What to Consider When Buying a New Cookie Press


Cookie presses are designed to be easy to use and can help ensure your cookies are uniform in shape and size. These convenient handheld devices can also be used to hold cookies and small cakes in place during frosting, and can even make filling cream puffs and deviled eggs quick and easy. While cookies presses are usually simple manual tools, there are a few factors to consider before you start shopping. In this buying guide we have included informative tips that will help you find the best cookie press in 2022.

Best Cookie Press


One of the first aspects to consider, according to the best cookie press reviews is the construction. The press should feature a durable construction that won’t bend or crack even when you are using a heavier dough. Most cookie presses are constructed from sturdy aluminum or high quality stainless steel. These materials are lightweight, durable, and resistant to rust and corrosion. You will also appreciate how easy it is to clean, and most cookie presses constructed from stainless steel or aluminum is dishwasher safe.



The best cookie press reviews also suggest carefully considering the design, and you want to find one that is easy to use and maintain. Models that are dishwasher safe are easy to clean, especially around the rings and grooves. Trigger styled models make it easy to squeeze the dough out of the tube, and cookie presses with a manual crank are ideal for users with stiff, arthritic hands.



There are some features to consider that include the size of the tube, which should fit comfortably in your hand. Multiple steel discs give you plenty of baking and frosting options, and are also resistant to bending and breaking. Extra tips for icing cakes and cookies are always appreciated, along with included recipes books filled with helpful user tips. Manual cookie presses that can quickly be assembled and taken apart are generally easier to clean, and models that come with a protective box can be conveniently stored when not being used.


Top Rated Cookie Presses in 2022


While we can’t choose the right model for you, we can show you the top rated cookie presses for 2022. Designed to be easy and convenient to use, along with featuring a durable construction, maybe one of these sturdy cookie presses is exactly what you need in your kitchen.


DKST Kitchen NA


1.DKST KitchenIf you love baking and decorating cookies and cakes, this might be the perfect tool for you. It is designed to be easy and convenient to use, and even comes with helpful hints and tips. You will also appreciate its affordable price that is designed to fit almost any budget.

This cookie press is constructed from durable metal and is resistant to cracking and breaking, even with heavier dough. The sturdy tube is designed to fit comfortably in your hand, and its larger size means that you don’t have to stop and refill during batches. It also features two settings that can be adjusted according to the thickness of the dough. The manual crank is designed to be easy to press, and you will appreciate not being limited by the length of an electrical cord.

You have the advantage of being able to choose from 20 metal cookie discs that won’t bend or break under the pressure of heavier dough so you never have to worry about the consistency when you are pressing. The kit also comes with 4 tips for icing, along with a disc designed specifically for holiday Spritz cookies. It is designed to be easy to clean, and the sturdy metal construction is resistant to rust and corrosion. Make professional looking cakes and cookies anytime of the year with this convenient cookie press.

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Norpro 3301


2.Norpro 3301Manufactured in Italy and designed to last, this manual cookie press might be exactly what you are looking for. It is the perfect tool to make holiday baking quick and easy, or for any other time you want to bake  delicious and professional looking cookies. It also comes with an affordable price that will fit any baker’s budget.

The sturdy metal construction is designed to last through years of use, and it is also easy to clean. The press can be quickly disassembled for easy cleaning, and put back together in seconds when you are ready to start baking. The wide tube is resistant to cracking and breaking, and designed to fit comfortably in your hands. You will also appreciate the manual lever that is easy to press, even when you are using thicker dough.

There are 24 metal discs included with the cookie press so you can easily make a variety of shapes and designs. The small discs and also be used for decorating to give cakes and cookies a professional appearance. As an added bonus the press also includes a convenient instructional manual and recipe guide so you can immediately start baking and decorating an assortment of treats.

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Kuhn Rikon 2461CLB


3.Kuhn RikonWhether you only bake during the holidays or frequently throughout the year, this affordably priced cookie press might be exactly what you need. It is designed to be easy for children and adults to use, and features a durable, long lasting construction.

This cookie press features a durable clear plastic tube that lets you keep an eye on the dough or filling level. It is designed to be resistant to cracking under pressure, and it is also easy to clean. The tube can be simply removed from the stainless steel trigger and placed in the dishwasher for convenient cleaning.

The sturdy trigger is designed to be easy to press, even with heavy dough. There are 14 metal discs that let you bake a variety of different cookies and treats. Stuff deviled eggs, cream puffs and more, and this cookie press also includes 6 nozzle tips for frosting and icing. The included recipes will give you plenty of ideas, and you will appreciate the convenient storage case that helps keep everything together. Perfect for first time bakers and experienced professionals, everything you need is included in this convenient cookie presser kit.

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