You probably have too little time in your hands to bother with reading our carefully-prepared buying guide and product descriptions but this short paragraph should provide the exact information you need. We did our own intensive research on the best console table for sale on the market by evaluating reviews and ratings for various products in expert review sites for furnishings and their actual owner feedback. By doing that, we have been able to find what consumers consider their top choice, the Winsome Wood Rochester. This wood console table is clearly a customer favorite thanks to how its traditional design is a perfect complement to any modern decor. It is easy to assemble so you can have a new, elegant piece of furniture in very little time. The pull drawer provides a handy storage area for your bric-a-bracs that are best left not lying around. The table has a lovable antique walnut finish for that clean, classy yet simple look. The high popularity of the Winsome Wood Rochester makes it run out of stock quickly at your favorite sellers, but there is still the second best option, the Winsome Wood Xola.



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Serving both a functional and a decorative purpose, a console table is made to stand right next to a wall for support. Perfect for the hallway, living room, and family room, a console table offers a great space on which to place pictures, a nice vase of flowers, and other nifty touches that make your home cozy. What do you really want to find in this kind of furnishing?



Check out products in the best console table reviews that come with a great style

In order to provide a neat uniformity in any room of the house, you want every piece of furniture there to fit your lifestyle or personal preferences. It is fortunate indeed that there are no right and wrong choices on a style. This gives the consumer so many varieties to choose from that it might even be exasperating not be able to get everything that takes your fancy.

Traditional-style furniture is typically constructed of wood, with medium wood finishes or some dark wood. This style carries intricate decorative and architectural lines and details for rich ornamentation, with embellishments including elaborate brass drawer pulls, cabriole legs, turned spindles, and elegant moldings.

Traditional styles lean heavily on the large and impressive side, often with a formal or stately look. They can be based on social trends and historical periods and can even span several centuries including the Renaissance and Victorian eras.

Taking their inspiration from traditional furniture, transitional styles carry a fusion of contemporary and traditional decorative components. More relaxed than a straight, traditional piece, a transitional piece has its embellishments more toned down and not as elaborate. You can find flowing lines and forms that can also be blended with linear details.

Transitional furniture offers comfort and function while leaning toward moderation. Transitional console tables come with soft curves or corners, classical lines, and medium to dark wood finishes.

Contemporary pieces are designed more for function and form rather than decorative details. You’ll find simpler and softer decorative details coupled with more linear forms and lines. Clutter is left to the barest minimum, often none at all. Commonly built using lighter woods, contemporary pieces present a calm design with medium to light wood finishes. Retro, Art Deco, and urban are substyles.

Offering an asymmetrical or geometric look, modern furniture is made to reflect new furniture-making technologies, philosophies, and materials in the early twentieth century. Despite the similarities between modern and contemporary pieces that have made them easily interchangeable with each other, there are still features that distinguish one from the other.

Modern styling is devoid of decorative detail and ornamentation, aside from being lean and spare. Any minute ornamentation always serves a purpose for the design. Modern pieces commonly utilize glass and chrome, aside from having polished and sleek surfaces. While modern pieces can seem cold, they are an ample articulation of a specific architecture design.

The country furniture style is steeped in traditional inspirations. That said, it is an expression of the philosophies and customs of its region of origin. For instance, it is easy to find colonial details in pieces that pay homage to that particular design, and this can include less ornate decorative detail and lighter finishes. Country style console tables can feature turned legs, wainscotting, and scalloped edges.

Eclectic-style furniture reflects the uniqueness of the person that executes the decorative style. Eclectic pieces feature a variety of style and design elements, easily combining historical trends and periods that enable you to do all manner of pairings and layering rich in texture and visual wonder.


The best console tables for small spaces should have a reliable construction

The console table is typically used to display mementos, a table lamp or vase, or for holding keys, so it needs to be appealing as well as sturdy and strong. The tabletop is critical and can be made of leather, glass, stone, and other materials. Other console tables have a granite or mosaic top. Genuine wood console tables last a long time.

Steel, aluminum, iron, and other alloys are also used in console tables. A nice combination would be a metal console table with a glass top, preferably tempered.


Any narrow console table should serve a particular purpose

Once you’ve identified the functionality the console table will deliver, it will be easier to make a choice. It can be used as a mini-bar area or a buffet table. For storage, the piece can also serve as an accent table while providing extra space for keeping items out of sight.

Wine console tables accommodate a small selection of wines for easy access. They can be used to set drinks down on or handle a plate of appetizers or an open bottle of wine. Some console tables have leaves that you can raise, pull out, or flip over to convert them into a sleek and compact dining table.


Top Rated Console Tables in 2022


The consumer has a wealth of choices on console tables nowadays. We offer useful shopping advice in the above buying guide as well as the highlighted products below.


Winsome Wood Rochester


Built with clean lines and an unfailingly classic design, the Winsome Wood Rochester brightens up any foyer, room or narrow corner with ease. This console table is made of wood, a tough and strong material guaranteed to last a long time. Its handsome, simple lines make this a lovely piece to use in any hallway.

The single pull drawer holds small and non-display items and keeps them out of sight and securely stored. This console table carries a Shaker style that gives it a clean, uncluttered look. The antique walnut finish looks lovely in any setting. The traditional styling is a lovely complement to any existing decor.

This model ships with the tools and parts you need for easy and quick assembly. There’s no need to read an edition of Popular Mechanics just to put the whole thing together since the components are easy to figure out. This is a sturdy and compact wood table that is easy to position anywhere in the house where you need to spice up some space.

The straight legs keep the tabletop well away from the floor at a comfortable height. They provide the critical stability that any piece of home furniture should come with. Made with solid/ composite wood, this console table is a guaranteed visual piece.

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Winsome Wood Xola


Made with a lovely X design on its legs, the Winsome Wood Xola is a classy piece of furniture you can use to brighten up your living space. The wood material ensures lasting use with its amazing durability. This model comes with a traditional, modern design that combines the simple lines of modern furniture with the uncluttered look of a practical space filler.

Position this console table easily in your foyer, a hallway, in the kitchen, or any small space that you want to look more interesting and useful. This console table has a bottom shelf that can be used for storing items such as family albums, magazines, books, a piece of sculpture, and virtually anything and everything that deserves to have its own space.

This console table has a flat, straight, and narrow wood table top that accommodates various odds and ends you may have picked up during your trips abroad and locally, your keys, framed photos, trophies, and more. You can’t go wrong with this neat and unpretentious console table that can be positioned flat against the wall.

This console table comes with a lovely cappuccino finish that will never go out of style. It makes a great piece of furniture that is held steady by the X design on the legs. You will love how each piece of wood goes neatly with all the others upon assembly. This lovely console table has clean lines and zero elaborate decorations except for the X leg design that serves a real purpose.

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Monarch Hall


Built with a lovely modern design that serves a purpose, the Monarch Hall makes a great accent console table that expresses your individuality in a great way. It fuses curved and straight lines while committing to a neat, uncluttered look that is sure to awe everyone that sees it. This console table is quite pretty without being complicated.

The flat and thick tabletop assures you of strength and a degree of robustness that no glass top table can hope to match. You can actually see the imitation wood grains running along the edge. This assures you of the table’s amazing stability. The table has a high-enough tabletop that is comfortable in its simplicity.

This console table provides ample space for displaying your favorite items such as books, framed photos, your favorite vase or piece of sculpture. The three-tiered, open-concept design showcases a variety of items easily. The special, curved base is strong, thick, and stable and allows you more space for displaying even more items.

The cappuccino finish will never run out of style. It looks good in any setting, living space layout, or any small space against the wall. This model can be used both as a sofa table or a complete console table, increasing its versatility.

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