Best Cook Top reviews


Top rated CookTops in 2019



A kitchen would not be complete without a cook top. It is perhaps the center of the kitchen as you would not be able to get started in cooking without one. There are different brands in the market so you may want to check out the best cooktop reviews. Here is a list of the best stove tops today.


Broil King CSR-3TB Hot Plate


Best CookTop reviews

The Broil King CSR-3TB is considered as one of the best cook tops in 2019. It has a lot of features that make it ideal for any kitchen. The Broil King CSR-3TB Single Hot Plate comes with a high-speed 8-inch diameter tubular element with 120 volts to 1500 watts as well as a well designed Robert Shaw thermostat so that you can monitor its cooking temperature. It has user friendly heat controls which lets you achieve the desired temperature for the dish that you are cooking. The cook top has a stylish design which means it suits any type of kitchen – be it modern or rustic.

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The Broil King CSR-3TB Professional Single Hot Plate is a great addition to y kitchen collections. I admit that without this kitchen top, I cannot start cooking. The product is cool and great. It has very clear instructions so it is easy to use and easy to control. ”   Willie Underhill


GE JP328BKBB Electric Cooktop


If you are looking for a professional stove top, consider getting the GE JP328BKBB 30. It is a professional cook top with provides you with assistance in the kitchen without any fuss. It has been designed to make your cooking experience easier and more convenient. The electric cook top features 4 powerful coil burners which provide 5600 to 7600 watts. This makes it great for any type of cooking. It will also be easy to keep your GE 30 electric cook top clean as it has an easy cleaning pattern with its lift-up design support rod. It definitely is a good cook top to have at home.

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The GE JP328BKBB 30 Electric Cooktop provides me with full convenience and ease in cooking various delicacies. It has also controls that can adjust the cooking temperatures depending the way I want it to be. The device is reliable and durable compare to other kitchen top sold in the market. ”      Robert Carr


Miele KM360LP Cooktop


The Miele KM360LP 24 Gas Cooktop can make you feel like a professional cook with its impressive features. It has a 3.400 BTU auxiliary/simmer burner, two 6.000 BTU normal burners and a 10.200 BTU high speed burner providing you with a great cooking experience. Cleaning and maintenance will also be easy as its sealed burners are combined. The Miele KM360LP cook top also has a central knob control which allows you to cook without having to control a variety of knobs. It provides you good value for your money and its style and design will make your kitchen look good as well.

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I bought the Miele KM360LP 24 Sealed Burner Gas Cooktop two years ago in a very budget friendly price. The cook top is amazing in style and look. It has very manageable knobs which I can use every time I need to. I can also clean the cook top easily without any hassle experienced.”   Michael Lee


KitchenAid Architect II KFGS306VSS Cooktop


KitchenAid is a brand that has long been known for cook tops and other kitchen appliances. This is why the KitchenAid Architech II KFGS306VSS 30” Gas Cooktop is included in the list of the best cooktop reviews. Its modern and ergonomic design makes it suited for many kitchens today of different sizes. The cook top has 4 burners which provide 17.000, 9.000, 12.500 and 6.000 BTU. Cleaning the KitchenAid Architect gas burner is easy as you can disassemble if without any problem. The cast-iron cap on each burner can also be lifted so you can clean and maintain it.

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The KitchenAid Architect II KFGS306VSS 30” Sealed Burner Gas Cooktop is a professional cooking device I have at home. I ordered it in Amazon several years ago and I am happy that I can use it until now. The cook top is one of a kind and can be handled with great comfort and ease.”   Carl Hilliard


Jenn-Air Expressions AR141 Cooktop


The Jenn-Air Expressions Collection Radiant Cartridge AR141 has improved features and combined with its ergonomic design, it is definitely a great cook top to have in the kitchen. Its surface is made of glass ceramic surface which gives it a modern style and makes it easy to clean. It also comes with two Ultra Quick-Start radiant elements, 2000W large element and 1200W small element making it a great choice for home and professional kitchens. It will suit modern kitchens as its design is sleek and simple though the features would make it ideal for anyone who has a passion for cooking.

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The Jenn-Air Expressions Collection Radiant Cartridge AR141 is very simple device for any cooking activity. But despite of the simplicity is exhibit; the device is very functional and professional. Everything I cook in it cooks perfectly with palatable and yummy taste. ”   Roger Kintzel