height between 0.8mm and 2 mm in 0.3mm increments, eliminating the guesswork.

You’ll know when it’s time to recharge the battery thanks to the red and green LED lights on the front display of this lightweight hair clipper with a simple, slim design.


The special shape of the blade tends to cause catching and pulling of hair, but this does not detract from the unit’s overall impressive performance.

May not be suitable for particularly hard and thick hair.


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Oster Juice 76110-010


Best Cordless Clippers ReviewsIn the opinions that have been expressed in the best cordless clippers reviews, this specific model has been lauded basically because of its highly-advanced design, making it one of the best choices within the product category. It is being powered by a lithium ion battery, which is known for its extended functional life. It has 6 different length settings, allowing you to choose the function that is desired. The body is made of rubber, which will provide you with better control of the unit to make sure that it remains stable when it is used, even if your hand is wet.



Lightweight despite heavy-duty features including the Juice, a type of 5-in-1 blade that has the ability to switch blade lengths with just a movement of the dial

Adjustable 5-position blade combines with heavy torque and 4200 strokes-per-minute to deliver a clean cut that’s smooth to the finish

Packed with lithium-ion battery power that enables the clipper to run longer without losing any amount of charge, making this clipper one of the best Wahl cordless clippers there is

Comes with a convenient charging stand, oil, four stainless steel guide combs, a blade guard plus a cleaning brush, all meant to keep the device in tiptop shape



Batteries can’t be replaced by other types of batteries

Blade and guards are not of the standard type


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Conair HC1100AM I-Pro


In reading the top rated cordless clippers reviews, you will notice that this is another product that never fails to be given compliments by many users who have been highly satisfied with its use. It is commonly praised for the Lithium Ion technology, which is basically the one that is responsible for making sure that the battery will last longer when it is used cordless. While it will last for a longer span of time, you can expect that charging will be quicker. It is also very convenient since it can also be used corded. Lastly, it is also worth noting that it has a direct drive motor that makes it more powerful.



Lightweight and has a compact size measuring just 2.5” x 11.8” x 9.2 inches, which makes the Conair clipper superbly easy to handle and to use

Has sufficient power to give an efficient and smooth cut, thanks to the way it makes full use of its direct drive motor to clip hair at a relatively fast rate

Able to cut even thick and curly hair, whether it’s wet or dry, using hardened stainless steel blades that complement the hardworking motor

Maintenance is straightforward and easy and does not require  a lot of figuring out or to be done regularly, with a cleaning brush and some oil  meant for this purpose



Some people may consider the efficient motor a bit loud, not really a big issue considering the clipper’s useful features

Device can’t be used to trim beards as it is not an electric razor


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Wahl 79600-2101


This is another option that can be taken into account when thinking about the best cordless clippers in 2022. Among other things, this model is a preferred choice basically because of being easy to use. Upon reading the instruction manual, you will be given comprehensive details on how to make the most out of the clipper. It is also worth noting that it already comes complete with the different tools that you might need, avoiding the need for you to still buy various attachments that can be used to increase the functionality of the clipper.



US-made clipper manufactured under the strictest quality control standards to conform to established policies on product value, efficiency and integrity

High-carbon stainless steel blades are self-sharpening and precision ground to ensure that they retain their sharpness longer, making this product the best Wahl cordless clippers in the market

Clipper has twice the run time at 40 minutes for a typical clipping cycle, with a quick 15-minute charging time for a simple 12-minute clipping job

Delivers 50% more clipping power compared to typical Wahl electromagnetic motor clippers, with a LED light to indicate charging status



Unit may need modifications or employment of a converter for successful use in countries outside the US and Canada

Non self-lubricating clipper has blades that need to be maintained for long term use, with cleaning brush and lubricating oil in the package


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Wahl 9590-210 Pro-Series


This is one of the options with complete professional features, making it possible for you to groom your pets in the absence of having to spend a lot. To add, aside from being replete in terms of professional features, it is also easy to use, as convenience of the user is the top priority in having it designed. One more thing that many people liked about such is that it comes packaged with an instructional DVD that will provide you with comprehensive instructions on how it is supposed to be used. If it is your first time to use a clipper, there is no need to be worried.



Efficient and lightweight design, giving pets a professional makeover that makes it seem like they have been attended to at a professional pet grooming salon

High-carbon steel blades stay sharp longer thanks to self-sharpening capability and precision grinding during the manufacturing process

Ability to change from corded to cordless operation to ensure superb comfort and versatility to the user, with 1-year limited warranty

Comes with a medium comb, blade guard, guides, scissors, oil, recharging unit, cleaning brush and storage case plus an instructional DVD, to give users a complete package that’s good to go right out of the box



Clipper tends to get hot after 15 minutes of run time, but gets clipping jobs completed quickly and efficiently


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Andis 24140


This 18-piece set can be considered as a good choice basically because of having the necessary attachments that can prove to be best in extending its functionality. Even if the hair is wet or dry, the clipper will deliver sufficient power to easily tackle the grooming task that needs to be performed. In the reviews about this model, there were also many who have expressed their high level of satisfaction with the fact that it will take only about an hour to fully charge its battery. Once it is taken out of the box, however, do not forget that initial charging should be at least 19 hours.



Special corded/cordless design allows greater versatility for the user, with flexibility to go cordless to eliminate cord tangling and clutter

Battery life allows a full hour of cordless run time at a single charge, with a clipper that has dual voltage charger for universal use anywhere in the world

Comes with 8 different attachment combs: 1”; ¾”; ½”; 3/8”; ¼”; 1/8”; and 1/16”, plus a blending comb and an instructional DVD

Also has its own durable storage case and with a styling barber comb, stainless steel shears, a barber cape, lubricating blade oil, blade cleaning brush, and complete instructions on use and care



Blades need to be oiled and cleaned after every use to maintain optimum usage comfort

Powerful motor runs a bit noisily


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