Top rated Convertible Car Seats in 2022


Reading various best convertible car seat reviews can lead into confusion because of the numerous options that you will be confronted with. In this article, I will give you an idea with regards to some of the best options available in the marketplace, which have been given favorable ratings by people who have bought them.


Expert tips on convertible car seats in 2022


7Choosing an efficient convertible car seat is very important for thousands of American parents. Responsible moms and dads go to extensive lengths to keep their children safe during trips to grandma or downtown. Fortunately there are many convertible car seat models which can be safely installed on a wide variety of vehicles. If you are among those parents that need a high quality car seat, rejoice in the fact that the market is more than willing to make your job easier. Still, you shouldn’t jump at the first car seat you see. It is important to take into account a couple of things related to the car seat’s configuration and construction. This is why you need to be fully informed and wisely select the ideal product for your daily driving needs.

Since there are so many products available on the market we attentively drafted the best convertible car seat reviews. We tested over 30 top rated car seats with enhanced adjustability features for over 75 hours. We correlated the data and noticed that there are some characteristics present in the most efficient convertible car seats. You need to know them in order to determine easier which car seat should be installed in your vehicle. In this guide you will read about the primary features that keep children safe and comfortable.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Max Weight Price Available Colors Fabric Our Rating Where to buy

Clek Foonf Convertible

65 lbs $$$$ Blue Moon, Dragonfly and more 100% Crypton Super Fabrics A+ AMAZON

Britax Marathon

70 lbs $$$ Jet Set, Waverly and more 100% Polyester A AMAZON

Britax Boulevard

70 lbs $$ Onyx, Silver Birch and more 100% Polyester B+ AMAZON

Britax Roundabout

55 lbs $$ Gumdrop, Isabella and more 100% Polyester B+ AMAZON

Graco Nautilus 3-in-1

100 lbs $$ Matrix, Gravit and more Polyester B+ AMAZON


The best convertible car seat in 2022 should be adjusted in both height and weight. The standard models include 40 pound and 40 inch weight and height limits in the forward-facing position. Still, parents need to be careful when switching from car seats to convertible ones. A good convertible car seat needs to include LATCH system which allows you to safely install it fast. Furthermore LATCH systems can significantly improve child security and ensure proper fit. The car seat requires harness heights like 5-point system and different slots which accommodate the child’s corporeal growing needs. In addition, it is important for the product to offer different recline angles for additional comfort. As so many parents pointed out you need to make sure that the convertible car seat includes an exclusive manufacturer return policy.

Choosing the right convertible car seat is very important in keeping the little one safe. One important thing to take into account is price range. As a result you have to determine whether or not the device will be used for daily or occasional use. A cheap convertible car seat with thin padding might just do the trick for a trip down grandma’s house. For daily use consider investing in a high quality model that can provide enhanced comfort and security. You will see that the best convertible car seat in 2022 includes special features that will keep you focus on the road and not on the child.

It is good to know that by law, convertible car seat manufacturer’s need to respect the U.S federal safety regulations. There are some trustworthy brands like Graco, Evenflo, Diono or Britax which release high quality products year after year. Selecting a model from these brands ensure proper security levels for the child to enjoy.


Clek Foonf 2022 Convertible Car Seat


For the best convertible car seat in 2022 our experts have chosen the Clek Foonf. This forward or read facing seat can be installed in a jiffy thanks to its simple latch system. By far its more impressive features are those regarding the child’s safety. In this category we can include the Reach safety system, which will absorb most of the impact of a car collision. Also, it performs way above average in side-impact scenarios because it has a strong metal frame structure and multiple energy-absorbing layers. In the rear-facing position it can hold toddlers from 14 to 50 pounds and in the front-facing position children from 20 to 65 pounds can be accommodated.

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Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat


Best Convertible Car Seat Reviews One of the things that I like about the Britax Marathon is that it has the SafeCell Technology, which is basically an innovation that is meant to contain crash force and prevent having such concentrated in your child. This is helpful in being able to prevent any injury on the part of your child when the unexpected happens. To add, another commendable feature of this model is the quick adjust feature, which will allow you to conveniently adjust the harness when there is a need to do so.



Base designed with safecell technology, which allows the seat to compress during a crash to significantly lower the center of gravity and thus effectively counteract the forward movement of the car seat, which would dangerously propel the child toward the front seat of the car

Has built-in steel bars that beef up the connection of the car seat to the vehicle and also reduces the forward propulsion of the seat when a crash occurs

Energy absorbing versa-tether effectively absorbs energy, with revolutionary staged release webbing on the harness to lessen the forward movement more significantly

Carries the state-of-the-art HUGS configuration or Harness Ultra Guard System, which uses chest pads to give resistance against forward movement when a collision happens



Is the favorite in many best convertible car seat for newborn reviews for being a rear facing car seat for babies 5 pounds to 40 pounds heavy but can work better with the Britax Infant Positioning Insert


The Britax Marathon 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat is the best seat I could have bought for my kiddo. It really exhibits high quality and durable foundation. It can support my child whenever we need to have a ride. The comfort was never missed out because of the soft padding the car seat has.” John Wright


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Britax Boulevard Convertible Car Seat


With the reputation of Britax within this product category, there is no doubt that this model can prove to be one of the best in the product category. It has the ability to provide both protection and comfort for your child, giving you the opportunity to have worry-free travel. It has a wide array of features that have the ability to redirect the forces when a crash happens, making your child safer. Some of these features include Safe Cell Technology, integrated steel bars, and energy absorbing versa-tether, among others.



With built-in steel bars to ensure that the seat is strongly connected to the vehicle and to help reduce violent forward propulsion of the seat when a collision occurs

Has safecell technology at the base so the seat compresses effectively during a crash, to reduce the center of gravity significantly and counteract the forward movement of the car seat that can propel the child dangerously towards the front seat of the car

Has true Side Impact protection that efficiently distributes crash forces, shields the child from vehicle intrusion and keeps the body, neck and head appropriately aligned in a safe embrace

Patented Versa-Tether absorbs energy effectively, with staged-release harness webbing so the forward propulsion of the seat is more greatly reduced to diminish the crash forces that can act on the child in a crash



Larger children may find the single-position crotch strap uncomfortable, but this can easily be adjusted by buckling the seat up correctly


There were a lot of color options to choose from when I bought the Britax Boulevard 70-G3 . It was coated with safety features which reassure me that my child is safe. The design was easy compatible with my car and I had no problem installing this highest rated  convertible seat. The harness height can also be adjusted easily and I’m sure I got the best convertible car seat for the money I spent.. ” Vernice B. Tijerina


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Britax Roundabout Convertible Car Seat


In different best convertible car seat reviews, one of the features of this product that has often been commended is the Side Impact Protection and the use of energy absorbing foam. Both of these features make it possible for the child to be given the highest level of protection against crash. This product also has integrated steel bars for added protection to your child. Personally, I also liked the fact that it is designed with a tangle-free harness.



Five-point harness will not cause problematic tangles while it ensures that crash forces are adequately distributed and carried by the hardier parts of the body with a more secure fit

Deep side walls with energy-absorbing foam of EPP material ensure effective side impact protection by distribution of crash forces, aside from providing protection against vehicle intrusion and adequately cushioning the head, neck and body

Integrated steel bars hold the seat securely in place in the vehicle while lowering the possibility of the seat getting thrown forward when a crash happens

Staged-release tether webbing on the energy-dissipating versa-tether effectively slows the forward propulsion of the car seat during a collision



The lock-offs can be difficult to clamp closed when the seatbelt is installed

The harness must be taken off of the splitter plate to get the cover off, but this is easily manageable


I bought this Britax Roundabout 55 for a very affordable price on Black Friday. It has a high degree of comfort which I liked by my son. It is just easy to install and can be cleaned with great ease too. I am very satisfied with this most reliable convertible car seat. ” Frances  Nelson


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Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat


Even if your child already weighs 100 pounds, this convertible car seat from Graco will still prove to be useful because of its ability to accommodate a wide range of weight. There is no more need to have it changed along with the developments of your child. It is also worth noting that it has solid construction, which I personally commend because of its ability to be durable. It can also be reclined into three different positions, which will allow you to choose the angle at which your child will be most comfortable with.



Fits a wide range of child sizes so small babies as well as larger children can fit easily into the car seat, with a combination car seat configuration to go forward facing or rear facing

Relatively straightforward installation makes this one of the easiest car seats to install in any vehicle

Engineered for use with children weighing from 20 to 100 pounds, with five-point harness made to accommodate up to 65 pounds

Three-in-one position with a high-back belt positioning booster, front-facing car seat conversion, and backless belt-positioning booster for comfortable fit for children weighing up to 100 pounds



Crotch strap is made too snug to accommodate larger children

Harness lacks no-rethread capability


I’ve researched a lot in order to look for a perfect car seat for my child. I was amazed by the features of the Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 and bought it right around Xmas for a discounted price. Now, we are using it for almost a year and I can say it is really sturdy compared to other convertible seat sold in the market. I consider Graco to be the manufacturer who makes the best convertible car seats.” Delois Cortez


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Evenflo Triumph Advance Convertible Car Seat – Not Available


Using this convertible car seat is a way to make it possible for you to make sure that your child will not suffer from any serious injuries when a vehicular accident happens. This is an ideal choice for parents who want a product that will promote the safety and comfort of their child. It is side-impact tested, which is proof to its ability to protect the safety of your child. Additionally, it also comes with a harness that can be adjusted with ease for your convenience.

The Evenflo Triumph 65 DLX Seat, Lincoln seemed a great choice when I was searching on Amazon. I immediately told my husband about this product and he was also enticed by the features. As it was delivered in our home, we never regretted that we choose this one. It has a very accommodating feature and an adaptable seat pattern.”  Linda Longwell