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Tips for Buying the Best Contact Cement


You may find various products highlighted in the online reviews, but how can you make sure which of them will work for your purpose? The genuinely best contact cement glues anything and bonds for a lifetime. Aside from that, there are other elements you should check out when buying this type of product.

Best contact cement

Convenience and Ease of Use

Do check out products that offer fast drying formulations. Some of these boast a premium neoprene formulation that dries quickly in minutes while creating a flexible adhesive bond. The older brands are powerful enough for commercial work as well as home repairs but usually take hours to bond completely.

Many brands ensure that their products are easy to apply and will not drip or create mess. They can come with a brush to enable easy spread of the solution to the surfaces to be bonded together. The solution should not make the bristles of the applicator brush stick together even when the contact cement dries on them. The bristles may go hard but should be easily softened with a bit of rubbing.

Some manufacturers guarantee that with the strength and fast setting of their products, clamping is no longer needed. The product shouldn’t damage any surface detail on which it is accidentally smeared or dropped.

Some brands are packaged in easy-to-use tubes to allow easy application. Others come in convenient cans of varying sizes (ounces, quarts and gallons) for multiple uses.

Some contact cement brands boast a convenient gel formula that is easy to use while ensuring no mess. A formula that stays put or doesn’t run ensures a clean result.


Versatility of Application

The best contact cement 2022 offers the ability to bond various types of material including Formica, laminates, Masonite, rubber, wood, metal, ceramic, cork and plastics. They can also be used for plywood, rubber and many other surfaces.

Most contact cement brands can be used both indoors and outdoors. Their suggested applications include carpeting, rubber mat installation and weather stripping. They are powerful enough to guarantee that just a drop of the solution will do the job efficiently, gluing several pieces of material together.


Bond Quality

When checking out the contact cement reviews, find out which brands get the highest ratings when it comes to the quality of the bond they create. Some brands are known to work really well on leather, and users claim that the leather will tear before the glue ever comes apart. The bond should be tough to break to ensure that it can last. This is proof that the product can really glue materials together and create a lasting bond. Do not assume water resistance as a given, but products that guarantee that factor are winners.

You want the contact cement to be able to deliver on its promise of gluing items together securely and firmly so you’ll have the repaired item good as new after treatment. Having to repeatedly glue the material together can be very annoying so you might be tempted to just throw the whole thing away, which is a waste of good money.

The product should not emit toxic vapors during use. It shouldn’t cause respiratory and skin problems.


Top Rated Contact Cement in 2022


When buying contact cement, you should be able to determine what works best for you by knowing what makes top selling brands stand out on the market. Cursory reading may not be enough to help you make an informed decision on your purchase, as each product has its own merits and demerits. To help you make a sensible decision, we present five bestselling products known for their exceptional qualities.


Masters Contact Cement


1.MastersTruly the monarch of them all, the Masters All-Purpose Contact Cement has been widely used in the shoe repair industry. This quick drying solution is popular for its quick setup and the strong waterproof bond that it can create. The USA-made product is available in several sizes to suit every need. The 8 ounce size comes with an applicator brush that ensures convenient and hassle-free use. The Masters Contact Cement can also be utilized to bond metal, cork, rubber and wood. It can glue together several pieces of leather and other materials. Bonded items look as good as new and can withstand the elements.

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Dap 25312 Weldwood


2.Dap 25312 WeldwoodThe Dap 25312 Weldwood Contact Cement is an exceptional gel formula that ensures ease of use. It won’t run, drip or create a mess with its easy-to-spread form while creating a dependably stronger bond every time compared to the material’s original form. Drying quickly in just 15 minutes, the top quality neoprene contact cement is easy to apply. It is compatible with wood, vinyl, plywood, paper, leather, laminate, glass, fiberglass, fiberboard, fabric, drywall and cork materials with a 72-hour curing time. It meets all Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requirements for this specific category.

Providing excellent coverage, the Dap 25312 Weldwood Contact Cement is ideal for overhead and vertical surfaces.

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Permatex 25905


3.Permatex 25905Sized just right for a single application, the Permatex 25905 Contact Cement is a specialty adhesive that creates a tough, permanent bond on contact. Bonding various types of materials instantly, the Permatex 25905 Contact Cement is usable with rubber, leather, ceramic, metal, wood and many other surfaces. Use it for professional and residential repair work that needs permanent bonding. This product doesn’t require the bonded materials to be clamped together. It is perfect for carpeting, weather stripping and rubber mat installation. The Permatex contact cement offers an ideal solution for plenty of automotive bonding applications.

This product is heat and water resistant so the bond it creates can withstand the elements for lasting use of the repaired item.

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Super Glue T-CC Flexible Acrylic


4.Super Glue T-CC Flexible AcrylicThe Super Glue T-CC Flexible Acrylic Contact Adhesive works best on non-porous materials including laminates, Formica, Masonite, leather, metal and most plastics. It also works on plywood, particle board, tile, rubber and wood. The Super Glue T-CC Flexible Acrylic Contact Adhesive can create a strong bond with its no-mix formula that glues instantly and sets quickly without the need for clamping. Easy to apply, the single-component product is thick and can fill small gaps in leather, wood and porcelain.

The tremendous holding power of the Super Glue T-CC Flexible Acrylic Contact Adhesive ranges from 2,000 to 3,000 pounds per square inch, your assurance of a truly permanent bond.

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Elmer’s E1014


5.Elmer's E1014The Elmer’s E1014 Contact Cement has a powerful neoprene rubber formulation that produces an extra-flexible bond difficult to take apart. The formulation is engineered to be fast drying while being convenient to apply. It has a fast thirty-second set time to give you an instant yet lasting, strong bond. Able to adhere to metal, wood, plastic and laminate, the Elmer’s E1014 Contact Cement is solvent-free, making it safe to use. It contains no volatile organic compounds and is usable for both outdoor and indoor applications.

The Elmer’s E1014 Contact Cement is water resistant so the bond will not be broken even when exposed to the elements.

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